November 11th, 2008

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Completely random question of the day:

You can get scars from tasers, right?

How does electricution work, exactly? Like, if say I stepped out of the shower and was suddenly electrocuted, would I only get a scar at the point of entry? Or would I have skin damage wherever the water was on my body?

This... this may or may not be for science.

edit: What I'm really trying to figure out is if it's possible to get extensive scars like this without meeting a box jellyfish.
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attention legal folks

hey you legal people: do you use "buckets" in your office? the redwells? and if so, do you use tyvek sticks on the ends for labeling? and if so, what the heck are those things called and where do you get them?

we used them in my old office, but i can't get in touch with anyone there, and my firm is in desperate need of a better system than sharpie-ing names on the accordian ends of the buckets.

any help would be appreciated. my officedepot-fu and even my google-fu appear to be broken this morning....

and portland related because i'm in Portland and i'm desperate.
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Hey PSU kids, I know campus is closed today, but does that mean all the buildings are closed? Particularly Neuberger hall? I have an oral exam to take and I'm supposed to meet teacher in her office, but I don't think she realized that there was no school today. The quicker I don't go to campus, the sooner I can go to the zoo! YAY!


EDIT: so im CLEARLY a psu student, i read tuesday when the email said thursday. thanks for the help though!

Back into the Valley of Apathy

Wow Damn Portlanders... anyone find their parade getting rained on after the victory last week?  The very people I expected to grab onto this message of hope are calling it euphoria.  Yet the bible they thump on people's heads.... says hope is eternal.

 Someone called my work.... the work of a sinner/saint.  That  was gratifying to be undersood.  I don't believe you can't paint the light without painting the dark.  You have to be fearless to face your demons.  I am not interested in being a pretty picture, I am the dress my mother wouldn't wear. 

I am not naive.  I know the world is a rocky place and Obama is not going to be Santa Claus.  But what I do believe?  Is that I would rather face hard times with hope in my heart, values built staunchly on my family and trying to make my neighborhood a better place. I believe our leader could inspire us rather than harden our hearts.

I love Jesus but I don't hate people.  I just can't fall in line with these ideologies that embrace distrust and fear over love and hope.

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Massage Recommendations

Hey kids,

I need a massage badly. I used to go to Tiger Lily Wellness and I believe they've shut down. I would really like to go Thursday. Can you recommend somewhere:

that I could get in on such short notice
that IS GOOD
that is preferably $75 or less for an hour
that is very close-in to downtown or NoPo.


Career Shopping

Dear DP,

Does anyone have any experience/horror stories/glowing reviews relating to OHSU's Accelerated BSN Program? I hear that nursing school in general is not easy stuff, and this crams it into 15 months.

Would they be friendly to folks with a degree from hippie college (Evergreen)? It looks like I'm in for a a year of prerequisites before I even think about it, which I'd just do at PCC. I know I should just go talk to them/do an information interview, but at the moment I'm lazy and they're on a really big hill. Also, personal anecdotes are usually more interesting than admissions reps.

Teas and Herbs

Wondering if anyone here has experience mixing traditional teas with herbals.
Here's what's in my pantry:
Kava Kava (powdered)
Valerian (powdered)
Chinese green
Chinese white
Chinese oolong

I'm wondering ratios, to get a good mix of flavor vs. effect.
It's all high grade stuff I bought in bulk.
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stolen mail :(

I've had a number of packages not arriving at my apartment recently. I think that they are being swiped after they've been delivered. The post office is not exactly being helpful with the recovery of the packages (if the error is on their part). Anyways~ one of my packages was filled with one-of-a-kind garments that I've made. It's very upsetting that all of my hard work is completely gone.. and the items are irreplaceable :(

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So, I was wondering if anyone has seen any of these things around town?
If you could give me a heads up that would be great.
Thanks in advance!!
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Does anyone in this community have access to The New England Journal of Medicine?

