November 23rd, 2008


Affordable optometrists?

Since I dropped below full time in school, I'm not on my dad's health insurance anymore, and as far as I can tell, PSU doesn't have any vision coverage in the basic student health insurance.  My glasses are bugging me to the point where I can't wear them all the time, which is okay, just annoying.  I'd like to get contacts, but don't have a prescription.  Can anyone recommend an affordable optometrist (maybe a sliding scale?)  Neighborhood doesn't matter too much, I live in SE, work/go to school downtown, and am in NE a lot.  No Beaverton or beyond, please!  Thanks! :)

Used DSL modem?

I'm getting Qwest DSL service and thought I could save a few bucks by looking for a DSL modem used, rather than paying $60+ for a new one from Qwest. The economy is collapsing, you know, so it's a good idea to pinch pennies on internet before we're all reduced to using stone knives and bearskins.

My service is going to be hooked up on Tuesday.

I've checked at Stuff out on 82nd, and DSL modems don't seem to last very long on Craigslist. At least the ones that Qwest lists as "compatible" don't. Free Geek didn't have any yesterday.

Any of you Damned Portlanders have a DSL modem you'd be willing to part with for a few bucks?

If not, anyone know of where I could go find one in town?

Here's the list of recommended and compatible modems:


  • Motorola 3347
  • Actiontec M1000
  • 2Wire 2701 HG
  • 2Wire 2700 HG
  • Actiontec GT701-WG
  • Actiontec GT701

More modems:

  • Actiontec 1520 and 1524
  • Intel PRO/DSL 3200
  • Intel PRO/DSL 2100/220
  • Accton DSL 1000
  • Arescom NetDSL 800
  • Cisco 675/678

Need to get rid of seven years worth of bad luck?

Replace your broken mirror with ours:

Or, if you want seven years worth of bad luck, you can buy our mirror and break it. (Just please recycle the pieces.)

We'll also be getting rid of a couple of other bathroom fixtures (two sinks, a faucet, maybe a vanity if we don't turn it into firewood trying to get it out -- maybe some firewood if we do). Let me know if you need any of this stuff for your house. I'm willing to trade for slave labor, too.   :)

all about devlin

respectable street live eleven to noon-ish

my streaming show, respectable street, live from 11-1:PM sundays:
my podcast where shows are stored so you can download and listen later:

first portland broadcst! i will be researching and downloading old portland punk very soon and doing a special show in honor. PLEASE make suggestions.

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Fuck Work

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Me and the girl were hoping to go for a hike** today. Anyone know a fun/dog friendly spot within an hour of the city?

Not Forest Park, Hood or Multnomah Falls as they have been done recently.

**when I was a young lad we called "going on a hike" "going for a walk" -- oh, how times change


How to get a job in downtown Portland....

Hi all! Next month I'm moving to Portland mostly to finish my degree at PSU(only 80 credits to go), but loans are the poo to deal with. So I need a job. My experience is not much, but includes 2 manager experience at Subway, 2 years of other restaurant service, and the most recent, 6 months of working for the YMCA as an outdoor education instructor. I want to look for full time work, but part time will do if that's what it comes to. How is the coffee shop employment scene in Portland?  Any other suggestions for work will be more then welcomed?

Peace DP
street angel skates

Dealing with Damp

My apartment is producing mold at a ridiculous rate--I can drench the walls and windowsills with lysol, wipe 'em down with bleach, and they'll be spotty again within a week. The bathroom, in particular, is awful, and the worst of it is on the ceiling and other places it's hella hard to clean. Heat helps a little, but because it's electric and not central (and pretty old), it's not safe to leave on while I'm at work or asleep.

I suspect that the root of the problem is at least partly structural, because the building I live in is terribly constructed--when we first moved in, we had to deal with things like cabinets screwed into major water pipes. On the other hand, it's reasonably spacious and in a neighborhood I love, so I really don't want to move (even if I could afford first, last, and deposit). And my lease had one of those "mold is your responsibility, bitch" clauses (which, like the dumb transplant I am, I didn't think was a big deal at the time), so I doubt my landlords are going to be any help.

So, here's my question:

How the hell do I get my apartment liveable? Will dehumidifiers make enough of a difference--and, if so, will I need to get one for each room, or should one be enough?


Can I get some opinions on what you view as the best free antivirus program for windows? I'm interested in torrenting cracked ones with key gens too, if anyone has had a successful download doing so please let me know.

whats this

Twilight: Avoid it like the Plague

I can't believe I went to see "Twilight" last night. No, I have not read the books, but my boyfriend Aaron has, and he is the one that really wanted to go. We left the theater; it was so terrible. We left the moment the two of them laid down in the grass and flowers together because, as we all know, that's when in Final Fantasy games the characters are essentially having sex. Lay down in flowers= Oops! They had sex.

Okay, kidding, but that's what we likened it to as we were talking about it when we left. Honestly though, what a terrible movie. There was all this silence, unnecessary music, and then crappy lines and no build-up. According to Aaron the movie was basically a CliffNotes version of Twilight. There was no drama, no nothing, just a couple flashes here and there of action (like two seconds where someone gets attacked and another two seconds where a car is speeding. How lame.). Everything was ridiculously over exaggerated and painful.

As I told Aaron in the car, I am glad he paid for the tickets, but I am really sorry that we paid to go see that. Putting up with that movie really does not convince me to read the book. But hey, what do I know, apparently it did 70+ million in the theaters because of all the other people that were fooled.
pink dress


Where (locally) can I find a lot of ultra fine milled loose glitter in a wide selection of colors for a good price. Not glitter glue or paint. And not the coarse kind for kids crafts. And when I say a lot, I mean more than overpriced 36 gram viles for $2. I need more like 7 oz jars +. Specifically, I need gold, pink, and purple. Thanks :)

BTW, I've already tried Michaels and Jo-ann fabrics.

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Xmas Socks


My sister shared this with me earlier today and I enjoyed it, so thought I'd share. It just makes me feel happy =) And they used 250,000 real bouncy balls, no CG stuff.