November 24th, 2008


Last Minute Reminder - Harvest of Shame/Migrant Tomorrow Night 8PM

Free Monday Movies Tomorrow Night at 8PM, Old Town Pizza Vanport Location!


The word “migrant” usually brings up images of brown-skinned Spanish-speaking farm workers, doing back-breaking labor in hot fields for little pay. But 40 years ago, migrant farm workers were primarily poor blacks, and a few whites as well. Born in this country and lured to migrant farm camps with the promise of steady work, entire families would travel the harvest circuit throughout the southern United States, enduring overcrowded and unsanitary conditions that sometimes meant near-starvation.


Harvest of Shame (1960, CBS, black & white)

1960 television documentary presented by broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow on CBS that showed the plight of American migrant agricultural workers. The program originally aired on Thanksgiving day in November 1960. The December 5, 1960 edition of Time quoted producer Lowe as saying, "We felt that by scheduling the program the day after Thanksgiving, we could stress the fact that much of the food cooked for Thanksgiving throughout the country was picked by migratory workers.”


Migrant (1970, NBC, color)

This 1970 television documentary is a follow up to CBS’ Harvest of Shame. NBC sent a film crew out to revisit the same locations as the original, to find out if conditions had improved in the 10 years that had passed.


This is a well-written follow up article interviewing Jerome, then 9 years old, the unwitting star of Harvest of Shame, in 2003.


Hope to see you there!


Old Town Pizza

5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)

#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking


All ages – 8PM – In the loft

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3-D glasses

Where in either the west side or downtown PDX area can one buy some 3-D glasses? The kind where one lens is red and the other blue. A group of us are planning to watch 3-D Polar Express and the glasses are required for the 3-D experience.



Hey Portlanders! Take it from me - if you don't have your Nine Inch Nails concert tickets yet - you really should! I saw them in Tulsa on Saturday, and - no kidding - it was one of the best concerts I've ever attended in my entire life. The music was tight & energetic, the visual effects were stunning, and the whole thing was just excellent.

NIN is coming to Portland 12-7-08 at the Rose Garden Arena.

Take it from a future Portlander - don't miss this show.

Edit: Portlanders, your snark knows no bounds. I'm impressed. Keep it up.
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MUSIC LESSONS on the cheap yo!

So I really want to learn how to play the guitar and would like to take lessons somewhere.

My problem is that I have a 5 year old, and would either need to pay to get her music lessons at the same time (preferably piano or something),  or get lessons somewhere which will allow children to be present.

The few places I've looked at seem pretty expensive. One place in particular charges $1.00 per minute. It seems pretty excessive to spend $100 per week on music lessons for myself and my child for a one hour class.

Does anyone know of cheaper places that would fit these needs? Or is this the Portland norm for music lessons?

Mondays are stupid.

I have four questions.

1. Cheapest place to get a wii that also offers in store credit cards? (husband has made up his mind that its the only thing he wants.)

2. Best place to get tires? Someone slashed one of ours.

3. Good recommendations for house cleaners? I can't afford much but would be psyched to pay someone just a bit each week or every other week to come and just do the floors and dishes or something--I live in the St. Johns area.... know anyone good that would enjoy having a tiny bit extra pocket money?

4. and lastly...any fledgling photographers out there that are looking to add to their portfolio? I can't afford to pay folks (which I know is shitty and if I had the money, I would love to be able to, because i know its an art) but would be happy to try my hand at modeling for them and helping them out with adding pics to their porfolio or something along those lines--plus size, orange-ish hair, piercings, tattoos, etc--with the hopes that a few will turn out really neat and I'd be able to frame them for my husband for Christmas. Anybody into that sort of thing?

Thanks everybody. Happy Monday.

I have a craving for some Christmas camp.

Dear damn Portlanders,

What, in your opinion, is the cheesiest, campiest, most fantastically awfully awesomely bad Christmas movie from the '80s, featuring fairly-well-known actors in roles they would like to forget*, or, even better, people you've never heard of? Bonus points if at least one female character is wearing a wardrobe featuring shoulder pads. Ten million points if I can rent it on DVD at my local Blockbuster.

I want to laugh at it in an "oh god I can't believe they made this" kind of way. I don't want anything that was meant to be campy, btw.

*that was partially stolen from the MST3K-esque parody of Jack Chick's "Dark Dungeons". (Google it.)

(sort of x-posted to my journal but with more detail here)

EDIT: Seems like Babes in Toyland is the clear winner. It'll probably be a few days before I can rent it though (if it's rentable). If I can't find it I'll go for A Very Brady Christmas.

I'll probably check out some of the other ones at a later point in time. I must say the one with Dolly Parton (can't remember the name of it) seems rather intriguing.
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bonjour portlanders!

Alright, so i'm not a fellow portlander (yet). My husband and I are going to be moving to Portland soon and I had a couple of questions (of course). 

Where are the best areas to live in Portland? price range: 800-1000 a month (1-2 bedrooms)

When is the best month to move to Portland? 

What do you love about your city? 

We've both lived in Southern California our whole lives and just don't seem to fit in. We're both very creative and have no interest in expensive cars or having tans. Is Portland different than so. cal? 

Is it true the job market sucks there?

How are the community colleges? 

How's the food?

Anything else you think I should know? 

tax credit properties and full time students.

I am looking for a studio apartment, (preferably in North portland) that is $525/mth or under. This is near impossible. I have found a lot of places where I can get on the waitlist, but they are tax credit or income restricted properties. I meet the income restrictions just fine, but I know from past experiences with these types of places that full time students are not allowed to live there. It's ok if you have a roommate that is a part time student, but if you want to live alone and have been a full time student in the last six months, you are ineligible. Here's the thing....they didn't ask me last time I was applying, I questioned them. The woman basically told me something along the lines of don't ask don't tell.
Is there a way for the property management company to find out that you are a full time student, without you telling them? What would be the consequences of this? I am going to be a part time student after this term ends and I just can't afford a place that costs more than this, and I really prefer not to live with strangers from Craigslist.
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Sorry for not remembering my usual reminders this month, guys; I was in Dallas and just arrived today in California and it's been a little zany.

That said, for those of you still in town (or visiting!), meetup is tomorrow! At the East Bank Saloon, starting at 7pm, and the meetup faq is here.

Obviously I won't be in attendance, so behave for bellybalt, and feel free to submit your ideas for a new location to either of us! We're still searching. (I've told the restaurant to reserve us the back table area if they can, but who knows what they'll actually do?)