November 13th, 2008

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I don't think they exist here but:

Are there any 24 hour retail stores in Portland? When I first moved here I was baffled to see that Fred Meyer closed at 11. Then even more confused when I saw that Wal-Mart closed at 11.

Any help?

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What venues/groups/etc. should a young writer who is completely bored with life consider to spice things up? Actually, let's go beyond writing--clubs? Classes? Fun things to do on a rainy Wednesday night? Give me your suggestions, you damn Portlanders you! I have realized that, what with the onset of yet another winter (in the words of Peanuts' Lucy) "you need involvement, Charlie Brown!" So tell me--how should I get involved?

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I've talked to you guys before about looking for my dog, and now I have some dog questions.

I was planning on crate training my dog, but apparently this is 'cruel'. I've read lots of sites that say crate training can help with your dogs stress levels, when done correctly. I don't plan on leaving my dog in it's crate for more than 8-9 hours at a time, and this would only been when I'm not home.

Have you crate trained your dog? How did it go?
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light box

does anyone know where one could buy a light box (a light therapy box, like an apollo go-lite)? Costco is not an option ($50 to be a member? you must be joking). Anywhere downtown or in SE would be perfect but, really, anywhere at all accessible by trimet would work. This is way harder than I thought it would be. Even several medical supply stores have told me that they don't have light boxes. I could just order online, but I would really prefer to buy it in a store.


Verizon phone?!

I flushed my phone down the toilet. Yes, all the way down. No, it didn't come back up. Does any one have a verizon phone they would love to give me? Either for free or for cheap? I dont care what it is, or anything of that sort. I just want a phone!



So I had lofty ideas of participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I implied that we should have a write-in at a pub or something and I even tried to get things going in a NaNo forum. But! I lost steam on day two. ROFL So, if anyone wants to take my idea and run with it, I still think it'd be really fun. Look for a pub with WiFi and set up an informal meet-up on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I think it would be really fun!

Here's a link to a forum I started if you need leads on who to invite:

Future Life?

Greetings Mighty Portlanders,
  So I'm searching the Central Library catalog and I'm looking for books on the subject of the After Life. I'm politely corrected by the computer saying that term is not used for that category and they use the term Future Life.

  This amuses me. Is future life the new politcally correct term for after life?

And go!

Request for political information

I am looking for sources and articles written in an UNBIASED, purely journalistic (i.e. no "OMG! Bush/Republicans sux! Can you believe WTF they're doing now?!!1?!") manner that outlines where Bush policy, Republican-led laws, etc. have incurred abuses of power, unconstitutional behavior, incarcerations, etc. to show my conservative and HIGHLY intelligent, educated and well-read father as he doesn't believe/isn't aware of them. See below for more information.

Edit to clarify:  I suppose I'm looking more for ways in which Bush policy has directly harmed innocent people: evidence of searches, incarcerations, rights being limited, etc. being committed against innocent individuals due to new traditionally unconstitutional allowances written into legislation like the Patriot Act.  I appreciate evidence of abuse/expansion of powers, but on further thought I'm looking for a more direct effect on individuals.  The Iraq War is a big huge issue that's in a whole other category of debate for us right now as well, so in the words of Ms. Moose Killer, "Thanks, but no thanks." ;P  Thank you for all the information provided thus far though.  Even the info outside of what I really needed will provide some great material for when we do inevitabilty incorporate those issues into our discussions/debate.   

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DISCLAIMER: I am not out to bash the conservatives/Republicans. I have some beef with their ideology and current practices but I am not one who believes they are stupid, misinformed, not paying attention or otherwise not as up on things as us liberals. I'd like to get some cold hard facts about specific things the Bush administration particular has pushed for and achieved that not only have allowed unconstituional behavior/policies but where these allowances have been abused/mis-used and where innocent people/groups have suffered for it so that I may engage in some smart and informed political discussion with those with whom I disagree.  Please see cut for more info.

healthcare and meds??

dear dp,

in your experiences, where are the best places to go for free/low-cost health care?? 

i currently don't have insurance and i'm running low on my meds - how do i get new prescriptions??
( i'm on the kind of things that it would be unhealthy to simply stop taking.)

thank you kindly,
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Imagine my surprise...

