November 21st, 2008

ho baggage


calling all lawbreakers:

ok so i HAD a perfect driving record, until i was on the last forty miles of my drive from the bay to pdx and i was zipping merrily along through approximately springfield (i know, total speedtrap, i had forgotten). i got pulled over in a construction zone for going 85 in a 55 zone. i had a kid who had to pee and a ferret who was sick of his little box and listening to the dickies and...well you know. we were ALMOST HERE!!!!! the cop didn't double my fines because of my perfect record (i got away with going fast for SO LONG!!!), but i did get A $243 ticket.

i had to stay with a friend for a few days, then move into a new place, and the last time i saw my copy of the ticket i had 'temporarily' placed it in the cup we use for toothbrushes, in our new bathroom. HUH. where did it go? i have gone through bathroom trash *EW* and still not found it. yes i washed my hands. it is very possible an overzealous roommate from kentucky did something useless with it, out of the spirit of goodwill. damn the road to hell and it's good intentions, i say.

my court date is on the third of december, and i have been considering going to it to at least arrange payments (working in a trip to cougar hot springs while at it), but now i have no idea where to go, which county it was in (who the hell pays attention after being on the road for 10 hours straight?), or what. here are my Q's:

1) how do i find out the info i lost if i don't have any record of it?

2) what happens if i do not go and do not pay? first born child? car repo? i have only had one ticket and that was in texas and i just figured i'd never go back and well. i haven't. and it's been fine. but i live in this state now, and drive often.

3) does the po accept payments?

4) does the excuse 'weasels ate my speeding ticket' work around here?


edit to add: i am normally very on top of this sort of thing, but this month has been non stop running around and getting a million things taken care of.

Poisonous plants in Portland?

In December I am moving into a new house with a HUGE backyard. Like I was wondering why the house was so expensive, and then I saw the yard, and went, " Ohhhh." It's huge.

So I have garden patches planned out. Cooking herbs, good smelling herbs, veggies, fruits, flowers, medicinal herbs (I have a five foot tall aloe plant that needs to be re-potted very very badly), and poisonous herbs. Things such as hellebore, belladona, deadly nightshade, death cap mushrooms, so on and so forth.

Only a little part of me is wondering if any of these are illegal to have growing in Portland. I've searched the webs, but they keep giving me stupid goth kid websites and I am sick of seeing 'look at my rad poeumz/pictures in the graveyard' links.

So if someone with plant knowledge or merely a link could help me out, that would be super rad.

And if you want anything come next summer, I'd surely hook you up. (If you're gonna poison your loud roommates, though, I didn't give you the shit.)
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2 new large scale music venues on the Eastside?

From the Portland Mercury blog:
We previously reported on 300b, the proposed 2,000-capacity venue in lower SE and now there might be another venue making its way across the river.

According to the action news team at KGW, Beam Development is interested in building a 2,000-capacity venue "anchored by Monqui Productions" in the space directly across from the Burnside Bridge in NE Portland.

Sticking these guys so close to the attempted expansion by the Convention center seems like a potential recipe for a backlash in both the neighborhood and commercially -- or else may

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Hello friends!

I am doing some job type research and am looking for an alternative to Taekwondo for a 7 year old. His parents are looking for something involving less kicking/punching and I'm hoping to find them classes here in Portland that might fit the bill.

Thanks for any suggestions.


I need a really fucking delicious apple pie recipe, with crumble top. Vegan not necessary.

Someone put me in charge of the thanksgiving pie, UH OH.

edit: I can just get a recipe from or similar if nothing else turns up, but was wondering if anyone had tested favorites.

Certainly Not Animal Friendly

This clip aired in Anchorage on the news. Sarah Palin being interviewed as turkeys are slaughtered behind her. Looks like she won't be pardoning any turkeys this year.

ETA: She did pardon a turkey, that video aired on MSNBC's countdown last night.
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Any Ari Hest fans?

Anyone on DP know Ari Hest? He's playing at the Doug Fir Lounge tomorrow (11/22) evening at 7pm. Tickets are $12 at the door, I'm not sure if he's the opener or the main act, but I'm thinking he's the opener. If anyone likes him and wants someone to go with, I'll be there! Or, if you're just into concerts and new music, that works too. :)
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coupon fail

So, I received the November 2008-January 2009 issue of The Clipper, and found some good coupons. However, a few coupons were expired! Some expired on October 1st, while others expired on November 1st. I double checked the dates, to make sure it wasn't 2009, and sure enough they expired in October 2008. So some of the coupons were expired before this issue even came out.
Perhaps The Clipper needs to double check those before publishing.
I found this rather amusing.

