November 12th, 2008


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google fu has failed me...

Where can I go in this town with wireless access, cheap indie coffee, open 24/7, delicious pastries, and full release massage? I need good smelling essential oils and a friendly staff. fresh ground cinnamon is a plus.



Someone questioned the reason for my random post?  My younger daughter asked me if we could go to church and that has thrown me for a loop. I guess I was buoyed by a sense of love and goodness in the world and I start researching churches but  I got really discouraged. I could see from their church blogs and such, I won't fit in. My older daughter got married at Voodoo dougnuts in a really cool wedding ceremony, gay of course.  Then there are my disreputable hippy ways....

I dunno,  if anyone knows of a church that won't throw me out....  let me know.


Short Film Remake of RoboCop

Hey DP. I work at a day program in NE for adults with developmental disabilities, Recently, we wrapped filming on our latest in a long line of short film projects. It's a short remake of RoboCop with an all DD cast. My clients are super proud, and I'm trying to spread the word on this awesome piece of movie magic. Check out the film (in four parts with the fifth and final coming soon) at:

If you really want to make the cast's day, leave a comment on our page!

Have a great night, DP!

Men's Health, magazine

Have any of you other gents been getting this? 
Somehow, I've been getting a years free subscription.
I'll flip through it while I'm taking a dump.
The entire intent of this publication is devoted
to getting laid, pumping your body up and low fat cooking.
I'm kind of offended someone's sending me a magazine, trying to teach me how to bang girls.
I can get laid. The "getting healthy and pumped up" part, offends me the most.
Whenever they show a graphic for being healthy, it's a caucasion on steroids, with way too much hair gell.
Men's Health sucks. Don't subscribe.
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watch me on T.V.

If your at home right now and you have cable t.v. could you put it on channel 11 and tell me what you see? And where abouts you live.

I made a show for cable access and im trying to figure out how the system works. Hopefully its playing all over Portland @11am - noon today. Its called "The Tuesday Show"
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Fuck Work

I'll take that bet

I'll bet I could listen to Paper Planes by M.I.A. for the next 3 hours and be perfectly fine with that.
(I think it has everything to do with the fact that it has a chorus you can't sing)

You got a song you can do that with? Just listen to it over and over?

If yes, do tell

If not, fuck ya then
Carmen San Diego

Wow DP

Thank you for such amazing entertainment today. Really, really, fabulous entertainment!! Back to my regularly scheduled lunch boringness...
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queen bee

Catholic Gift Shop?

I'm wondering if anyone knows where in town I can find a Catholic gift shop? If I can?

In the very small town in Texas where I grew up, the Catholic church had it's own gift shop that sold the most wonderful icons and plastic dashboard saints and rosaries and the like. And in very large towns like New Orleans, the cathedrals frequently have gift shops inside.

It suddenly occurs to me that there's a big gift store next to the Grotto. Anyone know of any others, maybe closer to downtown? Thanks much.
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zebras in portland

There are, I kid you not, a bunch of zebras in a horse trailer parked outside my office window. (Oak & Broadway).

Not something you see every day. They've been there a while. We're wondering why - please make something up for me.

Update: The office gossip seems to be "they are making a movie."

That was exciting... in a bad way.

So that was probably the least fun I've had in a while riding home. I stopped by a bike shop and got some water-proof pants, but I still need a jacket. And better gloves. What jackets do you guys wear? Do you like 'em?

Also... Who wears glasses? How the fuck do you see? Because I pretty much can't.

I am Innocent

Well, not really, but tonight a friend asked me what "saddlebacking" (verb) was and I didn't know! I figured that someone on DP might, though, or at least have a really entertaining alternative to the truth.

So what is it??

Community music groups, anybody?

Hello damnportlanders,

I'm looking for a community orchestra in the area to audition for (I play cello), preferably in Portland, even more preferably in Southeast. Any suggestions? Most of the hits I'm finding on Google are for groups that haven't updated their web pages since 2006, so it's hard for me to tell whether they are still in action. I did find the Community Music Center web page, but that seems slightly below the level that I'm looking for (I'm no professional and am rather out of practice, but I studied music formally for about 12 years). Also, any suggestions for choirs (men's or mixed-gender) would be swell also. Thanks!
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Pittock building

This building has horrible ventilation. Anyone else working here want to rustle up a posse and march down to the management office? (I'm kidding, I just wanted to bitch about how muggy it is.)
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Where is your favorite hotel or bed & breakfast on the Oregon coast? [Hopefully something under $100/ night.] What beach do you like best?

