November 30th, 2008


Good establishment for a birthday gathering?

Hi again,

I'm not at all well-versed in the bar scene here in Portland. For my birthday I'd like to have everyone meet at a local pub where we can get decent food and drinks but not have to reserve a table (because let's face it, Portlanders are non-committal to the end and I have no idea how many will show) - I'm thinking Night Light in SE. Any better suggestions for such a group? We've been to Vendetta a ton lately and I'd like to branch out. Amnesia is fun but we've got a bunch of non-beer drinkers and vegans sooo..

and that about depletes my bar knowledge. =)


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Holiday Partay's

So I want to know DP, what makes a holiday party fun?

I'm planning our holiday party and love the idea of themes and such but want to move away from "bad sweaters" and into something great...of course I can't think of anything! Halp!

Ingredients of a good holiday party por favor.
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hi portland

I have a women's wedding ring that i want to get rid of... does anyone know of a jewelry store around Portland that buys used rings?  I dont want to take it to a pawn shop and walk out with $200-$300; its worth more than that!

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Pizza Delivery Jobs?

So Damned ones, I seek your all encompassing wisdom once more!

I'm trying to find out which pizza delivery jobs in the area offer gas reimbursement, and possibly other perks like health/dental benefits. When I say "in the area" I'm referring to Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Aloha etc. Not Vancouver though. That's a bit far.

Thanks again for the help! You guys are awesome. - also thanks to the person who wished me a happy birthday on my last post. :D ^^' I meant to say thanks sooner, but time got away from me.

Dog people! I need your guidance!

I've been wanting to adopt a dog since I moved to PDX and I'm thinking that this month the timing will be perfect for me to do so. Can you guys recommend any shelters in the area for dog adoption? I'm asking you guys instead of Googling because I don't know if there's any X-factors I should know about in terms of pet adoption. For example, I've only been in Oregon for 3 that going to be any kind of issue?

Thank you SO MUCH for your help! And my future dog thanks you as well! :)
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Hi there, Deepee! Excuse me if this is TMI but I'm posting to ask a question - maybe someone can help?

So, I don't have a lot of formal education, and I've been trying to get myself in a decent enough emotional state to try going back to school. But truth be told I'm freaked the EFF out. So! I want to start re-introducing myself to school-type stuff by taking some non-credit art classes or something, something easier and more approachable than your usual class type sitch, I guess... and so I am here asking a question to anyone who's maybe tried to do something similar before so I can prepare myself for what, exactly, to expect. I'm an anxious mess when it comes to this stuff, so please bare with me if this seems like a completely ridiculous question.

If this is what it says about the class:

"Independent study format allowing students to engage in monitored use of the Rock Creek Drawing Studio when instructional classes are not scheduled. Open uninstructed life drawing sessions."

What can I expect? I'm assuming I'll show up and there will be a few other peeps like me drawing and stuff, but with little to no interaction with any kind of instructor/teacher - am I right? If I'm not, please do tell. (I know that's exactly what it says, I'm just wondering if there's any stuff that people that do this kind of thing all the time know that I can't know 'cause I've never done it).

Thanks in advance, and snark away if thee must :-)

Midori Sour?

Edit: I now know what a Midori Sour is. Anyone had a really spectacular one anywhere??

I have this friend that I have NEVER been drinking with, ever. She wants to go somewhere tomorrow where she can get a Midori Sour. I've never even heard of such a thing. Can you help me out DP? She threatens Red Robin if I don't come up with a place.

Bonus points (of course) for:
Happy hour

Thanks DP!

Two Unrelated Questions

1. I have been assigned to put together a CD to introduce a friend to Tom Waits. If you had this assignment, which songs would you definitely include/leave out?

2. Is there a good local source for yerba mate? I don't want the hippy stuff full of bizarre flavor cover-ups, or anything in tea bags, or anything in tiny packages full of health claims and enormous price tags. I want Rosamonte by the kilo at $6-$8. I have several good internet sources and one good Seattle source, but I'd rather buy locally if I can.