So I went the Vancouver Mall today to get my boy the WoW expansion so I could have it loaded for him when he got off of work, and I saw a store across from Game Stop called The Crooked Woman. It's a pagan themed jewelry and gift shop - in the Vancouver Mall! I've been surrounded by WASPy people since I moved to Vantucky, so I was pretty surprised to see a store like that in there. The owner said the mall wanted them in because they want unique shops in the mall, but he said some people have called them Satanists. That makes me sad, but very happy that they're trying this out. They usually sell at Saturday Market and are taking a gamble with this mall thing.

I want them to succeed! Here's the website -, but the owner guy said things were cheaper in the shop (I didn't have time to look too much, but it all looked very cute).
So if you have Pagan gifty needs, give them a shot!
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I'm having a bitch of a time finding an online listing of places for rent that aren't in complexes. My boyfriend is very firm on two things: that we don't live in a complex, and that we can have a dog. Even craigslist is a bust. We're moving in about three weeks (but I will be in Portland and able to actually go look at places on Monday). Help?
Rainy Day

Westside Knitting Tonight

Knitting tonight - hosted at my home - 7 to 9:30pm.

Location is in Hillsboro! Feel free to bring wine to share - cheese and chocolate chip cookies provided. :-)

Email me if you are interested in attending.

*No Friday morning knit group tomorrow*

rosalea c at gmail dot com (no spaces)

Friendship Circle Mystery

So... there is this crazy circle right next to the steel bridge. My friend,son,and I are sitting on the cement and all of the sudden these symbols started to sound off. But they were random and all of the sudden and a few times in a row.. then every once and awhile. What's the story here folks? Anyone know? We read the plaque and it told us nothing other than it was a friend ship circle and it was Japanese. Do share Pdx.

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Beauty - HUH?

Photo tagging software

Hey DP, help a girl look awesome for her new employers.

They have a photo database that desperately needs organizing, and I'd like to help. I'm looking for a relatively small program, ideally free/low-cost (or at least with a free trial), that can add multiple tags to an almost endless amount of pictures and then search by those tags. iTag looks like what I might be looking for, but it's not Mac OS X compatible.

I know there must be a simple program out there for this, but my Googlefu is failing me.

Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.


I watched 3 of my good friends at work get laid off today, in the most undignified manner.

Manager walks them in, stands at their cubicle while they pack up their stuff, and escorts them out the door.

All three guys were in tears.

I felt like I needed to throw up all day. And I hate myself for the ingrained cutthroat survivalist inside me still thinking "Well, at least it wasn't me!"
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Need to find a home for a blind cat

My friend and I have a cat named Alyx that we just cannot take care of anymore. She's blind and overweight and not "adoptable."

We really need to find someone willing to take her in and take care of her. She's a sweet kitty, but she's just too much for us to handle.

I've called the PAWS and the Cat Adoption Team, as well as the Oregon Humane Society and Multnomah and Washington County Animal Services, but none of them have been able to help us. All of the no-kill shelters I've called say they're full and can't help us.

Anyone know of someone who might take her or have any suggestions?


Breakfast downtown? I haven't gripped this concept much. I always always eat on the eastside. Any place you might know of that has some veggie options and is tasty?
Thank you for your answers!

Dannybear feels a little weird today too. I need some DP lovin'/hatin'.

Creating Radical Communities of Care

Reposted from the Dicentra Collective website. So awesome and so vital.

Dicentra is a Portland, OR area collective actively engaged in creating radical communities of care, networks of support, and movements based on relationship building.

