December 4th, 2008


DP Reads: December & January

Did you think I forgot our little online book club? Uh uh. I took your suggestions and narrowed to it five of each, so pick one from each category and we will have December (fiction) and January (non-fiction) down! Polls close tomorrow at noon so we can get reading!

Damn code. Fugitives and Refugees is Chuck Palahniuk.

Poll #1309395 DP Reads December

Fiction - December

Out Stealing Horses - Per Petterson
The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fightfight in Heaven - Sherman Alexie
The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd
American Gods - Neil Gaiman

Non-Fiction - January

Bonk - Mary Roach
The Audacity of Hope - Barack Obama
Fast Food Nation - Eric Schlosser
Botany of Desire - Michael Pollan
Fugitives and Refugees - Fugitives and Refugees
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wedding areas

Good places to have a wedding and reception that also has lodging for guests in the Portland area? Ideally we're going to go with the Edgefield but we haven't seen many other options and I'm sure it's pricey (though we're considering renting out the 12-bed hostel rooms for people). I'll do price comparisons between the McMenamins but would love to have more info and places on hand.
NYC Subway Mo 2

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. A brief conversation with a smiling stranger on a very crowded morning rush hour bus (the 15 Belmont is awesome for these kinds of things).

2. Plastic book sleeves on library books: these things make it easy for me to wipe off the liquid debris from last night's Holiday Ale Festival off my book (ooops).

3. The book display window at PSU Bookstore: It's good to gather inspirations and ideas for future books to read and investigate.

4. The Casey Eye Optical Shop at South Waterfront: not only did they whip up my new prescription glasses with quick turnaround time, but they were also able to special-order the frames of the glasses that I recently broke.

5. Sharing smug laughter with many last-minute grocery shoppers last Sunday: we all had 2008 Chinook Book coupons which expired on 11/30. I think us bargain-hunting coupon users looked like we were scavenger-hunting!

6. Nine Inch Nails show at the Rose Garden on Sunday. Wheeeee!
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Third Annual Working Class Book Fair!

Third Annual Working Class Book Fair
Saturday, December 6, 12pm - 4pm
Liberty Hall - 311 N Ivy

Over a dozen local bookstores, distros, and presses: Blackrose Books, Laughing Horse Books, In Other Words, Eberhardt Press, Just Seeds, and wayyyyyyyy more.

FREE admission! Childcare provided! Bring book donations for Books to Prisoners!
Tomo Dunno

Anyone need a set of 4 snow tires, or know someone who does?

I've got a set of 4 mounted snow tires just collecting dust in my hall closet. They're a bit dirty from sitting in my parents' garage for a while (nothing a hose or a hard rain won't wash off), but are in otherwise perfect condition. Used less than one season (bought in late November a couple years ago, sold my car a month later), so they're practically new!

Size is 175/70R13, fits Honda Accord as well as other smaller cars like Ford Escort or Hyundai Excel/Accent.

$300 or best offer, but for you guys, I'll knock 'em down to $220.

I can deliver them, too, as I live in Salem.

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Christmas tree permit


I have a Christmas tree permit for Mt. Hood that we aren't going to use. We bought it last weekend, but we got a tree from somewhere else instead. Does anyone want to pick it up from me? It costs $5. You can avoid having to go to the ranger station and talk to the very grumpy lady we talked to. It's just a short 45 minute drive from Portland to where you can cut down perfect trees.

Also, I have a snow village set for sale on Craigslist. it comes with a working mini train set!  I have already had two no-shows. Do any reliable DPers want to buy it?

onoes :(

Some months ago, in an attempt to become more fashionable (or at least, to be able to pretend), I bought several shirts of the variety with all the buttons going up the middle. It was not until fairly recently that I tried to rewear one only to discover that they shrunk dramatically in the wash, despite using various low-heat settings.

Go ahead, laugh. I'm used to preshrunk cotton, goddamn it. I didn't realize they'd change so radically.

I can no longer wear these shirts without looking like a fat comic in a stupid movie milking laughs out of clothes that don't fit.

Is there some place that will pay me some sort of pittance for these things, or should I just accept the full cruelty of my lesson and give them to a thrift store or something?
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jpg portfolio picture opening like a book?

Dear DP,
I know there are comms set up specifically to answer random questions, and possibly comms set up specifically to answer questions just like this one.  But instead I come to you.  I like you.  Isn't that sweet?

My friend is trying to prepare a portfolio of her photography.  She has one print that is a series of photo images end-to-end and is thus very long and skinny.  The actual physical print is almost 14' long, and it was created to be a picture book - scored between each image and accordion folded so you could flip through it like a book.
The thing is, she wants the jpg of that image in her portfolio to open like a book somehow, kind of like it does in real life.  I'm not even sure exactly how, the whole thing doesn't make sense to me.  I'm not the most techno-savvy, but I think jpgs are static images and it sounds like she wants it to be not static, at least there are 8 different images needed for this one piece (because there are 16 pages).  But she swears it is possible, that she has seen it somewhere, she just can't figure out where or how to do it herself

So, DP, is such a thing as I tried to describe possible?  Does it exist?  And if so, how would we do it/what program would we need/where should we go for a tutorial/etc. ?



I moved to Portland in March from Austin, TX and this will be my first Christmas here. I'm used to a tamale dinner for Christmas. So does anyone know anyone who sells tamales or maybe a restaurant that has decent ones?

Any lead on tamales would be greatly appreciated.


These two lovely kitten boys have been in my care since they were 1 week old. They were strays brought into a local animal hospital by a good Samaritan. One boy is a domestic shorthair orange tabby and the other is a buff & white domestic mediumhair.

Now, they are 9 weeks old and have received their first FVRCP vaccine (upper respiratory series, sometimes called, "distemper" vaccine). They both tested FeLV/FIV negative. They have been dewormed twice and I'll probably run a fecal on them to check for any additional creepy-crawlies that the dewormer didn't get.

They will need 2 more FVRCP vaccines, each three to four weeks apart. They will need the first rabies vaccine at about 5-6 months old. They will also need to be neutered at 5-6 months of age. I may have this done prior to adoption, but they're not quite to weight yet and I'd rather have them loving on a new family soon.

Frankly, they're adorable, and absolute cuddle bugs and they need a very good home! They're good playmates for each other and ideally, I'd like them go together. Realistically, I'd rather send them to individual good homes have neither of them go to a home.

If you're interested, message or email me.

Even if you don't want a kitten, the pictures are squee-worthy.
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Zombie carrot

Thank you!

Thank you to the people on the streetcar who helped me get the wheels of my walker unstuck. They've never gotten quite that stuck before, and I was afraid that the streetcar would start moving.