November 19th, 2008


Advice Needed

For the past year I have been insured through my boyfriend's employer. The company paid for our coverage with the exception of $40.00 per month for dental. Due to the worsening economy they have notified us that they will no longer be paying for our coverage.

The big boss man also informed the employees that he would be "strong arming" anyone who chose not to take the coverage. Basically, if you don't take the insurance you'll be fired. Isn't this illegal?

Also, they are no longer allowing significant others to be insured unless they are same sex. We would have to get married in order for me to be covered. I think this is pretty ridiculous. The shop doesn't employ anyone who is in a same sex relationship and are telling us that because we're not doing the "right thing" I'm not eligible. I plan on writing an email to the owner regarding this. Do I have a legal leg to stand on?

The company still plans to cover 80% of coverage meaning that if they would insure both of us our cost pre-tax would be $150.00 a month. Do insurance companies require proof of marriage? Can we just say we're married?
In Heaven Everything is Fine

Damn music...

were any of you at Valentines last night??
there was a band that played right after i got there! I stayed for their entire set, and loved it! But i did not get their name! Their music was very electro/dancy...

And please I am being SERIOUS here, so snarkiness to a minimum, and helpfulness much appreciated.

oh btw... i love the fact that on certain nights that i go there, the dj plays the most amazing music! Last night i heard Queen, and i think i heard a bit of T-rex even! But one night a few weeks ago, they played T-rex for a good 20 mins straight! LOVE!!!

confession time

in your daily business, have you ever run into a damnportlander that you have never actually spoken to, but know is a damnportlander nonetheless?

how have you dealt with these encounter? (I imagine it's easier when you are with a damnportlander and can nudge them and say "HEY that's littlebluedog)

alternately, have you ever discussed damnportlanders with a friend in public, and found yourself wondering whether a damnportlander was eavesdropping on YOU? have you ever managed to confirm these suspicions, or do you just have them because you're actually a total creep and your subconscious feels ashamed of you for knowing who internet people are in real life?

one missed call

Hmmm..I missed a call from 360-397-2300 and I call it back. I get a cryptic recording that says "Clark County government offices-If you've reached this message we are trying to contact you about an urgent matter".

Has anyone else ever had this happen? I live in Portland, my grandma and sister live in Vancouver but they're both fine, I haven't gotten in any trouble at all...and I don't really run around with the type that would ever need to call me from jail. I got ahold of the main switchboard and all she could say was she had no idea. I'm not building anything or trying to get any kind of permit or license. Especially not in Clark County.

Any thoughts? I am sure the chances are pretty high it was a wrong number but who knows. It just freaks me out.
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I have some clothes that aren't good enough for Buffalo Exchange, but are too good for donation.

It's too cold to have a yard sale and I don't want strangers milling around in my house.

Are there any other clever ways that I can sell them? I don't care if I only get like $0.50 or a dollar per article, just something.

Thanks, DP.
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(no subject)

So my wife and I just had a kid. A son. My first born son.

He has Down's syndrome.

Apparently in situations like this, the hospital will send someone by the room as sort of a spiritual counselor. I didn't ask for anyone, but they did it anyways.

So this 300lb black woman walks in with a bible and plops down into a chair and begins talking to me about how this is all gods plan and whatnot. I said I wasn't really interested in talking since I had just recently gone through this process when my mother died last month.

She replies "Well dat's what happen', chile. Yo mama and Jesus be walkin' up in heaven and Jesus says to yo mama 'I needs someone to take care of dis little baby wif so many problems' and yo mama says 'I know my little chile and his girl can be takin' care of him' and so Jesus sents you a miracle!"

The absurdity of it caught me off guard and I actually smiled and said "Wow that's a lot of bullshit"

She jumps up (not an easy feat for her I imagine) and glowers at me and says "When Pres-dent Obama take over people like you won' be allowed to blas-phemy no more" and walks out of the room.

Call to Action!

(reposted from queerportland)

Call to Action!!!
Are you queer or a queer ally?

You may have heard that recently Silverton, OR elected the first ever openly transgender Mayor, Stu Rasmussen! Well, Westboro Baptist Church (started by Fred Phelps, extreme homophobic preacher, www. godhatesfags. com) is coming to Oregon to protest this.

Queers and allies of Oregon, let's rally together to support Stu, the city of Silverton and our queer community. For those of you who don't know, Portland is observing Transgender Remembrance Day this week. What better time to rally around support of our first openly elected transgendered official.

Westboro Baptist Church, is going to be protesting through Portland and then Silverton on Monday, Nov. 24th. We are calling a meeting to pull together to find a way to show our support of the queer community and raise funds for a queer organization (to be determined at the planning meeting, hopefully with input from Stu) in Oregon.

If you are interested in being involved in the planning, please attend our planning meeting on Friday, Nov. 21st at 7pm at Outside In (1132 SW 13th Ave. Portland, OR 97205 between Jefferson and Main on 13th.)

If you are not able to attend but want to be supportive, stay tuned for details for how you can spread the word or help raise funds.

