November 14th, 2008


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I have a cat I cannot stand, who has been pissing on everything for the past 6 years, that I am going to get rid of one way or another.

Is there a humane way to do this?

I cannot live with it any longer.

I WILL put this cat in a bag of rocks and throw it in the river if I have to.

oh fucking chill.

*blinks yaaaaaaawns wakes up*

Holy fuckin shit please settle down.

RE: stupid cat

Cmon by my house, I assure you I am the sweetest cat owner you will ever meet. Mr Rufneck, KosmicKat, willie, #5 (bless his heart), Larkin, LiL Miss Puppy, Black Sabbath, Fluffy, Disco, and every other pet I have lived with, living and dead, will testify to the fact that I am a total sweetheart.

I consider animals above other people. Like I would cry harder if my cat got hit by trimet than your whiny child.


But I will NOT put up with a pissing cat. Ive brought her to the vet. There is nothing wrong with her medical wise. I of course, would never throw her into the willamette. But I will not put up with a cat, that for no medical reason, pisses on my shit.

Imagine for a moment, if it wasnt a cute little cat. It lives to be 20 odd years old, follows you around crying for no reason, and pissing on anything when you arent paying attention. Even when all other animals are happy and well behaved.

Sorry, I have a huge heart, but Im going to be realistic about this.

1. My furniture is fucked
2. Who wants to come over to a piss smelling house
3. I have to pay for deposit on this

Sorry. Gotta go little buddy.
be still my little darling

poor, teeth

Suggestions for dentists who'll work with low income patients without insurance (open to payment plans, reduced fees/sliding scale, etc.)? My two front teeth are badly chipped - I doubt they can be buffed down - and one recently got a hairline crack running from its bottom edge to my gums. Sensitive to heat, cold, pressure. Not an emergency, but... well.

I'm open to getting treatment at teaching clinics, but I had a bad experience at a dental school some years ago so they do make me wary. If anyone has thoughts on where not to go, that's helpful too.


Car Sale?

I heard something from a coworker who heard an ad on the radio about a used car sale out in Beaverton (or somewhere out west) tomorrow with super cheap used cars?

Anyone know/hear anything about this? Gimmick to get me on the lot to buy a more expensive car?

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a thoughtful discussion to be had:

What do you think about the Thomas Beatie story? Barbara Walters' 2nd interview with the family is airing tonight, called "What is a Man, What is a Woman, Journey of a Pregnant Man". The title of the interview is what kills me- mainly because it reinforces the gender binary system, when there really are a multitude of gender flavors irl.

Here's a link to an article:
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Free Cat for Single-cat Home

Hi everyone, thanks for taking a moment to read this. Today at the vet, they were talking about sending a poor FIV-positive cat to the Humane Society.  One of the vet's clients feeds strays and sometimes takes them to the vet.  One of the strays turned up FIV-positive.  I'm not sure how long they will board him, so you have to call now. For those who don't know, healthy, well-kept FIV-positive cats live mostly normal lives for years just like HIV-positive humans. FIV cannot be contracted by humans. They must be kept separated from non-infected cats, so anyone who wants to care for a cat who will otherwise face euthanasia and doesn't mind having only one cat or several FIV cats, here is the info:

I forgot to inquire as to the general health of the cat, but they did say he is very active and on his feet.

West Hills Animal Clinic
4325 SW Beaverton Hillsdale
Portland, OR 97221
(503) 246-3321

More info on FIV:


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I have a question for you all.
I need to use a car for about 5 days and within that time make two round trips from Portland to Eugene. What is the cheapest possible way to do this? Zipcar or some other car share type program? Is there a specific rental agency that is inexpensive or has a deal going? 
Any recommendations are appreciated. Thank you.

Opinion on Wimbledon Gardens

I'm in the process of looking for a new apartment and yesterday I stumbled upon an apartment that seems pretty promising. However, it's in a complex, which is a factor I typically stray away from. The girl who lives there now speaks highly of the complex and I'm open-minded but I figured I'd see if anyone here is familiar with/has an opinion on the Wimbledon Garden Apartments? (30th and Steele)

Thank you!
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Thanks for everyon's help on the black people issue. Most of you were really really nice and understanding.

I have another question.

As an Asian, how do you think I will fare? I know that there are other Asians in teh suburbs, but this will be the first time being away from my family, so I don't want to feel like too much of a minority.


secret weapon?

What do you use to make your scrambles yum? Eggs or tofu, mine are always terribly bland no matter how many vegetables I put in. I use all the basics like salt & pepper and garlic etc but its never quite right. I have to cook for folks tomorrow and would like to not serve them ass. Thanks!!

+Who has the cheapest champagne? Freddies?
buffy is sleepy
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I saw this poster on the ceiling of the MAX today.

FAIL for not finding a stock photo of an actual MAX train! Is it THAT hard? Where is this anyway? New York subway platforms definitely aren't this clean!


natural oils and such

Does anybody have a recommendation for the best, cheapest place to buy stuff like jojoba oil, almond oil, beeswax, etc? I am trying to make some body scrubs and stuff for Christmas presents and some of the recipes call for those ingredients. It seems like they might be expensive so I thought I'd check here to see if there is a good place in Portland.