December 2nd, 2008


Portland Drivers

Someone please enlighten me: Why is it that the majority of Portland drivers...or should I say Oregonians, drive UNDER the speed limit? Is there some kind of memo I missed that told everyone to drive 30mph in a 40mph zone? It's like everyone is on a "Sunday drive" during rush hour every day of the week!


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Dear PCC students who smoke,
The designated smoking areas (at rock creek at least) have a trash can, an ash tray AND a butt stop. Please put your cigarette butts in one of those receptacles. By throwing your butts on the ground, you are only re-affirming the school's decision to ban smoking altogether.

Additionally, if you can not follow a simple designated smoking area rule by smoking wherever you please, why should they lift the ban? It is disrespectful. I am a smoker and am all for designated smoking areas and would not like to see smoking banned. But the ban WILL happen if people keep littering their butts all over the place and smoking outside of the smoking areas.
From a fellow smoker,


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I don't want to start a flame war about smoking here. As a smoker, I would just like to see other smokers be more respectful.

Shoe fitting?

Hello you lovely people.

Since I've amped up my exercise considerably and want to start entering into some serious conditioning, I've decided that it's time to treat my feet/knees/body with some respect and get a good pair of running shoes. The thing is, I want someone to tell me what pair to get. I have a seriously weak left knee (the result of too much martial arts training and two heavy sugeries) and I need the shoes to provide as much support as possible.

Where should I go to be properly fitted for running shoes by someone who will be knowledgable about their products and can evaluate my gait, arch height, etc.

Poi: Hot Stuff!
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Need Cheap Stuff

That's right ladies and gents, it's time once again for this weeks "Cheap Stuff Ahoy!" In today's contest, you're trying to find the cheapest locations for the following two items:

Actually pretty beaded curtains (no plastic, please)
Folding screens (room dividers/shoji)

Inner Portland is better (prefer not to drive to Hillsboro or Gresham, but I will if I have to). Basically, I'm moving very soon and want to be able to use my living room as a professional massage space, however I'd really like to be able to close off (at least visually) two of the doorways that don't have doors and use screens to make my clients feel more comfortable.

Any ideas?
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So it's Advent and I'm realizing that my Advent wreath is about two sizes too big for the space I have. Anyone seen a small one around? I'm looking for something about 6 inches across so it can fit the shelf I have for stuff like that. Basically, any ring with 4 candle holders spaced evenly would do. Thanks, guys.

want more

So ya know how with Pandora Radio you plug in a song or artist you like and it comes up with songs of a similar style... Is there any site that does that but with visual artists? Like I could put some fav artists names in and it would generate other artists with similar styles?

PDX related cuz portlanders dig a variety of right-brained activities...

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I just love coming up with questions I've never seen in DP before.

So, I have these nice new Dansko Professionals, and the upper leather needs stretched just a tiny bit so it stops pressing on the nerve on top of my foot. Who would you recommend in town, or can I do it myself?
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Vanity, thy name is DP

stellanotti's post of a moment ago made me wonder... what would be the best DamnPortlander vanity plate? We only get six characters in Oregon, which sucks. That means you can't have "AMBIENCE."

Maybe "DRINKS?"





ETA: DP-specific, not just internetty in general!
swedish fish

high quality printing

I am a photographer, looking to get some fast prints made. Not photo prints, but paper prints. Can anyone recommend a good place to print some high quality, color prints. Preferably on cardstock or somewhat heavy paper. Is this something that can be done well at a Kinkos? Thanks!

Dry Cleaner Recommendation

I found a really nice vintage velvet dress & matching jacket today but it's kind of dirty and needs to be dry cleaned. The zipper is also broken and I need to get a new one put in. Any recommendations for good dry cleaners and tailors (or maybe a place that does both)? I just spent some time looking on citysearch but there are so many awful reviews so now I'm nervous about it. I read that Black's Dry Cleaners on Hawthorne specializes in vintage, but that information was accompanied by another bad review. I've never had anything dry cleaned before so these reviews are all I have to go on right now.

Thanks for any advice!
Darklady by Ator

INVITE - Darklady's Empire of Pleasure New Year's Eve

Darklady’s Empire of Pleasure New Year’s Eve
Produced by Darklady Productions, Inc.

Darklady’s Empire of Pleasure pays homage to days past, present and future that shape us. Whether your favorite “imperial” spreads like butter or starred Shaka Zulu, the Son of Heaven, the Chrysanthemum Throne, Imperium Romanum, Stormtroopers or genuinely Byzantine thinking, Darklady invites you to lovingly indulge in a celebration of the senses and New Year.

Bring a pet care or human dry good/hygiene product for Esther’s Pantry and get $5 off your entry.
Entry price NOW includes all-you-can-eat Mediterranean buffet from Rumpspankers!

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008
7:00 pm - 2:00 am
Village Ballroom
Portland, OR
Partially Wheelchair Accessible

Full Bar
Ages 21 and older

Welcoming Invocation
Spankings from the Very Naughty Santa
Countdown and “Auld Lang Syne” at Midnight!
Return of Hunky Colt Studio Model, Ty Hudson
$5 Portrait Booth by Robert York Photography
Audio Ambiance by DJs Darknezzz & Emok
Birthday Fantasies for December – February
Giveaways from Big Teaze Toys, Topco Toys, Taboo Video, the Stockroom and more!

S/M Play Space
Sensual Rubitorium w/Wandering Minstrel
Massage Table, Sex Swing & Monkey Rocker
More, more, more!

$65 - Street Clothes - includes buffet
$35 – Costume, Fetish, or Dressy Attire – includes buffet
RSVP Absolutely Required

Limited work-scholarships available. Ask about them by name.
Cash & in-kind sponsorships of all kinds welcome.

-- Darklady
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When Irish eyes are tired

OK PDX writers,
   I'm just looking for some ideas other than coffee , soda, or 15 min naps. When I work on my comic at home after my day job, and my eyes are tired after staring at PC screen yet again, do you have any tips or tricks you use to recharge energy to prevent nodding off at the keyboard.

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(no subject)

any dpers go snowboarding @ mt. hood?

i want to go but i don't have the equipment for it. i know i can rent a snowboard, but what other apparel is necessary minus the boots/snowboard and how much should i be spending? also, general tips for someone that has never snowboarded before?

help a newbie out :)
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enlighten me!

so i went to a pretty amazing concert a few weeks ago (of Montreal). not only was the music awesome, but there were skits to every song. imagine costume changes, a western gun fight, glitter and feathers everywhere, a revolving stage, ham and shaving cream thrown into the audience, the singer hanging himself, pig people, horse people, orgasmic fruit eating, hot pink spandex ,etc. you get the picture.

my question to you all wise dp, what bands do you know put on the best show? i love good music with a band that knows how to entertain a crowd. any of your favorites coming soon?

much thanks!
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