November 26th, 2008

ryan lochte


I have a Newborn Bassinet that my daughter outgrew at a alarming rate and is new. Not super fancy just a plain white one with a bow but I was wondering if maybe some sort of battered family shelter could take it and use it for someone in need. I also have new and like new 0-6 months clothes as well that I would love to give to them too.

Can anyone tell me of where I should take them?



is ikea going to be crazy on friday? i just happen to be in town and i need some stuff, i dont see them advertising any crazy sales or anything, i just need like 2 things and i dont want to be stuck there all day.

EDIT: im going tonight instead. i dont know what i was thinking.
thrilled, cheers
  • bashou


Any reputable vets you folks like that are good with small dogs in the NE side? I like Pet Samaritan, but have no-one to compare them with other than Banfield (which I want to avoid; even the anchor store is no longer decent).

Prefer a place where the vet hadn't just lost his license, too.
  • maxomai

OCAC Student Sale

I'm not a big fan of "buy nothing day," despite my sentimental attachment to the idea of protesting the commercialism of the holidays. Instead, I'm a big advocate of buying locally during the holiday season. That is, instead of blowing a huge wad of cash at the big box stores on the latest electronic doodad, I think we should blow huge wads of cash at local small businesses, on locally made products, and on local artists. It has the same effect of denying cash to the big box stores, with the added benefit of helping to support those institutions that Keep Portland Weird.

To this end, here's one chance to buy from local artists: the Oregon College of Art and Craft student sale.

Friday, November 28, 5:00 – 7:00 pm (Special event with hors d'oeuvres and music $3 cover charge)
Saturday, November 29, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday, November 30, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Oregon College of Art and Craft
8245 SW Barnes Road
Portland, OR 97225 (map)

All proceeds from this sale go to support local artists and the Oregon College of Art and Craft (they split the proceeds).

See you there!
home cookin'!

More bathroom remodeling fun -- need a plumber...

Hi, damnportlanders.

I keep finding more and more wonderful surprises as I disassemble our bathroom. Now it seems I may need to move some plumbing (not a lot, and not far, but it appears that the contractor who redid our condo before we bought it installed the water intake lines and the waste pipe above the floor. (God bless him. I want him dead, whomever he is.)

As you might imagine, I have NO desire to do this myself. Can you recommend anyone (even yourself)? Also, in the off chance you have had something like this done in your house, do you mind my asking how much it might set us back?

For what it's worth, here is the problem:

Thanks, Portland.


So I am in an argument with someone at the moment. Let's say you have your heater/AC set on heat and you turn the thermostat down to 65, the heat will come on to raise the temperature back to the level it is set at. However, cold air starts coming out of the vent, he states that this is what all heater/ACs do. I always had heaters/ACs that got you to the temperature you wanted and then turned off until the temperature dropped below the set temperature and then the heat would come back on. Who is RIGHT!
Also: The thermostat is set on Heat and we have 3 other options Off, Auto, and Cold.