November 18th, 2008


Party at a Gay Bar?

Ok, I am returning to Portland for two weeks' holiday and have since being gone become of legal age to drink in the U.S. .

My friends owe me a lot of alcohol for sitting-out on many nights of places I could not get into, and now I want to throw a party.

I need recs on a good gay bar to throw a party at. Something preferrably pangender-friendly, sociable (meaning you can hear what someone is saying), and hopefully at least a small dance floor.

I was thinking the Redcap Garage, any thoughts?

Most information is helpful, and yes I am very familiar with the set of things, but a year can change a lot.


One big faggot.

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I have a security geek friend thats been out of work for while now and might have to leave PDX for work! He loves this area and does not want to go! His experience includes Fortune 500 gigs, lots of penetration testing, security architecture, etc. Please let me know if anyone has some ideas of maybe even a gig for him!

Need a ride to Eugene this weekend

Hi all, my name is Aaron. I am currently visiting some friends in living in the Milwaukie area, and am hoping to find my way down to visit some friends in Eugene this weekend, ideally Friday or Saturday, then find my way back to Portland on Sunday or Monday. I'm sorry to say I don't have any money to offer, but if you are or anyone you know is headed that way, I would greatly appreciate a ride. I am 23 and a pretty nice guy; for pictures and a little info go to and please email me at if you would like to ask any questions. Thanks for reading this and thanks for any help/info you can offer!

- Aaron

Heads up...

...we made it to the front page of CNN again.

I mention this to prepare you for the onslaught of potential "Where can I find X in your city" posts.

Although the article is on the P**rl D*str*ct so it may be beneath those potential visitors to stoop to LJ posting...
road to morrocco

"Nerdcore Rising" showing at Clinton St. Theater

The documentary "Nerdcore Rising" investigates the newest, wave of hip-hop, nerdcore, as it follows the godfather of the genre, MC Frontalot, on his first national tour. Beginning in South Carolina and culminating in nerd mecca - the Penny Arcade Gaming Convention in Seattle - masses of fans across the country come out to bask in the Front's geek glory as he strives to achieve mainstream success. Producers: Negin Farsad, Kim Gatewood. 90 minutes

Nov 21 - 26, Shows at 7pm and 9pm
General Admission $6
Tuesday Admission $4

tech/internet nerd question

So our internet (qwest dsl) was sucking it up (freezing on image/data heavy pages like myspace, randomly losing the connection and taking anywhere from 30 seconds to a couples minutes to stop searching, etc).
We moved it out of my roommate's room down to the living room hook up. It was immediately noticeably faster and the main two issues mentioned above seemed to be solved. Then, after a few hours of working fine, the connection completely stopped. After talking to qwest's help line for entirely too long, they said the port wasn't active and that we needed to move it back to the original (and it appears only) working line in the house. I asked if there was a way for them to set up that port for me, she referred me to the main office to ask on pricing tomorrow.

So I guess my questions are why would it work better downstairs (and it's not proximity as we moved it further from my desktop pc and it worked better, as did my macbook which was unchanged with how close I was to the router prior to the switch)? Was it a fluke or would it be worth getting that line active?

Is it really something I need to get qwest out for or is it something I can get a 3rd party or a particularly tech-smart friend out for that won't charge up the ass?

Blazers Tickets

The Kia Test Drive and Go is a bust.

I just got an email that said

Due to fraud, your online redemption code that you submitted is null and void.

Something about 2000 people signing up for tickets must have tipped them off.