November 8th, 2008

It's a new day

When I climb down the mountain
And get back to my life
I won't settle for ordinary things

This has been an amazing week.  Listening to the voices of poets, writers, artists and musicians, I find my soul.  It is hard to step down from history back into the ordinary. But I am excited to assimilate this sense of hope into my art.  I started a painting of a lonely bridge encompassed by ominious industry yet the man headed off into the distance is kicking up his heels and his long black coat flaps into the wind.  

Time for some of our shadows to lift.

Delightfully huge kitty needs a home

We have Chester back (see the photo under the cut). He was my first charity stray kitty. He was a skin & bones stray slinking around outside the apartment. We brought him in and cleaned him up and found him a home. Unfortunately, that home discovered over the course of the past three years that allergies are intense and a crazy traveling work schedule meant they didn't feel capable of keeping the cat.

+ He's probably about 4.5 years old.
+ He is neutered
+ He combo-tested FELV/FIV negative, and a basic pre-op blood screen came up normal.
+ He has been fecal tested (negative for parasites) and has been de-wormed for whatever wasn't seen on the float.
+ He has been treated with Advantage and will come with a one-year PureVax rabies vaccine, rabies certificate, rabies tag, and 2 year FVRCP vaccine (next FVRCP will be good for 3 years). + I did not give him an FELV vaccine because he will only be going to a home that will keep him INDOORS ONLY!
+ He's microchipped with a HomeAgain Microchip, and I'd have that transferred to his new owners.

He's one of the friendliest and most easy-going cats I have met in quite a while. While he has not interacted with a dog at length, he was introduced to an easy-going, cat-friendly dog and showed no signs of fear or aggression towards it. He really didn't even care it was there. He's fine around our cats, but they are not fine around him. He hasn't paid much attention to the kittens.

He's currently eating Wellness kibble and doing great. He's packed on some pounds while at the home, so now he's on a diet and having his kibble strictly measured out. He's a huge kitty. When we found him and he was bony, he was still nearly 13lbs, and now I'd put him at probably nearly 17-18lbs. Healthy range for him would probably be near 13.5-14lbs max.

If you're interested, leave me your email address and I'll give you my phone number so that we can chat.

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Bigfoot Sighting!

If you're in the vicinity of NW Broadway and Flanders check out the Bigfoot, Yeti & Skunk Ape in the window display on Broadway. Or check them out virtually on our website at

We need all the orders we can get, and if you place your order soon you'll be guaranteed to have a mysterious beastie in time for holiday gift giving! Help support local crafty goodness, we thank-you!
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Portland Slum Lords

You might recall my earlier post about our landlord not paying our trash bill, even though we've been paying rent on time. She's still incommunicado (if in fact she ever existed – we've never actually met or talked to her) and our trash still isn't being picked up. The city even came and took our trash cans. For lack of any other sanitary option, we've been putting our trash in the dumpster of the apartment building next door.

But that's not the worst of it. We got a letter addressed to "resident" saying no mortgage payments have been made since May and the property is being foreclosed on. It's going to auction in March.

We're concerned about getting our deposits back, since for all we know, the owner is back in Jamaica or wherever the heck her weird name came from. My plan is that we'll just stop paying rent until the bank kicks us out. That should just about make up for all the bullshit. What do you think?

I'll miss this place, though. The house is falling apart, but the yard is great and I love the location. :(
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Sick cat.

I know I see posts like this sometimes, but I've checked tags and scrolled back a bit to research.

My cat is sick. I've been looking online for good vet clinics, read some reviews, but I don't know where the best place to take her is.
I used to work at a vet clinic, and I know how they operate so I'm not taking her there. One of my roommates works for Dove Lewis which is the last place I took my cat to, but I need to get her a regular vet.
What are the opinions out there for awesome vet clinics in Portland? I'm not opposed to traveling a little for good service, but I'm in innner-southeast- just for point of reference.
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Pet-Friendly Homeless Shelters?

Today, I met a woman at a bus stop who was in a really rough place: she's homeless and can't find a shelter that'll let her stay with her cat. It's more important to her to stay with the cat than to get inside--she's got some pretty serious mental health problems, and it's functionally a therapy animal, but because she doesn't have the official paperwork saying so, no dice. The cat itself is super sweet and obviously well cared for.

I'm bringing her some blankets and cat food tomorrow, and I figured that in the meantime, since I have access to the internets and a phone, I can hunt around for potentially useful resources. I've tried the PWCL, who thought Transition Projects or JOIN might be worth a shot; any other ideas?

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