December 5th, 2008

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is anyone else's cable out? I believe we have comcast. (wait, didn't someone else post this earlier?) what's going on, man! I need to brain-sleep before real sleeps and all the channels are BLACK! SAD!
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Where can I buy a new CRT computer monitor, locally?

Edit: Not a used CRT that someone is trying to get rid of. I know where I can find those. And not an LCD. I'm also aware that they're pretty much obsolete and there's no demand, but humor me. If you know of a place where there might be a new one in a box gathering dust somewhere, I want it. And spare me the snark.
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Gnocchi in Northeast?

I was all excited about having the pumpkin sage gnocchi special at Chapel Pub today, and just discivered it is no longer on the menu. So sad. Where can I get a good gnocchi in NoPo or the lower numbered blocks of Northeast for under $12? Any leads appreciated!
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Blinker Fluid Refills

Over the past few days I've noticed that people don't use their blinkers when they're making left- and right-hand turns. The only reason I can come up with as to why people are not using their blinkers is that they might be running low on blinker fluid.

After digging through some of my reserves, I came across a 55 gallon barrel of blinker fluid. The average car only requires about 5 to 10 ounces of blinker fluid and that amount will last for almost the life of the car. Blinkers don't use as much fluid as people think unless they need to be tuned up.

A blinker tune-up basically boils down to bulbs being replaced, the correct colour of bulbs need to be installed, or park light lenses need to be replaced. Burned out bulbs and cracked or broken park light lenses are the number 1 cause of blinker fluid depleting quicker than normal which shortens the life of the blinker. Burned out bulbs or cracked or broken lenses leak blinker fluid at an alarming rate and blinker fluid evaporates rather quickly and in some cases can cause ozone layer depletion. I'm sure everyone wants to be a good green citizen and help keep as much of the ozone layer in place for as long as possible.

I am offering a special deal: If you bring your car downtown, I will be refilling blinker fluid reservoirs for a small nominal fee which will be donated to the local environmental charities and Christmas toy-drives. Come get your blinkers in working order and help kids have a good Christmas this year!
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Tonight: Labels for Love

For all you DPers who might feel like kicking it in the 'Tron for a couple hours tonight: Check​ out this event,​ pick up some cute cloth​es,​ and help the hungr​y with your holid​ay shopp​ing dolla​rs!​

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all proce​eds benef​it the Orego​n Food Bank!​

Frida​y Dec. 5th, from 5:​00-​8:​00pm
Aloha​ High Schoo​l audit​orium​
$5.00 Admis​sion

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nothing to do tomorrow night?

if you're bored, you can celebrate my birthday with me.

Hosted By: Jessie Herrington
When: Saturday Dec 06, 2008
at 8:00 PM
Where Chronis
819 Main St
Vancouver, Washington 98660
United States
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should be good times with karaoke and drinks. new friends are fun?

[edited b/c i had a bad link.]

Dumping a VHS Tape to Digital

Hi all. Anyone know of (or might be themselves) a good resource for doing a digital dump of a VHS tape. I'd like to output it to an AVI or MP4 type file while maintaining as much fidelity as possible. How much $ would be fair for this service? It's less than 30 minutes of video/audio.
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System Restore and iTunes?

DP, I look to you for answers I can find no where else.

- My HP laptop is having crappy problems. The biggest, currently, is that it isn't recognizing my USB ports. I have backed up everything on the pc, but I can't do anything with my iTunes because of the USB port problem.

- I don't want to lose all my songs. All ripped. 20.8GB.

- I found the iTunes file in My Computer with 20.8GB.


If I run a windows System Restore, will I lose my Itunes songs?

Thanks, DPers.

(It also won't run regular Gmail and won't run directions on Google maps. Among other things.)
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shameless promotion

Brooklyn Community Acupuncture clinic, on 13th at Powell is having a silent auction fundraiser tomorrow, Saturday, from 4-7 pm.   Come support a local business* while enjoying live music, viewing the creations of local artists (some on auction - other items include gift certificates for massages, astrology readings, and local restaurants), and maybe taking care of some holiday shopping.  Refreshments will be served.  You can also get in on their christmas deal, 10 acupuncture sessions for $100.

*please note I am not affiliated with BCA, at least I will not be profiting from this event at all - I just go there and like them and think you should go there and like them too.

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Bah, humbug

I've been working on making some Christmas gifts, and wanted something to listen to while I worked. I found this collection of old radio theater programs, including A Christmas Carol. I thought others in here might be interested (I know there was someone on here looking for good podcasts, maybe they'd be interested in this as well). Just thought I'd share in case anyone needed something fun to listen to this holiday season :)


For a few days now I've noticed that links to external URLs embedded in LJ text entries are not showing up highlighted. They look like regular text. Is this happening to anyone else? Know how to fix it?
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I've been looking forward to this year's Santacon since I came home from the last one. But I can't get there when it starts! Is there anybody who could I could contact to find out where people will be? And if you needed to leave and come back for some reason, you can call/text me to find out where people are. Thanks! (
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Shine On Me (music video)

Everyone needs to watch this. It, it is like the nerdiest orgasm (Edit: Mmk so there's no sex, but there is EVERYTHING ELSE! Swordfighting! Explosions! Witches! Cleavage! WIIIIIND! A green guitar, being played emotionally! Alligators! Pirates! WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED FOR AN ORGASM) I've ever seen. And yeah, it's definetly safe for work. Probably you'll get made fun of for it, though.

Oh, and ~you're welcome~.


I posted recently about data recovery for a crashed hard drive and I have to say that they guy I used worked a miracle! He recovered all of my data! 100%!

His website is for anyone who has interest in such things. Yay!