November 16th, 2008

Nikon D200

CS4 question for DP

Has anyone run into any problems running Adobe CS4 Creative Suite on XP SP2?

Most of the review forums I've come across state that there are no problems (In theory) but I thought I would throw the question out there...maybe someone has been running the full version on SP2.

Just curious.


PDX related because I live in PDX.

Texas Hold 'Em?

I used to have a semi-regular game of Texas Hold 'Em going with my friends before I moved to Portland. I haven't played in over 3 months and I would love to find people who like to play and maybe get back into a semi-regular game again. I usually only play $10 buy-ins, so I'm not looking to make big money, just have some fun. Nothing crazy.

Are any other DPers looking for a Texas Hold 'Em game? Maybe we could start one up? Or perhaps there's already one going and I might join in the fun? :P
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Beach/Hood lodging!

I'm looking for a nice play to stay at the beach (not too picky about where, Pacific City/Tillamook/Cannon Beach are always nice) or the mountain for 1 night in mid-December.  I'm hoping someone will have a fantastic idea for a place with a good winter deal and a hot tub!  Thanks! :)

Great places to take a foodie?

My dad is coming to visit for a few days over the holidays, and I want ideas from you, DPs, about fun food and drink establishments. He's disappointed the downtown farmer's market will be closed. We want to do very local things, so probably not the wineries this trip. He loves Higgins but somewhere new would be good to try.

So far I was thinking of Clear Creek distillery and St. Honore Boulangerie for sure. What wine bars, or great new restaurants are you excited about? He's not big on red meat but will occasionally eat it. No Mexican food because he gets that every day.


road trip

My partner and I have a week vacation coming up and want to go on a road trip somewhere.  We're thinking the Grand Canyon would be really awesome, but are open to other ideas, too.  Ideally, we'd like to avoid driving through winter-weather areas.  If you had a week to go on a road trip with a fuel efficient car, where would you go?


It's almost December and that month is nothing but a good excuse to party.

So obviously this would be the community to ask: what are the necessary ingredients for throwing a good party? I already know booze and music, OBV. Unless you have specific booze and music suggestions. Though frankly either one of those categories could account for several pages of responses on their own.

(no subject)

so how many of you have sold all your stuff and moved away from where you were living? Either to another city, another state, another country, another planet....

Are you happy about your decision?

Plz share stories I need to be inspired.
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ATX Power Supply?

Ok, so as luck would have it, we had a power surge the other night and unfortunately hubby's computer was on at the time and it fried the power supply. Of course this happens in the week we're pretty tight financially as I've been off work sick for the better part of 3 weeks with a nasty cold.

I'm checking Craigslist and have contacted a few folks on there who're selling them in my price range but of course nobody's returning my messages so I thought I'd put a shout out at DP.

So does anyone have a spare power supply (reasonably new) sitting around? ATX min 450W that they'd be willing to part with for $20 or less?

Thanks for your time.

(no subject)

do any of you know of a local jeweler where one could buy a loose stone, or, in my case, a loose, half-drilled, high quality pearl and then have them put it into an existing setting? i know i can order half drilled pearls on the internet, but i would really like to look at it before purchase, and for convenience, it would be nice to be able to purchase the pearl and have it set in the same place. i ask because my antique engagement ring, which was a gold band with a beautiful pearl setting, lost its pearl while i was making a batch of homemade egg noodle dough for soup and now i am kind of heartbroken. thank you so much for any help you can provide!

What to do with compost type stuff.

I live in an apartment and have no need to compost. At the same time I really hate tossing out stuff I know can go in a compost bin. So, what can I do with my coffee grounds, egg shells, tater skins etc other than putting them in the trash? Is there some place I can take them? Is there anyone who wants them? I live in Vancouver not to far from 1-5 and Fourth Plain.

Thanks folks!
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Restraing order/No contact order

I currently live in Vancouver and am thinking about getting a restraining order or no contact order on someone that lives in Portland. I am unsure if I need to do it in Clark County or Multnomah county. Does anyone have any idea? I don't know what information I may need and would like to gather whatever I need before I go down to the courthouse.


Computer fo' sale

Hi! I just got a new computer! Sadly, this gift was not needed because I already have a computer I'm pretty pleased with. Anyway, it is brand new, box has never been opened, etc. Comes with 1 year manufacturer's warrantee.

Toshiba, 3gb RAM, 250 gb hard drive, dvd rw/ cd rw, ful specs here.

I'm asking $550, but for a damnportlander I will shave off $50.
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(no subject)

Hello Friends,

Does anyone know what happened to Old Pharmacy on NW 21rd and Glisan? It used to be so cool and now it is boarded up. I stopped by a few days ago and it wasn't the same kind of coffee shop but I am still shocked to see it closed. Nothing is coming up on google searches.


Renters are serfs?

So my apartment complex has changed hands for the 4th time in as many months. Friday afternoon the new-old owner's widow came over and exploded all over everyone here. There are 10 units, 9 occupied. One girl is out of town and had a house-sitter - the old bat threw him out rather than call the renter to confirm he was supposed to be there.

She started throwing our things off of our patios - a small barbeque, a small bench where we like to sit and watch the squirrels in the yard, the buckets we use for our patio gardens... just throwing things around and screaming at people and being generally abusive and unpleasant.

She accused us of "being in cahoots" with the prior owner in his not paying the trash pickup and bill for the gas lights on the property, demanded that she and her agents have immediate 24 hour access to all apartments and we can't have any decorative items she doesn't approve of on the property. Not just outside, ON THE PROPERTY. So she doesn't like your painting? You need to get rid of it as far as she's concerned.

I can understand no smoking and no pets. But I can't light a candle in my house while I'm home? I have a freaking gas stove she put in here. I can't cook because of her new no open flames on the property rule? That wasn't part of my lease.

I don't want to make an old widow miserable, but don't I have some rights as a renter? I moved here from AZ, so I'm not sure what renters rights are here - we didn't really have any down there.
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computer help

Long rant...

So I've been really frustrated with my wireless network. Everyone in my apartment can connect to the internet except for me. It says my wireless connection is excellent but it won't display any web pages. Once in awhile I can connect to another wireless connection, but it is unreliable. I thought maybe it was my ethernet card, so I took it to Best Buy, where I got it and they sent it off to California. They charged me $80 and ended up telling me "well it works with our internet"

I feel like I have tried everything. I did a system restore, I reset the router/modem, I disabled and enabled a million different things. I'm not an expert, but generally pretty good at computer problems. But I cannot figure this out. I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop, and the internet used to work great on it. In the connection settings, there is a red X over one of the connections, which is obviously the problem....something with the local area connection.

Anyway to the point, does anyone know how to fix this and if not - where can I take it in Portland that won't cost me everything I own? I want to avoid places like best buy and circuit city because I don't trust them anymore. They didn't even TRY hardly. I need this computer for school and I can't really afford a lot right now. Help!! =)