November 9th, 2008


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So there are like 6 police cruisers right outside my window, and i straight up watched 3 of them throw this little drunk skank who doesn't weigh more than 110 pounds into a parking-ticket dispenser.


Does this happen all the time

EDIT: I think the girl who got attack is getting arrested too and her car towed. she's either underage or over the limit....oh she just threw up....over the limit i'll guess

Oh lookie a fire truck just showed up

I personally think all these girls need to do community service to work off how much money their little altercation just costs the city (and by the city, i mean has to work at 830 am but these bitch are still throwing a fit outside)
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I haven't seen anyone post about Wordstock, maybe I just missed it... in any case, come down and check it out. A guy in a bear suit was helping promote the book "Eaten by a Bear".

Also, Jesse Reklaw, Graham Annable, Jamie Rich, Joelle Jones, Carolyn Main and I are part of an art show at the Fuzzy Glamour Gallery. that's part of the Wordstock fest. Come check it out.
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Fallout 3 (PS3)

I'm selling my copy of Fallout 3 (Ps3) for $50. I think I've taken it out of my ps3 less than 15 times total and the cd has no scratches.  I also posted this on Craigslist so there might be a little competition for those interested.
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"D" is for Dirty...

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When you own a home that is moderately showing its age...pre-Depression to be exact, I'm sure it has some character; a few stories that it could share, some hidden history...

So (as the article goes to show), when you're ripping your house apart, or even just remodeling a room, and you find a bunch of money stuffed into the bathroom wall...

SHUT UP ABOUT IT...and head directly to a private dealer, sell it, and make a huge profit.

DON'T blather on about it.

Some people have no common sense...

or maybe I'm just slightly askewed because I sure wouldn't say anything.

XBOX Live people in PDX?

I just bought an XBOX 360 and signed up for XBOX Live and now I am kind of clueless as to what I can do with it and how to find people to play with.

Do any of you have XBOX Live?

The only games I have right now are Rock Band 1 and 2, and Gears of War 2, but I would like to find some people to play with on there.

Has anyone been to Rock Band night at Ground Kontrol? Is it fun? I am kind of addicted to this game and I think it would be more fun playing with other people.

Is there somewhere on XBOX Live where I can search for other PDXers to play with?

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I am a damn fiend for brass bands, jazz, and all manner of jazz-funk fusion. Is there any place in this fair city where one might regularly experience such joy? Any venues that routinely bring in artists that fit within the previous descriptions? I went to the Galactic show last night (for the umpteenth time) and danced my little heart out. It reminded me of how there's no music I'd rather dance to than funky jazz with epic brass instrument involvement.

Please and thank you.
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All hail our Iris overlords

So my backyard had three groups of irises and those groups were taking over big time.  (There were even some that were a good 3 inches away from the dirt, on the cement.)  So I got inspired this weekend and while my husband cleaned gutters I dug up irises.  I now have two LARGE piles of them on my porch.  I plan on replanting a few of them but not all.  Anyone want some of them?   

I live in the Kenton area of North Portland.
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Trying to sell used VHS

Hey DP,

My roommate recently moved out and left about a hundred and fifty used VHS tapes that I don't want. I'm trying to find a store that will buy them. I don't care if it's only like a dollar a tape,  I just really don't have room for them. Please help DP!
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In Honor of Obama, Free Civil Rights Movie Tomorrow Night

November 10, at 8PM, join us for Monday Movies. We will be showing a twice Emmy-nominated film by the ABC network, Walk in My Shoes (1961, ABC, Bell & Howell Close Up Series), an intense look at the frustrations of Black Americans with the lack of progress in civil rights.


If you can’t make it, don’t forget to watch the premiere of OPB’s OREGON EXPERIENCE: The River They Saw, featuring the Monday Movie king himself, Thomas Robinson, Monday night at 9PM. The program chronicles the history of Gorge photography with rarely seen images crafted by Carleton Watkins, Sarah Ladd, Benjamin Gifford, Al Monner and many others.  We will be missing it to show Monday Movies, sadly.


Monday Movies' new location is Old Tow Pizza’s Vanport location, 5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center),, 503.200.5988. We will be showing movies upstairs in the loft. After 9PM there are cheap slices and $2 well drinks!!! All ages and always free. Take the #6 or 72 bus, lots of free parking for your bicycle or automobile.


We also have a complete schedule up for the months of November and December at

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low cost urgent care

My fiance is currently uninsured. He has a preexisting condition that may require some medical examination. He's really reluctant to get it looked at b/c of the cost.

Also, are there any places in PDX that might be better to go to than others for uninsured people urgent care? I know that there are places like Outside In for some services.