November 20th, 2008

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Not Portland Related...

I don't know which one of you kind people initially linked to this site, but I'm sure it was one of you. But you know how some people type "LOL" all the time, even when they're really not laughing out loud? Well, Fail Blog actually makes me LOL. For any of you who aren't familiar with it, check it out, although if you're at work and you don't want to be obvious about not working, don't look now. There's a good chance you'll laugh and give it away.
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It's been pointed out many times that the vast majority of people you meet here aren't from here originally, usually not even from the Northwest. In fact, I've noticed that a lot of people tend to come from the same far-off lands, each with their own unique stories of how they ended up here. I try to make a point to introduce people to others from the same area.

So, non-original-Portlanders (which is most of you), where are you from?

I'm from Fresno, as many of you know. Thank goodness I left that shithole behind.

Counter Protest Against Westboro Baptist Church's Hate Campaign

Please feel free to repost and spread the word!

The Rev. Fred Phelps' people from the Westboro Bapstist Church (the "God Hate's Fags" people) are planning a protest on Monday morning, November 24, at the corner of 13th and SW Market. They will be protesting PSU's Queer Resource Center and, specifically, the concept of gender neutral bathrooms.

They refer to PSU on their web site:

If you scroll down to 11/24, you'll see it on there.

The Queer Resource Center is mobilizing folks to get together for a counter-protest. There will be an organizational/poster making meeting at the QRC at 1pm on Friday. We will meet at the QRC on Monday morning at 7 am to pickup the posters and walk down to the site together. If you need any further information please call the Queer Resource Center at 503-725-9742.
Feel free to forward this information to anyone. Thank you!!
The Queer Resource Center at Portland State University.
Join our e-mail discussion / announcement list. Send an email with the word subscribe, just those 9 letters, in the body of the message to qrc-request at .
If you have any questions email the qrc staff at .

QRC mailing list
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yep, another "where can I get" post

First off, flypaper! Does nobody carry it anymore? I got some at KMart a few years back, now nothing. Flyswatters don't help with the flies that are buzzing about in endless circles in the middle of the room, far from any surface you could swat them against. >:p Going to Target later, so if you know that Target still carries it then hey I'm all good, but KMart and Fred Meyer apparently don't. And of course my stupid apartment inspection is tomorrow (sometimes I wonder if subsidized housing is really worth it), but I still want some.

Secondly, speak to me of bedsheets. Where do you get them for cheapest ASIDE from thrift stores? Sheets, like underwear, are just one type of item I can't quite handle getting used. Totally irrational, I know, but I do also take forever to get new ones and would like to have some that will last longest anyway, and new lasts longer than used (generally). I'm also after new towels - and sure, I could go to Bed Bath and Beyond just for convenience, but do they have the lowest prices routinely? I somehow doubt it. Man, I miss Mervyn's. Are Kohl's prices even remotely comparable?

eta: Once again DP is made of win! Thanks guys, I totally appreciate it. I always forget about places like Ross and Tuesday Morning, even though there is one of each within a few blocks of me.

Pick-up games and city league sports

Where are good places to play pick-up volleyball and basketball? I was going to look into the city leagues to do both. Are there other local leagues for adults? Also, if anyone knows a good place to study capoeira, let know. I have teh google, but it is also best to get info from locals. I am moving to Portland next month from Bozeman, MT!
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For those of you jonesing for election shenanigans...

The Minnesota Senate recount is going on NOW, and that link is a live tracker.

As of this post, over 1.2 million votes have been counted, and Franken's down by about 200, and his net count has lost 65 votes over that 1.2 million.

In the high school I went to, any position that was this close would be shared. We had a couple of co-student-body-presidents in my time. What if they could do that in the Senate?
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Bubonic Plague is back in style......

Part of my job requires me to do medical billing for insurance claims. I have to use ICD9 codes which specify whatever the diagnosis was for the appointment. Sometimes I see really funny diagnosis codes and I put them on a list. It's pretty dorky, but how the fuck else am I going to waste work time? Posting on DP?

