November 17th, 2008

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Marylhurst living situations

Damned Portlanders;
I am finding my living situation to be not very useful for going to school. Spending 4+ hours a day using Trimet's wondrous bus system is leaving me feeling cold about the whole thing. Does anyone have any information about places opening up in West Linn?
I am pursuing a photography degree at Marylhurst, which has somehow translated into me starting to collect painting and darkroom equipment that no longer really fits into my current living situation. I also have two adorable cats.

I'll be looking at moving around the 1st of the year. Any useful information will be rewarded with a bounty of pie and lavish praise.
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(no subject)

OK so first I get a letter on my Hotmail asking me to confirm my "request for information from the isjustfree group". I think nothing of it, but then I get a message immediately after to the same email (which I ONLY USE FOR MSN) thanking me for signing up for email.

Then I check my regular email and there's another isjustfree letter...and a subscription notification to something called "Beliefnet".

I've never heard of any of these places, and that they're hitting both my emails at the same time makes me think someone's doing this on purpose. What can I do about it?
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punk rock pdx

is there a community that posts specifically punk/psychobilly events in and around the portland area? being new (this time around) i am finding myself needing some simple shortcut to stay abreast of that aspect of my life, as i have been busy as fook since arriving. only applies to the bay area.

i know that this is a hipster heavy town, and that is SO WAY NOT my thing. i'm predominantly old school punk and whatever school psychobilly. not so much with the rockabilly. even though i look goth.

Brown Rice Sushi

Someone had inquired recently about places that will make sushi with brown rice. I found one this weekend - the sushi counter at the new Safeway in the Pearl. The sushi is fantastic, as well. Any roll they have can be made with brown rice. The chefs are super nice. Highly recommended!

Making Xmas fun for cheap

A couple years ago,  bored with pulling out the usual decorations for X-mas,  I decided to come up with a theme.  We did a south-of-the-border theme that year.  Next year it was a Cowboy Christmas.  The idea is basically choose something as unlikely as possible and see what you can do to make it a holiday decoration.  Tacky is always better.  It can end up being weirdly hip This year we are doing "Under the Sea".  I am promising my friends and neighbors that  those of us who can't afford to go to the beach can come to my house.   I ran across a real fish net this summer that has been mended over and over, so I strung that around the ceiling.  Then I got out some aqua blue paint and started some clouds on the celing.  I figure a sandbox and some starfish and I've got it made. 

Not sure I will have room for an actual tree.  Who cares huh?  Lights, sparkly stuff, you have everything you need.

Another year,  we were only allowed to give gifts made out of found items.  I found a plastic chicken yesterday and a rusty old pot.
Instant art!  "A chicken in every pot!"  That was Hoover's promise to us.  Not sure which of my friends would appreciate such a gift.

Now I need some styrofoam to make an anchor...


I need to find an arborist to make sure our fir tree can make it through the winter. There seem to be about 5 listed in the phone book, but does anyone have personal experience with anyone they would recommend (or not recommend)? Thanks!

Any Mac Gurus in the House?

Edit: Thanks so much for your help everyone! I exported it and it worked! Also, I will definitely go ask a Mac Genius about my e-mail attachment problems. Thanks!!


I have a black MacBook I bought in May. (I have no idea how much ram or anything else it has, I just know it was the fastest regular macbook they had at the time.)

I am working for a creative consultant and have been creating documents with text and pictures in Pages, thinking that they would convert just fine to Word. (I only have Pages on my Mac. )


I am not able to open my document in Word on the Macs at school (PSU.) I get a message saying that it is a blocked file because it "may pose a security threat." I cannot e-mail my Pages document directly to my Mac using employer as my laptop has decided it hates attachments. (I have tried e-mailing from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. No dice.)

It costs $49.00 to have AppleCare tech support talk to me over the phone. I tried chatting with a dude on the Apple website and he kept telling me to save it as a .doc but that option is no where to be found.

I just made the switch to Mac because I wanted to simplify my life. Buying and installing Word for Mac is not an option right now, as my project is due now.

Can anyone help? I will barter for your services! I can bake, clean, pet sit, do laundry, etc. Please help a befuddled college student! Thanks DP!
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Asian-ish local bands?

I'm bored with my music collection and I'm looking to expand it some. Currently, I'm loving the Asian rock thing, but what I'd really like to find is some local groups that have that sort of feel and sound to them, only, well, local. +++awesome if I can catch a show or get a CD. I ♥ the Slants, looking for more along that line.

Thanks guys.
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damn blazers

Remember when someone posted the link for free Blazers tickets for test driving the Kia? But you actually just had to fill out the form?

Well the game I signed up for is Wednesday and I haven't gotten a confirmation yet. I figured it was too good to be true and not actually going to work but I just wanted to make sure no one else had gotten anything before I gave up completely.


So there is an opening at my man's office for a part time job. It's 10 an hour at 25-30 a week in Tigard. It's general office work and stuff like meter reading(page counts off of copiers). If you're interested and need a gig for some extra money forward your resume to

keep ya head up PDX

Most unfamiliar part of the Portland area

Which part of the Portland area is still unknown and possibly confusing for you? What part of the map do you just kind of vaguely label "out there" because it is too confusing and/or not rewarding enough for you?

