November 7th, 2008

Soul Mining

[BST]: First Thursday-inspired Haiku Collection!

In honor of this year's Wordstock Festival, which is taking place this weekend, here is a collection of dorky haikus which I jotted down last night, after being inspired by the art and culture of First Thursday art walk. For some strange reason, I had a creative hair up my backside.

I was definitely glad that I had the opportunity to see the art at the Wordstock exhibit last night. While the real wordsmiths and professional artists are on display during this weekend, the damnportlanders community gets demented poetry from an insolent hack like myself....

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Repo: A Genetic Opera

Does anybody have a spare ticket for this, or know where one could be obtained? The show is at the Clinton on Monday 11/10. I'd love to get a ticket for my husband, who wants to go very badly.

Please please?
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So, I know Halloween is over and done with, but I still need help finding some costume pieces. The Clinton Street Cabaret (which I am part of) is having it's annual Switch Night with the theme of 80's. I am playing the part of Rocky (where as I am usually a lighting technician) and I have decided to go as Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?!

I've looked all over the internets and most costume places have dresses that look HORRIBLE and are cheap and probably don't really look like the picture on the website at all. I do not want this, obviously. I know Portland has a lot of costume shops that cater to looking as close to movie accurate as possible, or at least places that sell costumes that don't fall apart halfway through wearing them... I just don't know where they are and would really appreciate some DamnPortlander anecdata so as to ascertain which store(s) would best fit my needs.


ETA: I found a place, but would appreciate any other suggestions in case I go to said place and they are made of fail.

Frank Navetta?

I was just perusing old punk bands I used to like, and stumbled upon some info on one of my favorite American punk bands. On Wikipedia it says Frank Navetta, founding member of the Descendants, had quit the band and moved to Oregon to be a commercial fisherman. And, he just passed away this Halloween. Anyone here know of him, heard of this or even remember The Descendants?
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No namby-pamby massages!

We're finally departing for our Portland move this Sunday. I have a bad back, so I already know four days of driving is going to make me feel miserable by the time I get there. Since our internet won't be connected yet, I wanted to go ahead and ask: Where can I go to get a nice, firm massage? The Swedish-style massages I've gotten don't usually do it for me because they're too gentle and while they feel nice while I'm getting one, I still feel just as bad afterward.

So, if anyone could recommend an excellent deep-tissue massage (or a good hot stone one, or even better - a combo), it would be much appreciated. I'll be living in SE Portland, but I'm happy to go elsewhere for something amazing.
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Hair Stylist Recommendations

I posted earlier about looking for hair salon/stylist recommendations and inquiring about where I could learn Finnish. I got a lot of helpful responses to the Finnish question (thank you!), I think I only got one hit on the hair question, so I'm gonna give it another try:

I just moved to inner SE about 6 months ago and I'm looking for a new hairstylist/hairdresser. My hairstyle is pretty simple, with long layers and bangs. The hair on top of my head is a little thin from a medication I was on as a child, so the long layers and bangs make it look fuller. It seems simple but even another stylist from my old salon (in the town I used to live) didn't really do it very well when I couldn't see my normal stylist. I'm also growing out my hair, so all that would be taken off would be the dead and split ends.

Also, it would be great if I could get an eyebrow wax at the same place. I like the shape of my eyebrows, but they need a bit of neatening up and thinning out.

I'm in inner SE but I am willing to travel as long as it's Trimet accessible.


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Saaaaaaaad :(


I lost my wallet. I think I lost it while riding my bike up 7th near Fremont in NE around 8:30PM yesterday. I looked all up and down the course I road last night and couldn't find it, so I think someone picked it up.

If they did, they didn't successfully use it before I called my bank just now.

Anyway, I really LIKE that wallet and I surely don't have the money to get a new ID, or a new wallet.

So please, if you found it, help me out by returning it. The next time I get some money, I promise to buy you a really big burrito.


Edit: NE'ERMIND! Through the magix that is MahSpace! a woman has contacted me about finding it two blocks from my house.

And yay.
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Free fun family-friendly Siren Nation workshops! (mmm, tasty alliteration)

Are your kids are getting cranky after spending every rainy weekend indoors? Are you getting cranky? Come visit In Other Words bookstore (8 NE Killingsworth St.) for some awesome, free family-friendly workshops tomorrow, from 1-5! The workshops vary from zine-making to urban cycling and a panel of folks from the ever-rad Village Free School chatting about unschooling. Everyone participating is super fantastic and we'd love to see you!

Here's a more detailed schedule:
Saturday, November 8th -- In Other Words bookstore -- FREE!
Session 1 - 1:15 – 2:45 – Zines 101
Session 2 - 3:00 – 4:00 – What is Freeschooling?
Session 3 - 4:15 – 5:00 – Urban Cycling: How to Ride the Road & Feel Good Doing It.
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So I was thinking of doing something to accelerate in life education wise. Are there any places that offer weekend programs (not PCC or PSU) in something medical? I am looking for something that I can do in 1-2 years. It has to be weekends thought because I have to keep my job to pay for whatever I do.

Medical Assisting, Radiology, Practical Nursing ... Input would be awesome! Colleges, programs. Anything would be wonderful!
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(no subject)

i was watching the news and they said there is a libido patch for post-menopausal women now. its testosterone mostly apparently. the first side effect they talk about i found funny, unwanted hair. its like ok youre gonna want it but you may have a harder time getting it.

the second side effect they talked about was less funny. increased risk of breast cancer. thats not funny. is it really worth it? what do you guys think of this?

Poetry/Spoken Word

I missed yesterday's Wordstock poetry slam at the Baghdad, which is particularly tragic because I've been wanting to either watch some spoken word or go to a poetry slam for so, so, so long and it's one of the biggest things I miss about Boston and California.

So. You guys know of any place that does poetry slams or spoken word or anything similar around Portland? Preferably SE, but really, anywhere, anywhere at all.
RP and AK

Kevin Robinson

Anybody ever hear of a guitar playing musician named Kevin Robinson? I've been looking for info but can't find anything so far.
I bought his cd from him while he was playing guitar and singing near the Leidsesplein in Amsterdam about 2 years ago. I talked to him a bit and he grew up in California, lived in Santa Cruz and Portland at different points and was living in Amsterdam at the time. His sound is very Tommy Bolin/Jimmy Hendrix and I'd love to find more of his music but am having no luck.

Wow, talk about Friday Night No Life if I'm sitting here searching for this info...

*edit: thank you 13skeletoras for pointing me to his myspace page 2 minutes after posting
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