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The issues and experiences we are currently focusing on:
· Physical & chronic illness
· Chronic pain
· Mental illness
· Sexual assault
· Domestic violence
· Radical care-giving
· Those working in the care and medical industries (including, but not limited to, sex work, health care workers, unpaid “domestic & house work”, elder care)
· Those intertwined with the prison industrial complex and systems of policing
· Those experiencing the imposition of the gender binary and heteronormativity

Email: info (at)

Shameless Self Promotion

I am in the early stages of the homebuying process and would like to have some more cash lying around for various fees and such. Think inspections, appraisals, etc. I dont own a lot so I dont have anything to sell except photos. I'm putting my feelers out.

Would anyone be interested in purchasing prints from me? Just about anything on my flickr is game except for family members or anything in the 'CSTS' sets. I can even do some alterations such as cropping, sharpening, reducing to grayscale (black and white) as most photos are unedited. Prices can be set later as I'm just seeing if there's any interest. Method of payment and production and delivery also to be set later IF there's interest.

Check them out at:

I hope some are good.

November birthdays -- which day are you?

Because all the October pics were so fun, we should do that again. :) So, November birthdays... post your pics if ya got em, any of you dressed in a crazy Turkey costume equals 1000 DP points! Why... because proof Portland is weird and proud of it.

DP Scorpios & Sagittarius of November

The day of...
1) Onslaught
2) Transformation
3) The Long Breath - goodlysinandsun
4) The Provocateur - cutthroatpixie, celaeno
5) Actuality
6) Rousing Vigor - arcadia73, _ilikesoup_
7) Discovery - majandra_girl13, 1900mixalot
8) The Borderline
9) Earthly Temptation
10) Metamorphosis
11) The Underground
12) Sensual Charisma
13) The Commentator - squirlydoom, burntblueseason, rainer3
14) The Investigator
15) Encounter - mechmuertos
16) The Boss - the_neon_one, bliccy, untied
17) The Bridge - omg_kittens
18) Temperament
19) The Reformer
20) The Scrambler -dangerpinsx
21) Elegance
22) The Liberator - rogue_onca
23) Irreverence - thechumlee
24) Contentious Conviviality - stellanotti
25) Sustained Effort
26) Distinctive Manner
27) Electrifying Excitement
28) The Lone Wolf - myopicfriend
29) The Instigator
30) Measured Attack - twilite_embrace

To keep up with tradition, I'll comment with your "meditation" from your November day, and maybe a bit more.
Happy Birthday Novembers! And how many of you have had to share your birthdays with Turkey day? How bad does that suck? Or maybe you like it?!

(Previous months below)
1st DP 'virtual bdays' post, June bugs , July bdays , Days of August , September days Faces of October


i'm gettin married on december 21st.

we are having a friend who is an ordained minister (universal life church) marry us.

anyone have any suggestions on rad (indoor...december is cold), reasonably priced places to get murried?  allowance of alcohol is an absolute must.


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Hi everyone.

So this might sound like a dumb question, or racist or whatever. But it's not racist (lol, I'm part Asian and my bf is Mexican, or puerto Rican or whatever, plus my ex luva was mixed).

Ok, so, I am looking to move to a new city.

one of my friends told me that their are no black people in Portland. I find that really hard to believe, btu as someone who has lived in Detroit for all her life surrounded by black people, i am kind of curious to see what it is like to live in a place where they don't exist.

please dont get mad at me for asking, like i said, its not a racist thing, I just want to know what its LIKE. i personally like black people for a lot of different reasons, I am just a curious person is all.

so can you tell me if this is true or is my friend just messing with me?

Thank You!

come see a FREE show this saturday

hey damnportlanders. long time reader, first time poster. not to break the ice with some shameless self promotion, but:

my group (elevated entities) is throwing a show this saturday at 34th and belmont in the south east, and you all should come and check it out! there will be a variety of groups performing; from blues influenced rock, to indie hip hop, to the ever-danceable sounds of the fenbi international superstars. plus dj marin9traks will be cutting it up in between sets.

no cover, 18+
1$ pabsts all night, plus cheap micros

support local music

916 se. 34th ave.
just south of belmont, upstairs, behind the market
follow the red balloons