November 29th, 2008

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I've heard that Borax and salt on the carpet gets rid of fleas. Have any of you tried this before?

I've also been told that soap and water on your lawn gets rid of fleas in the yard? Or just putting rock salt in the grass?
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Show this weekend—Saturday, Nov. 29th (scroll down for flier)

Here's my plug for the month. Five Fingers Fest, organized by Renée Muzquiz of the indie/jazz/folk band Chica y Los Gatos, is a showcase of music and visual art by Portlanders who are connected with the lesbian community. Five Fingers Fest I (back in August) was a big success, and I expect Five Fingers Fest II to be at least as awesome.

Anyone over 21 is welcome. Yes, there will be non-lesbians at the show; there will even be (gasp!) men. Some of the art and music has lesbian themes, and some of it doesn't. It's pretty diverse. I recommend checking it out no matter who you are (but I especially recommend it if you happen to be a lesbian who wants to meet others outside the dance-party-centric queer scene and the mullet-fest known as the E-Room).

WHEN: 8 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 29 (EDIT: THAT'S TONIGHT! YAY!)

WHERE: Hawthorne Theatre Pub (SE 39th and Hawthorne)

COST: $5

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All right kids, this is driving me insane.

I have a crappy little windows PC laptop. Running windows XP. Lappy is a Toshiba?

Every single time I reboot the settings are restored to the default. Even though every single time I rearrange the icons the way I want them to bet, close toolbars (I have a DVD drive that shows up twice, WTF?) and save my settings, every single time I turn the computer back on the settings are all set back to the default. (I would also like to note that while turning things off doesn't work, turning things on does. For example, a classmate recently turned on the Language toolbar in my start bar, and now it shows up all the time. I really don't care about that, I'll use it, but everything else not going away is annoying!)

Kind of a minor thing, I know, but as I'm completely OCD it gets very annoying. Not turning it off isn't an option, since I don't have a battery and use it in many different places.

Any ideas?

Vitamin D

There aren;t any places that you can go and sit in front of a UV lamp or whatever those are, to get some Vitamin D, are there?
I am too cheap to buy one of those lamps :(
Or anyone know where to get a cheap one that is effective?
Not to be a whiner but going from California's sunny weather, to here where they say "no rain this weekend" and I think that means its going to be sunny but it isn't, its just cloudy, is seriously making me depressed. Aye, Vitamin D help me :(
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O kind portlanders, is there a website out there that will let you search for current sales going on for a particular item? It seems like there ought to be, but Google is giving me nothing useful.

open-late cafes

So, I am looking for places where I can go to be productive, other than my house. Particularly, a cafe that is open for a while (maybe till 10 pm?), has free wifi (I'll buy something), and is in close-in north portland (I want to go to the black cat on 10th & alberta, but they close at 8). I know the fireside is open late, but it's a longer bike ride than I feel like making.

Looking for a phone

My phone is a piece of shit. I can not make calls or send text messages(can sometimes receive calls and texts). I troubleshooted with t-mobile only to find out it is a phone issue and they can do nothing because my warranty is expired and I am not eligible for an upgrade until March. *sigh*

I can not afford to buy a new phone at full retail value. So I look to you, DP. Anyone have a phone they want to sell me for cheap? I really do not care what kind of phone it is, just as long as it works(and of course, works for t-mobile).

My BF has a phone lying around somewhere and if we find that, I will edit this post. But if I can get something fairly decent for a good price, that would be cool.

I need opinions

I need some opinions and I figured this is the best place for it. As some or most of you know I am a musician/singer and I have a new song up that I want opinions on. Tell me whatever you want cause any comment helps in some way. Here is a video for the song:

Not a full-fledged music video of sorts but just a way to have the audio in video form for associated websites.

Let me know what you think! I wrote the music and the lyrics. Basically every bit was done by me.

Thanks in advance!!

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A message for the waitress at Hoda's on SE Belmont

I was taking an order from Hoda's tonight. You asked me if I knew the score of the 'civil war' game, and I said the first thing that came into my head, which was that I didn't know or care about it. It only occurred to me later - as in, about three seconds later - how rude I was. I just wanted to say, if you're out there, that I apologize and I think you're awesome.

And the answer is that the Confederacy lost U of O beat OSU 65-38.

will anyone hire me with pink hair??

I've been looking around for a job lately and haven't had much luck with my pink hair. Does anyone know of any places that are hiring that wouldn't have a problem with my hair? Or have any suggestions of places to try, I've thought of call centers, but do you know of any others?

I really hope to find something without having to dye my hair, I really like it this way.