November 25th, 2008

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Streetcar musings

Mysterious workings of the streetcar:
Sometimes when I push the ramp button just before the doors open,, the ramp does not come down, but nobody appears to be holding the door. I am forced to lift the front wheels of my walker. I get on & sit down. The doors close, the ramp deploys & then retracts. Well halle-damn-llujah. What's the point of that?

Streetcar on. Friday or Saturday:
Driver was running 12 minutes late. She made everyone get off, so she could get back on schedule (?). I've never had that happen... OCTA would just make us all sit & wait.

Protesters at PSU

What happened with the "hatemongers" from Kansas who were supposed to protest at PSU yesterday?

I heard the 4 protesters in Silverton were greeted by 100 counter-protesters with a good chunk of men in dresses.
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DP Reads

From drjeff's 100+ comment post, rekre8 suggested a reading group. It sounds like a Wonderful Idea, so lets do it.

Here's what I was thinking - around this time every month I'll put up post asking for suggestions for the next month's read, then in a few days I'll put up a poll with those suggestions. That will get us started on December's book. In December, just like the FNNLC posts weekly, we could post a weekly book discussion?

Thoughts? Book suggestions?

Art Show at Hopworks

(Click the image for larger image)
Having an art show tonight at Hopworks on SE Powell. Across from the McDonalds. The work consists of one brand new piece (pictured) some of the stripper series and some of the catalog ladies. Also in the hidden room there are two paintings from 2006's Deer Show. Any Portlanders reading this should think about coming and if not check my site and drop me a line. Thanks.
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Geek Glasses

[BST] Awesome Eyewear Among the Denizens on the 15 Belmont Bus....

Since I've been fixated on spiffy eyewear as of late (I just procured new prescription glasses yesterday), and I've been noticing other people's eyewear sensibilities whenever I am out in public. I must say that the 15 Belmont Bus is full of edgy and hip eyewear--I haven't seen spectacular specs since observing the masses at Wordstock last month! Damn. The 15 is definitely devoid of Bible Camp Counselor glasses....

Random babbling of the day.... :)
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road to morrocco


Because giapet will forget again, I'm posting the day-of Meetup Reminder! :)

That said, for those of you still in town (or visiting!), meetup is today! At the East Bank Saloon, starting at 7pm, and the meetup faq is here.

We're still at the same place, but feel free to submit your ideas for a new location to either of us! We're still searching. (Gia has told the restaurant to reserve us the back table area if they can, but who knows what they'll actually do?)
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Emailed comments issue

In case you all were wondering about emailed comments being delayed or not reaching you....

According to the support page (

"LiveJournal recently relocated its servers from California to Montana. While this move went smoothly, a few minor problems remain:

* Outbound email to Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL is currently blocked or delayed. LiveJournal is working with these providers to have our new IP address whitelisted. As of 6:30 PM EST, Hotmail has indicated that mail service should be restored within the next 24 hours. The other services will likely start delivering LiveJournal-related email within the next few hours. Thank you for your continued patience with this ongoing issue."


I'm going to Honduras in January and I'd rather not show off my pasty white Oregon tan since I’m going to be doing a lot of swimming and general loitering on the beach. Before I go, I'd like to get some color in my skin. Has anyone gone to a tanning salon for this? If so, how many times did you have to go before you started to turn? I'm not looking for a bright orange glow, just a dull simmer.



Thanksgiving Dinner


My sister came to visit me in town, and we're trying to figure out where to eat for thanksgiving.  We're both vegetarian, so we definitely don't need turkey, but something "traditional" would maybe be nice. But random ethnic food would also be great.

Does anyone know of Turkey Day dinners we could maybe attend?

beer kitten

holiday ale fest.

Yes, we all know it's Turkey week, and there's a tree in Portland's living room... HOWEVER....

In a week, Pioneer Square will be filled with BEER!

Here's the list of beers that are being served. The single keg special beers that start Wednesday are here.

Wednesday, December 3rd from 3:00pm to 9:00pm
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday December 4th through the 6th from 11:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday, December 7th from 11:00am to 7:00pm

And please don't drink and drive, but feel free to drink and MAX. :)
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Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

bike rider gear

There are some good-quality, fairly basic waterproof rain jackets and pants sold in a boxed-set at Costco. They're Kirkland Signature brand. I looked at the demos, and the jackets appear to pretty good quality: they have pit-zips, taped seams, waterproof hood, adjustable ties, velcro enclosures, etc. The pants have ventilation zips at the bottom.

Only $39.99. Pretty good deal, if you're needing to suit up for the winter bike season and have a Costco card (or know someone who does). Speaking from personal experience, something comparable would run you at least twice that.

You purists can continue using black garbage bags with holes cut out for the next and arms (*shudder* - bad memories as a kid).
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what a typical request

Searching didn't give me anything definitive. Anybody have any recommendations of a tattoo place to get a tattoo of text/words? Just something regular, in a "regular font," a sentence on my arm or possibly back of my hand.

Just curious if anyone had strong opinions. Thanks.
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(no subject)

So this is only Portland related cause I live here but...

I haven't watched CSI in a while so I'm not getting it. Why in the hell are dead characters popping up in current episodes like they still exist??!??!?!
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Stress Headache a-comin'

While I am all "yay! Thanksgiving!", it is tempered by the fact that my in-laws will be here for a week, starting tomorrow evening.

So, dearest DP community, how do you deal with your in-laws or in-law type people? I'll have a bottle of wine at the ready for T-Day, but am open to suggestion.

PS: They are very nice people. They just drive me crazy.