For me, this would actually be the area between the crest of the west hills and Beaverton TC. I actually know the outer areas better, but that area just seems confusing and trackless to me.
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Stitch 'n Bitch

Those of you who have attended the Stitch 'n Bitch or want to attend but can't for some reason, would it be better for you if we changed the day?

I am available and willing to have it Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Also, location. Is Muddy Waters good for everyone? I am coming from Milwaukie so SE is a good 15 minute drive for me and I imagine SE is a good middle point for everyone.

Otherwise there is a Yarn shop in Sellwood that I like and would prefer to go to (and will likely resort to if the stitch 'n bitch doesn't pick up, even my usual group is dwindling, sad face).

So what say you knitters and crocheters?

Verizon phones


Yes, another cell phone post...but with a twist.

My Sprint plan is expiring soon and I can get a great deal with Verizon through my employer.

So, if you have Verizon and newer phone/BB/smartphone...which do you have? What do you like/dislike about it?

I've read a bunch of reviews online...but all are mixed. There is the EnV, Voyager, Glyde, Decoy, Dare, Blackberry Pearl & Curve, Centro, MotoQ...

I will need easy texting capabilities, web, email, good coverage...

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ross island bridge jumper?

I was stuck on a bus on the Ross Island Bridge today for about 40 minutes because of a bridge jumper. The police had moved all vehicles except emergency vehicles and buses off the bridge. I couldn't really tell what happened. There's no mention of this on the news whatsoever. Anyone have any idea?

EDIT: I'm looking for news on if the guy is ok. I don't know if the person jumped or not, all I could see from the bus was a very chaotic scene.
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(no subject)

Because I feel like being random right  now, I will discuss something that I've noticed in my sleep. I go to bed listening to music all the time. One time I went to sleep listening to David Bowie, and hey, I had a dream with him in it.  Last night I had Tool playing a song called "L.A.M.C" and in my dream everyone called the cops about the loud banging noise. Does this happen to anyone else? Where sound/music blends into your dreams? Perhaps even your alarm in the morning?
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Rock Band Tuesdays at Ground Kontrol

Come to Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade (511 NW Couch, 21+) at 8:00PM tomorrow for Rock Band Tuesdays! We're celebrating the one year anniversary of Rock Band (and of RB Tuesdays, we've been putting it on every week since the release of the first game in Nov. '07)! This Tuesday also brings the game a Dead Kennedys 3 pack, Mission of Burma 3 pack and more! Now with over 470 songs, Rock Band Tuesdays is the best place in Portland have the ultimate Rock Band Experience!


Anyone ever had Brazilian laser hair removal around town? Or know of a trustworthy provider of such? I've been going to a very good lady, but she's just too sweet to do Brazilian!

What goes with....

What would you add to a playlist for a wedding that would go well with:

Bright Eyes- First Day of My Life
Rolling Stones- Beast of Burden
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole- Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Smashing Pumpkins version of Landslide
Jack Johnson- Better Together
Ray LaMontagne- You are the Best Thing
INXS- Never Tear Us Apart
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If you snark this post I will fuck you UP

Mmmmmkay, let's say I wanted to make an eggplant parm or something, not gourmet, just om nom good. But it's going to be vegan.

Neither I nor anybody else concerned with the deliciousness of this outcome has time to test all the vegan "cheeses" out there to figure out the vanishing few which don't actually suck ass. I have it on good authority that there is at least one vegan "cheese" which is very good on an eggplant parm. Or on similar dishes. However, the brand is unknown.

So pray tell, damn Portlanders, which faek cheeze tastes the best? Annnnnnnd GO.

Nanny questions!!

I've been nannying for two different families for the past 3 months but now I'm in a bind. One family was 3 days a week, the other 2 days a week. Due to the economy, both families are scaling back to the equivalent of 1 day each and I am panicking. I have 2 questions:

[1] Does anyone need a nanny? At least 3 days a week or full time? I have experience with all ages, my youngest being 4 months old, I have a car and I have great references. And I'm pretty damn fun, kids love me. For real. :D

[2] Has anyone used Care Givers Placement Agency, Inc. or know anything about them? If I register with them, where are they making their money? Do they get a cut of my check, or does the family pay them and they pay me? I'm trying to figure out if it would be a good idea to apply with them or not.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated! Both the families told me about their cutbacks like, 2 weeks apart and it's definitely making me a tad stressed out. I thank you in advance!

What's with the ICP?

What's the deal with the Insane Clown Posse?  Every time I go to the Vancouver Westfield Mall, I see at least 3-5 people roaming the place in some sort of ICP clothing.  They all look the same as well.  Not to be too derogatory but they do look mentally deficient in some way.  What attracts these people to this particular band and/or lifestyle of being a "Juggalo"?    And why is Vancouver the only place I've been that has these people roaming the streets?  I think I've seen a few people on the outskirts of the Portland area wearing but not nearly to the extent the i've seen in Vancouver.  Maybe they're hiding in Gresham?  I kid and yet I don't.