November 15th, 2008


To the lushes

This worked. No joke. I'm half a bottle of Cuervo down last evening and at work bright and shiny at 7 am. I don't understand it and I don't think I died like "Death Becomes Her". I know Portlanders pull benders and head to work early all the time so this thing could really help you if you give it a try. Purchased at the Liquour Store on NE 8th and Weidler <3
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Does anyone know where I could donate two large trash bags of yarn? I would give it to good will or somewhere like that, but I am sure there is somewhere that would like it more. It's mostly acrylic.
Tea whores unite secretly

Do we have anyone who does radio around here?

I'm struggling with doing my prep for shows and need suggestions on where to find local things to talk about as well as good information on the artists. I do the myspace thing, but it becomes a pain after you drain it.

Plus also, I need tips on writing prep for the shows.

P.S. if anyone wants to listen, Mount Hood Community College has their radio show online at

random questions

I have a couple random questions:

1. I need to get my criminal record expunged (just a couple protesting things from a decade ago) and am honestly finding the forms ridiculously confusing and am totally lost in the process.  Does anyone know of a cheap lawyer who could just sit down and tell me what I need to do - I don't need them to take on a case or anything, just translate the forms and help me know I'm sending the right things to the right place.

2. I need a new belt in a bigger size than most stores carry (44" probably).  I want a triple hole burgundy belt (like this: and can't find one for less than $66, which seems crazy expensive for a belt.  Is that just what decent belts cost or do you know of any portland stores (or online) where I can get one cheaper?  It seems most places with bigger belts don't have many options beyond a standard black belt.

Thanks in advance.
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Santa Suit

My Santa Suit is getting kind of disgustingly stained and smelly.

Does anyone know where I could purchase a new one with 5$ in quarters?

Alternately, does anyone know where I could find some very stupid children/parents?

(no subject)

Before they changed the profile page, it use to be relatively easy to search a journal. Even if the entries weren't tagged, or saved in memories. Sure, the LJ search thingy didn't always work, but when it did, you could usually find what you were looking for. Since they "fixed" the profile pages, is there a way to do it without having to search through EVERY DAMN JOURNAL ON LJ.
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Lame, lame I tell you.

I'm sorry, Portland, I know I'm old and I remember when Portland was called "Little Beirut." I'm going to use some historical terms you may have to Google. I have friends in SF who blocked 101 for an hour today and who are probably still marching. My wife was one of the Burnside 18 - those crazy homos who blocked the bridge in November 1988 after our own Prop 8 passed.

Today we didn't make any Impact - we stood above the Farmer's Market and some people talked with a bullhorn while others stood around and chatted and smoked because they couldn't hear the person with the bullhorn. When the chant to MARCH went up, we were told we couldn't because no one had gotten a permit. Marching on the sidewalk to City Hall doesn't require a permit. PROTESTS don't require a permit. They require the balls to possibly get arrested for CIVIL disobedience. You can have an illegal march and still be CIVIL. Look for video of the first gay March on Washington.

To the woman who said the "rally" was hidden at PSU because "education is the only way to end bigotry," - even though most other Impact events were at City Halls, leading to a lot of location confusion - I've got news for you.


Visibility is the way to end bigotry. It's what worked on the Briggs Initiative. It's what works when we do manage to pass laws. It's being out and visible to our families and our friends and our co-workers and our clients. Because WHEN THEY KNOW THE KNOW US, they vote for us.

anyone use

Thinking about signing up with as a way to help fellow travelers...just offering a tour of the city or going out for a drink, not quite ready to offer my couch. Have any of you guys hosted folks from the site? Have any of you used the site to find places to stay?

Looking for feedback on your experiences and if you know of similar sites that might be good to check out along the same lines, maybe something local to Portland?



So, I've been uninsured for at least 10 years. I don't even know where to begin getting insurance or what kinds of things count as "pre-existing conditions." I am a smoker so I know that doesn't help. Generally I'm in pretty good health though. I mainly need insurance for mental health services and dental work (ESPECIALLY dental work.) I have a history of depression and seriously fucked up teeth (chips, probably cavities, plus three adult teeth growing in BEHIND various primary teeth). My income is variable and currently unreported (though this will be changing soon) but can range from 1-2k/month. Insurance through my job is not an option. I don't have as much money as it seems like due to lots of student debt.

any advice on how to get started finding insurance?

are they bluffing?

Okay, so there's this URL that I want to buy from one of those URL-snatching corporations. They say they want $2800, but are open to offers.

How much should I expect to actually spend? I'd be willing to spend around $1000, but that's already bad enough. Anyone have experience with this sort of stuff?
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Housing Maintenance Recommendations

I am the property manager for a 1902 house/triplex in West Irvington, and I need some help.

I need an electrician to help with some wiring issues in the shared basement and I need help with having the gutters cleaned and the exterior windows washed (it's a pretty tall house, so this is not a job for a non-professional company).

Any recommendations?

Thank you!