November 10th, 2008


VHS Copy

Fellow damnportlanders,

I am wondering where I could get a VHS tape copied to another VHS tape or at best where I could get a VHS tape transferred to a DVD. Would anyone also know how much something like this would cost? I'm sure I could google and get a result, but I am interested in personal recommendations from anyone that has had this done. Thanks in advance.

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Does anybody here work for or have any information about Ethics Point in Beaverton? There's been repeated posting for a position over the last few months - obviously, I'm a bit skeptical about the turnover rate if the post appears so frequently. The job looks good on paper, just wondering what type of work environment it is, ect. Things the shiny website and interviewer won't divulge.

Push Button For POPSICLES

Everyone loves chicks on skates!

Posted on behalf of my good friend Ashley:

The Northwest Knockdown is the the 2008 Women's Flat Track Derby Association Championship Tournament, co-hosted by Rose City Rollers and Rat City Rollergirls at the Portland Expo Center November 14-16. It will feature the top eight roller derby teams in the country duking it out for the national title. The Rose City and Rat City are proud to announce that the tournament will be infused with all of the rough-and-tumble beauty of our two cities and our region. We are also thrilled to unveil the Northwest Knockdown logo: a gorgeous, skate-clad lumberlady, drawn by amazing Seattle artist Krysztof Nemeth (who has also drawn several of our more popular bout posters). The tournament features amazing roller derby athleticism, a rich assortment of vendors and other entertainment. We are also throwing several large, badass, city-wide parties in the evenings after the tournament to celebrate the event featuring the Knockdown Party Bus Tour on Friday and Saturday night, and a walking tour on Sunday afternoon. In addition, we will have a Saturday afternoon scrimmage for non-bouting skaters and referees from all skill levels, from all across the country.

We are trying to secure some furniture for this event. If you have any furniture you've been dying to get rid of, here's what we need:

VIP lounge/media room - Couches, high-top tables. Any random or funky furniture you've got.
Referee area- 2 or 3 big comfy couches
Announcer table - 4 or 5 chairs. Nothing fancy, comfortable desk chairs will do.

Rose City Rollers is a nonprofit, which means all donations can be claimed on your taxes. Isn't that exciting? We will even arrange for pick up. For more information on the event itself, visit or

Please contact me at shovemetender(a) regarding donations.


Shove Me Tender
Breakneck Betties - Rose City Rollers

Swing Dancing (Lindy Hop)

Hey DP,

Anyone here swing dance? Specifically, does anyone Lindy?

ICGATM and found and, so I know that there is plenty of opportunities to Lindy (not quite as many as Seattle, but pretty close)... I'm just wondering if anyone actually does. Can anyone attest to the attendence at Stumptown dances? And what the general dancing level is (beginners, masters, mix, just plain scary)? Which nights are worth rolling out to (or dressing up for)?

I'll be in the area around Thanksgiving and I've got a bad case of the jitterbug, leaving me with the need to dance pretty much every night. Any info would be helpful so I can guage if I want to go out at all and if so, what nights.


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I've decided to buy Fallout 3. Heard too much good about it.

I need help:

360 or PC (and not PS3. I wouldn't buy one were I a billionaire.)

Pros/Cons? What say you F:3 players?

EDIT: I'm going with PC. Watching gameplay I can't imagine playing this with a controller effectively.
  • kengwen

Oregon Green Solutions

Anyone have any experience with Oregon Green Solutions they'd like to share, either positive or negative?  I got in the mail today a letter from them offering "free duct and air sealing" three days this week, and my first instinct is that it's some kind of scam, but they do say they cost is offset in part by "Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives" ... I guess my thought is, it's a silly offer to turn down if it's legitimate, but I'd rather not set myself up for a three-hour power sell for something I don't want/don't need/know is terribly overpriced.  (Looked on Angie's list too - not listed.)

If You Are Near a TV at 9PM Tonight...

Watch OPB at 9PM. My sweet boyfriend will be spewing all his knowledge about Gorge photography, in OREGON EXPERIENCE: The River They Saw. Yay! Go Tom Robinson!

Also here's a shoutout to Terry Toedmeyer, our pal and the curator for the Portland Art Museum, who is all over this show like green on grass. Go Toady!!!

For those of you that got your pet from a shelter...

How long did it take you to find the perfect pet? I've been looking for some time (4 months at least) at several different shelters, and I'm looking for a medium sized dog that gets along with other pets (cats & dogs), can ride in the car, and is or can be crate trained.

I guess it's good that I'm so picky, as I want this to last for forever.

Dry cleaning in SE?

I searched through the community and only found 1 entry about dry cleaning, and the only response was a place in SW. So forgive me if there were other posts that didn't pop up in my search.


Does anyone know of any good (and cheap) dry cleaning places in the SE? Bonus points for being close to Reed College!

Many thanks in advance! :P


Who has a paid day off and getting all Ferris Bueller about it?
I'm totally going to NW PDX later and getting shrimp ramen at Mio Sushi.
Then I might...totally walk around NW like I just don't care. Might even put my hands in the air, temporarily.
Nothing can stop this crazy train.
What are you guys doing?