Here are some of them:

- Failure to thrive
- Need for isolation
- Unspecified Plague
- Unspecified Anthrax
- Unspecified Rat-bite fever
- Unspecified alcohol-induced mental disorders
- Whirpool treatment
- Bubonic Plague
- Borderline leprocy
- Other Abnormal Product of Conception
- Zoophilia

EDIT:  Another favorite I forgot to ad is "Academic Underachievement Disorder."

Do you do anything really dorky or stupid to kill work time (besides posting on LJ)? Tell me.

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I don't know how, but Axl Rose did it somehow. I've never been a big g'n'r fan (or rock fan in general) but this new album is so damn good. Maybe not worth all the years and money (but what album could be?) but nobody will be able to say this album is a letdown. Each listen it gets better and better... some songs are classic Appetite for Destruction style and a lot of people are praising the album for its unique mastering style which is a departure from the typical 'wall of sound' most rock bands opt for these days. Once the hype around this dies down I think it'll be viewed as one of the best albums of the decade.

I'll stop hyping now, just figured I'd mention it.
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yet ANOTHER where type question...

A Few years back, I got into some trouble with the Vancouver PD(long story) but I NEVER saw the police report. and I've been wondering, can I get a copy of said report? (NEVER NEVER get a public givender, mine was half dead and all retarded)


the outlaw MisfitX
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(no subject)

For those who've been to and enjoyed the Science Pub, please brainstorm:

How could this remain free-to-the-public and yet become a profit center for OMSI?

(I hear they are in financial straights, just like everyone else. I don't want my favorite program canceled!)
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abortion, FOCA, and governmental action

Hey peeps,

I'm watching an online debate about FOCA, the Congressional bill which proposes to abolish State and Federal restrictions and limitations on the right of women to have an abortion prior to fetal viability (link to S.1173; link to H.R.1964).

One of the oppositions' main arguments is that if passed, faith-based hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as all licensed physicians, will be forced to perform abortions.

To be blunt, I'm wondering if this particular argument is hogwash, but I don't know enough about the medical profession or industry to be sure.

According to the language of the bill, the government can't deny, interfere with, or discriminate on the basis of, a woman's right to choose. Addressing the healthcare facilities on an organizational level, most non-military ones are non-governmental entities, correct? Is there governmental action if a physician at such a facility refused to perform a procedure?

Addressing the individual physicians themselves, I have the same question. Each is state-licensed, so is that sufficient intermingling of government action so that a physician's refusal equates to discrimination?

I don't want to open up a can of worms by asking, because I think both sides of every controversial issue has its share of both valid and ridiculous arguments ... I'm really just interested in this particular argument.

So who can school me?
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The morning commute this morning on the 14 Hawthorne Bus, which apparently doubled as a field tip bus for Portland Public Schools. It was amusing overhearing elementary school kids having a lively discussion over the yummy merits of Tofurky (only in Portland!), and about the cute guys in "Twilight".

2. The Multnomah County Library. I have slowly gotten into the habit of checking out books from the library, instead of procuring every book which piques my interest. I am learning about sensible frugality and austerity.

3. Absorbing and appreciating the diverse culture of East Eighty-Deuce: For quite some time, I have referred to East 82nd area pejoratively as "Springerville", but have gradually realized that the East Eighty-Deuce area is a cultural experience consisting of random, interesting conversations at bus stops and on the bus, exploration of restaurants and businesses along the Deuce, and a newfound respect for parts of Portland which I had avoided for the most part. Since I venture out to Eighty-Deuce twice a week, it's good to get to know the area.

4. Discovering the recently-opened Thai Fresh restaurant out on SE Division and 84th. The food is reasonably priced (and they have a 10% off Grand Opening special going on currently), veggie-friendly, and flavorful. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The restaurant is small yet cozy. The eggplant and chili entree dish was just delightful and fresh.

5. The warm and fuzzies here on DP!
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Another theoretical question!

Say you'd landed your dream gig, but it turns out you have to commute an hour each way. Since your car, outfitted with satellite radio, is broken, you're driving something else for a while. You've grown tired of the radio offerings, and decide to ask your friends for podcast suggestions.

Say you're a DamnPortlander and have access to the mighty hive mind. I wonder what they'd say about where to find good, engaging podcasts?