November 28th, 2008

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What would Santa do? (computer version)

'Tis I, your doctor pal, with another theoretical question.

What if you wanted to buy a few Christmas computers for a houseful of deserving kids? Ideally, these computers would be new. Monitors are not necessarily needed, but the boxes need to run various web-based adventure games and a shitload of Sims. And, hey, wireless access without a great deal of hassle is a given.

And, because there is a need for THREE computers, they need to be dirt-friggin'-cheap. Used would work, but not "this is a crapshoot" used, if you know what I mean. Windows-based, as there is just too much existing software in the house to make some kind of major switch.

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Black Friday, indie-style

I usually Buy Nothing. But this year I feel the need to help out craftspeople, creative types, small business owners...people who really could use the help this season so they can continue earning a living. I'm not spending a dime at big box stores. Where are you shopping, if you are shopping? Any good craft fairs, street fairs, anything like that? I heard there is something going on on East Burnside, but wanted to see if anything else compelling was out there before I set out for the day.

I may check out Saturday Market this weekend, but I'm looking for other suggestions. Thanks!
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Credit Unions (again)

This question has been asked dozens of times but I'll ask again, what credit union do you belong to? Rates are dropping and I need to not miss the boat this time.
I know a credit union is the route I should be going to to refinance but I don't know enough about them to know where to go.
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Shamefaced Self-Promotion: The Tar Plains, Echo No Echo, and Fade 13 at Ash Street Saloon, 11/30

It's that time of the month again. The band project that I'm involved in, The Tar Plains, has a show on this Sunday at the Ash Street Saloon. We're playing with the impeccable and highly-polished Portland synthpop band Echo No Echo, and Corvallis-based one-person keyboardist act, Fade 13. It's an unofficial 80s-influenced synth geeks' convention of sorts.

The cover is $5, and the music stars around 9:30 p.m. Alas, the show is for 21 and over.

It would be awesome to see some of the fellow damnportlanders at the show. :)

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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is Monday, December 1st.

As requested by the Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Multnomah County will change the lights on the Morrison Bridge to all red from Friday, Nov. 28th through Dec 2nd to commemorate World AIDS Day. If you are out and about this weekend, please take note of the bridge and let it remind you of those we have lost, as well as the work yet to be done.

On Monday, December 1st, The Portland Sisters will be hosting a Walking Vigil. We will be gathering at the Salmon Street Springs (SW Salmon at SW Front on the Waterfront) at 7pm and walk along the Waterfront to observe the lights on the Morrison Bridge before heading downtown to take our walk to several local LGBT establishments. We expect to end the night at CC Slaughter's around 9:30pm

Come prepared to walk rain or shine. Dress warmly as we will be outdoors, but will be making several 10 - 15 minute stops at local bars and restaurants. We plan to stop at Silverado's, Scandal's, Boxxes/Red Cap, Embers, Casey's, and CC Slaughter's. You may wait outside the bars if you do not wish to go in. If walking is difficult for you, or you just don't want to brave the cold, please feel free to hang out at any of these establishments and participate while the Sisters are there. Or wait for us at CC Slaughter's where the vigil will end.

The Sisters will be wearing white veils that evening. One veil will be the Veil of Shame, on which we ask that you write all the words and names that have been used to shame you. The Sisters will bear this burden and destroy the veil at the end of the evening. The other veil will be the Veil of Remembrance, on which you may write the names of those who have passed from HIV/AIDS. This veil will be saved and kept in the Sisters' Archives.

Please consider joining us on this important evening!

Sister Krissy Fiction, the nun that got nailed
Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
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winter herb walk

so on another DP thread the subject of doing a winter herbal walk came up, and i said i would post here to get a show of hands, as it were, to see if anyone else was interested. i am also looking for a co-walk giver (!) who might like to have a teaching voice. i'm NOT a licensed herbalist, i just love the plants and know about them to a degree.

we're in an interesting window of time right now where a lot of plants that would be dormant already in hotter climates like california are still out and about this time of year in portland. i do not feel totally prepared to take a group out to the willamette forest, not until i go out first and see what there is to see, so this is what i propose:

we meet in an outdoors place that i have already sussed out for medicinal plants. then each person gets one or two plants, you can go out as a group, alone, or in pairs, with a picture and description of your plant. you find it, and bring it back to a nearby location: maybe a cafe, whatever. we can then sit down, i will have lots of books available, and we'll share the plant we found and tell everyone what we learned about it. i can help to fill in gaps, and anyone else who is along who has knowledge to contribute. i will prepare xeroxed info booklets on the plants we cover. we can talk about the things that interest us about herbalism, etc.

we need to do it fairly soon, and regardless of rain. please comment to give an idea of when works for you, and any ideas you might have to contribute to the general plan: good places to find medicinal herbs or wildscapes in the city. i need to know how many people ahead of time. this will effect the general plan.

leave lots of room for negotiation on this idea, i tend to be very spontaneous and open to ideas and changes.

oh and this is totally kid friendly.
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Memo to DP: keep it original

That thing some of you -original- kids are doing, where when you agree with a post you reply with "this."  .... yeah, we're not doing that anymore. It's been relegated to the bin of "just sayin'" and "google-fu". Now be super funny and reply to this post with, yep, you guessed it: "this."

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(no subject)

i have a very random question for everyone out there...

i was watching a stand-up comic on comedy central a very long time ago and they told this series of jokes about how when you ask for something, in a restaurant, they inevitably always ask if you want the opposite.  the example that sticks out in my head is when if you ask for pepsi, they will ask if coke is ok.  he went on about that for a long time, mentioning, i believe, sprite and 7up and a lot of other things.  sugar and splenda, etc.

it's a male comic.  he's super popular, i believe, but i just cannot for the life of me come up with who it is and my searching has gotten me nothing.

anyone have a clue who that comic is?  i know i didn't give you much to go off of...