Our goal is to pull together businesses and individuals to raise money for the queer community. The idea is that each business/donor agrees to donate a certain amount of money for every minute that Westboro Baptist Church protests in Oregon. Once the Westboro Baptist Church catches wind of this our hope is that his protest will be very short and for every moment that they are spreading their hate we will be raising money to support the queer community.

We hope you can join us by helping plan this activism effort via email or by attending our meeting, spreading the word and helping solicit donations! Portland has a large community and we would like to see if we can reach out to show our support for the smaller queer communities of Oregon.

If you have ideas or questions, feel free to email us as or

Thank you!

Please repost!!!
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QUICK! need plans!

in your opinion, what is the best place in the nob hill/alphabet district neighborhood  for happy hour and why?  bonus points for cheap, tasty, and creative vegetarian fare.

Marley in his bandana

Good gutter cleaner in SE?

Can anyone recommend a good company who clean gutters that work out in SE? I have a TALL 2 story house and it's a narrow place so getting a ladder up will be a bunch o' fun so I need someone experienced in this to take care of this for me.

Thought I'd throw it out here first incase someone has a fabulous company or gutter guy/gal that they highly recommend before checking out CL or just doing some blind comparisons via YP.

Lastly, anyone have a rough idea what the cost for cleaning gutters on a 2 story place is? I'm a new home owner so this is our first year of having to deal with this so I'm clueless.

Thanks in advance....
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New Years

Are there any big parties in Portland for New Years?

I went to City Repair's HOWL Halloween party and loved it and was wondering if there is anything like that for New Years.

Good music, good mix of people, good drinks.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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PHP Programming Help - Freelance needed

I have an x-cart webcart for my online sales, and I need some changes done to it on the programming end. A lot of it is PHP and other programming. Some things I know how to do myself, and other things I can't figure out. It is all pretty straightforward though.

I need someone who knows how to do programming of that sort, and could sit down with me and make some easy changes, and then also possibly help me to maintain it in the future.

Does anyone know of anyone reputable that does this kind of work that might want the job. They must have LOTS of experience and really know what they are doing.

Please comment here or drop an email through LJ

Found Dog, Hollywood District 11/18

This beautiful lost female Beagle Mix was found last night in the Hollywood Dist (35th and Broadway) around 6:00 pm. The collar she has in the photo is the one she was found in. Seems like an indoor pet, she's very scared and not used to other dogs/being outside. This dog has been well cared for, she has a shiny coat and is slightly overweight so she's been well fed, at least. She weighs around 25 lbs. Please respond if you live in the neighborhood and she looks familiar!


'Spirited Away' Sooties

(no subject)

Tonight, at 9pm west coast, Ghost Hunters is showing their new episode.

This new episode was filmed in Fresno, CA.

At the Clovis Sanitarium.

Where I worked, in the haunted house, many years ago!

I'm so excited I can hardly type. Everybody watch! I'm pretty sure this is the house I'm thinking of. I'm going to check out their website right now and see if I can find out more information! The house/sanitarium was very cool, and creepy, and many of my coworkers had 'experiences' though I never did.

DP related, cause it's me! and spooky. and ghost hunters are cool. :)

Oh, Google has a pic of it:Collapse )
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search for saving space

Hello DP's!

To quote Adam Carolla, "Futon is Japanese for worlds crappiest couch that turns into the worlds crappiest bed". I swore I'd never get one again. However I'm dealing with space issues in my new place, and since it will be a guest room, it won't be slept on that much, but I do want my guest to be comfortable and I do want the space when there are no guests, you know, for those hobbies that I'll never actually do.

So, has anyone had any experience with a decent futon, or any other space saving thing that turns into a bed? Bonus if it is a decent bed more than a decent couch.


visiting for a couple days

This seattle-ite is visiting from December 29th-31st. What would you recommend in the way of night life activities (I like to go to Neumos, Chop Suey, or divey bars like the Twilight Exit or Shortys) in Portland? Or a really neat theater to see a movie at. And places to get breakfast? And what would you recommend in the way of a nice place (with vegetarian options for me and gluten-free options for him, where he could get some majorly meaty meal) to get dinner at? (We're staying sort of near VooDoo Doughnut) ONE LAST QUESTION: Where would you go to get some good, local microbrew? mmmmm

These are Portland things I was thinking of suggesting: Ground Kontrol, the Portland Underground Tour, Food Fight!, VooDoo Doughnut, and Powell's Book store.

Thanks! I'm already researching this on Yelp, but I think suggestions from here would be great.

Steakhouse Recommendations?

I was prowling a few sites for local steakhouses but the reviews are ALL OVER the place. So I figured.. why not fellow DP'ers?

I am looking for a local (ish) steakhouse that cannot be missed. I live in vancouver and I think the only good selection we have up here is a chain called Roadhouse... but I'm looking for a REAL steakhouse.. something that will make me put a piece of barely cooked beef in my mouth and explode in my pants.

DP'ers! Please recommend me a good place for 2! Price really isn't a huge deal (at all). I'm sick of Roadhouse and TGIF!