November 6th, 2008

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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Walking under a panaroma of grapefruit-colored leaves in the PSU Park Blocks downtown.

2. Random kindness of strangers, such as when a formally-dressed businessman went out of his way to hold the door for a casually-dressed, hoodie-clad, and preoccupied self, at an office building downtown.

3. Caring and thoughtful LJ friends (whom I've met through DP) who look after my well-being.

4. Meeting more awesome DP folks for the first time at social gatherings.

5. Realizing that a friendly smile can overcome language barriers (thanks to public transit for helping me realize that notion).

6. Watching the leaves on the trees outside my window gradually evolve from green to yellow to auburn; followed by an elegant detachment from the trees.

7. Participating in my first-ever election in the past week.

8. The sounds of fireworks and car horns in inner Southeast Portland last Tuesday evening.

9. Being elated that the President-elect is someone who inspires message of hope, and strives for inclusiveness among people (which is something that I want to practice each and every day)!

OK, I need HALP

The ethernet connector on my laptop has gone bad. Where do I get it replaced for cheap? Like how much does it cost? Meanwhile. . . . .outer SE free Wifi spots. . . where are those? I can't spend every night at the Slingshot Lounge, as much as I love it, my liver says "nope".

and yes, as dumb as I am about these thing, I DID try a new ethernet cable. . . . it's the connector, I promise.
I have a Dream

Sweet Favor

I have two little girls who have never seen, smelt, felt, walked in, or jumped in autumn leaves.

Will you send them some?

If you want, I'll send you something back beachy.  If you want, I can also pay shipping via paypal.  Or if you want, you can just send them.  I hope to get some big bags to take my my girls' school so they cam all play with them at recess.  Isn't that a good idea?  

I miss the fall!

And to show that I'm doing good things to, today I joined the sea turtle conservancy here on the island.  Right now just data entry and autopsies, but later, we'll look for nests, incubate the eggs, and let them go after they hatch,.  Last year they let 10,000 paddle their way to teh sea from Texas alone!

If you want to, please send the leaves to:

Susan Swan
15110 Leeward Dr. #402
Corpus Christi, TX  78418
I Don't Like Change

Finding Home

Fellow DPers,

I feel like a dork posting this because maybe I should know better, but...

Any advice on finding a one bedroom or studio apartment in the SE? Craigslist seems like a crapshoot and property management companies can't surely own everything. So how did you find your place, randomly walking around calling apartments? I love my housemates but 3am antics are just too much. Thanks.

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for living at  this point in history.  I'm really thankful for a new direction in my art.  Aferr Bush won the election four years ago,  I painted images of war and hunger.  But hope?  Now that is something different.  I can't fathom  how good it will be to work from a place of love and not fear in this culture. 


Did anyone elses internet go away last night around midnight than reappear in the wee morning hours with a brand new outbound IP address?
I have had the same IP address for a year now, I wonder why it changed
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Village Free School Open House SATURDAY nov 8 10-1

*this is a great time to visit our school even if you are kidless, and just want to see what we're about.  We also have volunteer opportunities for mentoring, teaching something you love, office work, special projects, and lots of other stuff.  :)

Village Free School Open House! Sat, Nov 8, 10-1

Who We Are:
The Village Free School is a non-profit school for children ages 5-18.  The students at our school choose what they want to learn and how they want to spend their time. 

Our advisors encourage students to ask questions, explore, and play as we nurture their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical health.  We know that when kids learn the art of problem solving in a holistic way, their skills can be applied to any subject. 

We honor the primary attachments of youth with their families and value the dignity and worth of students, staff, families, and volunteers alike. We use collaborative problem solving models. There are no letter grades at our school (unless kids want them), we believe people can assess how well they are doing at something through conversation, and without a letter assigned to their worth. Classes are not segregated by age- mixed age groups of children learn from and teach each other.

Village Free School offers rolling admission-you can start any time. Don’t wait until next year if your child’s school situation is causing stress for your family. Often, smart and creative kids struggle in classrooms where they don’t get to learn about the things that interest them most. Parents sometimes push kids to fit the mold. We say “break the mold.” We help kids to discover who they are when nobody is telling them who to be, and kids learn about what guides their natural curiosity.

We offer a Friday program for homeschoolers/unschoolers.

8660 SE Foster Road Portland Oregon 97266 503-788-3935

Schedule of events:

10:00am Coffee, Tea, Juice, Chatting and looking around
10:20am Welcome! and Open House Morning Meeting
11:00am Student and Parent Panel
11:45am Find the Staff - a Scavenger Hunt
12:15pm Q and A with Scott, Exec Director
12:45pm Everybody loves cleanup time

I am a parent of a kid at this school.  I pulled my 12yo  kid out of a public school in Portland where he was unhappy and barely passing, after spending 6 months trying ten different ways to get him to "make the grade"  That was 3 years ago, and I enrolled him at VFS.  Now he is participating in NaNoWriMo (40 pages so far), taking college classes for fun in his free time (and getting A's), getting one-on-one support with his math work, doing debate club and lots of other cool things.  If you wanna ask me anything about the school, feel free to email me or post here.  Hope some of you will come out for open house.