I am trying to read the full text of an article for some research and I don't have $50 lying around for it.

This is really important to me personally, but also entirely significant to a class project.

1.20 boys don't cry

What are you doing for your community?

Have you ever really wanted to get involved, but thought that community events are, well, balls?  There's a new party to introduce people into community organizing 2.0.: take a look.  It is this Thursday at Ohm. I'll be there early to meet people and to see the place (I've not been to Ohm in years).  This isn't canvassing or any of that... it is simply getting to know your neighbors and neighborhoods and figuring out how to make the world a slightly better place...  Bands, Hammy's, and sustainably-focused people/businesses.  Sounds like a good time to me.

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(no subject)

I'm looking into buying a new turntable, and have been consistently frustrated with what the internets have to offer in terms of consumer reviews. I'm looking for something under two hundred dollars, and where you can hear every one of those dollars in action when you play a record. (The one I have now cost about a hundred and sounds like twenty.) Recommendations?

Where to wed?

I'm getting married this July and we need to think of a good place to hold the ceremony and reception. We wanted to have it at a McMenamin's (Grand Lodge or Edgefield) but they are booked up on the weekends we want. We also want the following things:

-Outdoor ceremony, indoor reception.
-Not a church or chapel.
-Holds 120-140 people.
-Chairs, catering, booze, quirkiness a plus.

Are any of you aware of such a place?

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To the creepy dude who thought it was necessary to try to grope me while I was waiting for MAX:

edited: not to keep you from snarking, but as to not offend. snark away if that's what your little heart desires

try it again and I promise you will end up in the ER needing a testicle retrevial operation.

that is all.
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Metal/Wire tree

Oh wise ones:

I have a need for a wire/metal tree like the pictures below. I see many as store displays and plan to ask for them post-season but where can I buy them right now? I'd prefer at least 2 feet tall but I'm willing to settle for less if I need to.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Thanks so much!


Hey Damn Portlanders,

I just graduated from college, and am looking for a tabletop rpg group. I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this (I also posted in pdx_geek), but if there is anyone out there looking for a player (or two, one of my friends is in the same boat), I would be down, from DnD to nWOD to whatever cool, obscure indie game you just picked up, though we aren't really interested in LARPing.

Anyhoo, if your looking for players or open to adding more, totally respond. If you know someone who might be or have a good idea of a better place for me to look, feel free to post that too.


Burberrys umbrella

I was given a Burberrys umbrella.

(I know it is called Burberry now, but this is from before they changed the name in the 90's.)

It is brand new, has the tag still on it, and totally legitimate. It was originally bought at a Burberrys store in  the 1980's for $65 (even the price tag is still attached). It looks exactly like this one:

New similar Burberry umbrellas are going for about $275 these days.

How much should I expect to sell this for? Where should I go to sell something like this? Would it do well on Craigslist? Is there a local vintage store I can take it to? Anyone interested?


I just received an email coupon for a $35, one hour massage at any Dosha or Salon In Vogue location. Although I normally don't spend money on this sort of thing, I've been so stressed out with school and work lately that I would pay someone to just let me take a hot shower, let alone massage me.
Basically, I am wondering if $35 is a good deal for a one hour massage. Has anyone else used this offer, or gone to Dosha? $35 is still a lot of money to me, even for something that seems like a great deal. Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheaper place, or one of equal price that deserves the money more than Douche-a? (Not nicknamed that because of the people, just the company in general).
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LGTB Rights Rally.

I don't know if this was posted, but it was in the community Lesbian, so I figured I should share here. On the site you can look up Oregon and find the Rally in or near your area.

- Portland at (PSU)
- Medford
- Eugene
- Corvallis

So far are all signed up.

Here's the website:

And for anyone else that doesn't live in Arizona, here's the website for you:

Go there and join the fight for LGTB rights in your area!

Thanks for taking the time to read, and if you show up thanks even more.

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