I have planned a couple of day trips to Pacific City, Lincoln City and Cannon Beach, but I'm not as familiar with the coast as someone who has been living in the pnw for so long should be. We're planning on bringing our skateboards and maybe finding someplace to hike. I don't really want to go somewhere there will be a ton of shopping and tourists and kids. (Judging by the flood warnings, it probably won't be an issue..) I am pretty open minded, though. I would be into checking out interesting or quirky attractions..


Any Crafters!?

Craft Bazaar on Saturday @ Rose City Nazarene Church                       9AM to 4PM

My mom sets this thing up every year and its really fun. If you want to go here is the address:

7016 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, Oregon 97213
The corner of NE Sandy & 70th!

I wish the turnout would be better so my mom would feel better about the whole event. If you go than you will have a lot of fun.
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guitar amps

I realize this is a stupid question but what kind of amp do you need for an acoustic electric guitar? Is it the same kind of amp that you use for an electric? I thought they were different but I'm not sure. I just want a small one. I don't plan on playing it plugged in that often. And where is the best place to buy these sort of things in Portland? I don't like guitar center, they are a bunch of scene kid jerks in there, at least the one at clackamas. What is your favorite music store?

Hmm and also does anyone know a good place to sell or trade a new trumpet?

Thank you =)

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Hey all,

Do you guys know of any way to get to the beach (let's say Cannon Beach) from Portland without a car? We're just a few stressed out college kids w/ no car, needing to get away for a weekend.


P.S. Thanks for today's earlier entertainment. :)

Multnomah County and the Portland Sisters Observe World AIDS Day

Ask and ye shall receive!

Recently, The Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence approached Multnomah County with an idea: change the lights on the sides of the Morrison Bridge to all red in observance of World AIDS Day on December 1st. The Sisters were delighted when Multnomah County thought the idea was worthwhile. On Thursday, November 13th, the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners are releasing a proclamation in observance of World AIDS Day. The lights on the side of the Morrison Bridge will be changed to all red from Thursday, November 28th until Tuesday, December 2nd.

The Portland Sisters will be making use of the Morrison Bridge during their World AIDS Day Walking Vigil on the evening of December 1st. We will gather at the Salmon Street Springs (SW Salmon at SW Front on the Waterfront) at 7pm and walk along the Waterfront to observe the lights on the Morrison Bridge before heading downtown to take our walk to several local LGBT establishments. We expect to end the night at CC Slaughter's around 9:30pm

Please consider joining us on our walking vigil. Come prepared to walk rain or shine. Dress warmly as we will be outdoors, but will be making several SHORT stops at local bars and restaurants. We plan to stop at Silverado's, Scandal's, Boxxes/Red Cap, Embers, Casey's, and CC Slaughter's. If walking is difficult for you, please feel free to hang out at any of these establishments and participate while the Sisters are there. Or wait for us at CC Slaughter's where the vigil will end.

Please join us in thanking Multnomah County for working with the Sisters to acknowledge and observe World AIDS Day in a way that makes a statement to the entire community. And I hope you will consider spending World AIDS Day, Monday, December 1st with the Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Sister Krissy Fiction, the nun that got nailed
Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
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community property?

Yet another question for the great DP oracle:

I have a friend in Eugene who is getting divorced, and we are both wondering if Oregon is a community property state? We're both from California, which is, and realized we were assuming those were the rules because that's what we're used to, not because Oregon actually is...


ETA: Thanks guys! DP rocks.

Er, I mean, omfg use gize r so meeen! I go livz in seatle!
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Merry Christmas: c'est la vie



this coming Friday (3:00 pm - 7:00 pm) and Saturday (9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.).
It will be held right here in our school Auditorium.
Come do your Christmas shopping and enjoy the sights and smells of Christmas!

West Hills Christian School
7945 SW Capitol Hill Road
Portland, OR 97219

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<3 Pdx

I just saw the neatest thing - 28th & burnside at 10pm.

As I pulled up to the light, I saw a man in a wheelchair struggling to cross a deep puddle and onto the sidewalk. A fellow motorist turned on his emergency blinkers, put the car in park, jumped out, pushed the wheelchair up onto the sidewalk, and then jumped back in his car and drove off.
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Forest Grove to Portland at rush hour?

Say you needed to get from Forest Grove to Irvington, right around evening rush hour. At the end of your journey was a small child, eager to be picked up from after-school care, so you want to get there in a timely fashion.

You know about taking the back roads from Forest Grove and emerging at Glencoe Road and onto highway 26, then on over the Marquam and up I-5 to Broadway, but you're sure there must be a better way.

Or, is there?
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European Phones

I'm looking for a Europe-usable phone to borrow/buy for the winter break.  If anyone has studied abroad or been to Europe for an extended time and has one, I'd be willing to trade them food/money/favours for it.  Also, worst case scenario, where do I buy one?
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