ETA: I counted at least 8 expired coupons.
One of which was for Shari's, so I called their corporate office, and they said it might be a misprint, and re-directed my call. I got some lady's voice mail, so I left her a message to let them know the coupons were expired. I left my number, so we shall see if they call back.

I know, I am a loser.
ho baggage


i found the ticket. *drum roll please*

LANE county, friends. lane. it was that damned eugene speedtrap. now i feel like i have run the gauntlet of initiation that so many portlanders afore me have had to undergo on this particular stretch. i'll pay my $243 dollars, and eat rice next month (merry yule to me and mine!), all for the bragging rights of saying, 'I know that speedtrap! why back in '08, let me tell ya!'

thanks everyone for the advice and all...i know sooo much more about this than i ever thought i'd need. but the bright side is, iffen this happens to someone else, i can help them!
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ideas: subversive portland game

Hi everyone,

I'm planning an event for some friends that will be taking place in December - probably the weekend before Christmas. This is our fourth year doing the event, but the first year I'm planning it.

It's a scavenger hunt type event - in the last three years it has strongly followed the format of the TV show "The Amazing Race" (although I speak only from playing the game, not watching the show), and had us running around mostly downtown Portland and the Pearl, doing little tasks. The event had us stopping by classic Portland locales - Pioneer Courthouse Square, Powell's, the zoo, the Rose Quarter, various statues and fountains. An example task: I had to go into the zoo and find an animal using its latin name alone and take a picture with it before we could move on to the next task.

I told my friend I wanted to plan this year's event because although the last three have been tremendous fun, we've been playing very clean-cut, tourist Portland. I really want this year's event to be chock-full of the more gritty, organic, and subversive stuff - as well as some drinking and the obligatory strip club visit - we've been joking that this year will be "The Debaucherous Amazing Race".

I have some sources of inspiration - like "Fugitives and Refugees" and the archives of local publications, etc. And I have some ideas of my own, but I definitely need to flesh them out. I'm looking for the wisdom of others to turn me on to some gems to include in this event - places and tasks that would make things a lot more interesting.

If you were to send some friends out on a subversive scavenger hunt, where would you send them and what would you have them do? I'm open to hearing anything, although I should note I'm trying not to force participants to do anything illegal, expensive, or professionally damning. That hopefully still leaves plenty of room open.

Thanks in advance!

Any scrapbookers in the house?

Hello all...
I am working on a project and need some paper punches but can't justify the expense. I was hoping someone in Damnportlanders would have them and be willing to loan them for a very short while.

What I need is

1 3/4 inch square punch

and 3/4 circle punch.

Also. I am new to scrapbooking and if anyone wants to get together to work on pages let me know.

Thanks in advance


Oh yeah I am in North Portland but may be able to travel a bit (I am also Downtown a lot for school and in St Johns visiting a friend quite often)

Geek cafes

Now that Old Pharmacy Cafe is no more I have one less place to geek out.

Where do you go when you want to sit on a laptop for hours on end?

Personally, I still like going to Backspace, but they've started booking shows all the goddamn time, which means I can't be there after 7pm (I'm not paying $10 just to get my ears blown while I code) and I tend to be a bit of a night owl so this presents a problem. The Ace Hotel lobby is also nice, but it can sometimes be impossible to find a place to sit.

I live downtown and generally try to stick with the closest good thing I can find, but I'm getting desperate for something better and am willing to cross the bridge (*gasp*) if it's worth it.

I demand your geeky cafe suggestions! Please?

Hairdresser job available!


Is currently looking for a few qualified hair fanatics.

The HotBox Salon is a great alternative salon. Small with great people to have cut, style, color, whatever to your hair.

I know it's hard to find a job right now so I wanted to let you guys know that this place is looking.

They are looking for atleast 2 people to join the team.

The HotBox is located here:
3331 NE Broadway St
Portland, OR 97232

If you want to inquire about a job you can talk to me or call the salon at 503-287-7071

Head to to find out a bit more about the place.

Thanks guys!