My letter to Payless

Hey diffuseI took your advice & sent my letter to Payless

Their response:Dear _______,

Thank you for contacting Payless ShoeSource.
Thank you for making us aware of your experience with our store. I will forward your comments to the Operations Executive for this store for follow up.

I would also like to send you a letter of apology from our Corporate Office. Please "reply with history" and include your last name and mailing address.

Thank you for your time.
Payless ShoeSource Customer Support Center
*number deleted*

Ha! I didn't think they'd even respond.
Larch Mount
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To the Ladies

This is a questionnaire of sorts. If you were planning to move in with a boyfriend / SO / Etc, who could fully support you if needed and you were unemployed and looking for work at the time, if he sent you the following email how would you respond?


While I encourage the idea of you wanting a part time job, I do not want you to work evenings or week-ends. I consider evenings and week-ends my time with you, and so any job you take would have to be during the day, and I would expect you to tell your boss that other times are simply unavailable, and that you would quit before you worked hours in those times. The latest I would want you working is 4PM. What are your thoughts on this?

amuse me.

Work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching.

I want to stab my eyeballs out with a pencil when I see that crappy quote, which is usually on a faux-marble slab on someones mantle.

What is your most hated trite quote? 



In light of the amazing Wordstock Festival this weekend I just want to let you all know that the community portland_poets is up and running again after a year of silence. It is a little dusty still, but I am trying to make it is a place to go for anything Portland and poetry related. Please feel free to add it and post events, poetry, and everything else literary. Snarkers, start your engines.

Moderators: If this is not allowed please delete.

I just had to share.

I live in a big apartment complex in SE, and since I randomly had the day off of work I decided to do some laundry. My apartment is pretty close to the laundry room, but I have to go through a few doors to get there, including one which you need a pass key for.

I was walking over, my pass key in my pocket and I was planning on doing the butt-bump to get the first door open, and then switch my laundry to one hip while I use the pass key on the second door, and then another butt-bump. No biggie, I do it every time. Then I hear a small stampede behind me and a young girl, maybe 10ish, runs by. She's followed by another young girl, maybe 8ish. I kind of move over to let them by, cause I don't want to get run over.

They barrel through the first door and the older girl had a pass key which she tossed it to the younger girl so she could open the second door. But the older girl waited a good 10-15 seconds for me to reach the first door and she held it open for me. I smiled and thanked her, and saw that the younger girl was waiting and holding the second door open for me. I smiled again and thanked her too.

And then to my genuine surprise, the older girl ran past me, to the laundry room door and opened that for me as well. I thanked her a second time and they ran off to wherever they were going, because they weren't going to the laundry room.

I've seen so many kids nowadays that are just spoiled little terrors and this honestly made my day. I was so elated to see that there are actually some kids out there with manners and consideration and would go out of their way to do something simple and nice for a stranger.

Anyway, that's my story. Just wanted to share the warm and fuzzy feeling. :)


My dishwasher has stopped draining correctly.

The water collects at the bottom--never overflows, but just doesn't drain all the way like it should/used to. The water smells really bad. I assumed it was just plugged up somewhere down I took pieces out and fished around and I took some food-stuffs out (dumb room-mates and such) ...but to no avail. Repairmain are crazy expensive. But I really need this thing fixed. Ideas? Affordable repair people? Any of you happen to be dishwasher fixers? Let me know!


So I've been pondering this for a while and I'm somewhat interested in hearing what other people have to say-I thought it might make an interesting topic, plus I'm curious like this.

So, DP'ers, for those of you out there in 'the working world' what do you do for a living?

Like it? Hate it? What's a typical day like in the life of your job? And how did you get into it?
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(no subject)

Hey DP! I'm going to be moving to Portland from Michigan next month, and I've currently got an Alltel cell phone. Does Alltel have decent--or any--coverage out there? My contract expires in December so I'm not too fussed if I have to switch. What cell companies would you recommend if Alltel's a bust?
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Recommended Kennels?

A relative is going out of town next week and needs kennel recommendations for her two mini dachshunds. Obviously, we are looking for places with the highest standard of care, that you have personal experience with.

Thanks in advance!


Okay so the bf wants to go out to dinner but I'm tired of thinking(just off work from hotel front desk it's horrible).

I live in NE and I was wondering where are your favorite joints to grab din din? Not too expensive. This is more of a frumpy tasty dinner night, not the dress up and have appetizers and drinks night.
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Our fight for change continues!

Today I saw that Barack Obama had set up a website at . The site says,

“The story of this campaign is your story. It is about the great things we can do when we come together around a common purpose.

  We want to hear your inspiring stories from the campaign and Election Day.”

 This election inspired a nation to stand up and vote for change and hope. The results put Barack Obama in the White House and yet excluded lesbians, gays and transsexuals from equal protection under the law.  The anti gay marriage measure, Proposition 8, was an illegal constitutional revision designed to fundamentally alter the guarantee of equal protection afforded every citizen of this nation. It needs to be challenged! Our voices need to be heard! Barack Obama needs to know that we demand change!

 I urge everyone to go to and tell Barack Obama and Joe Biden that excluding lesbian, gay and transsexual rights is unconstitutional and unfair.

Dear Mr President Elect,

 Your victory was a bitter sweet day for so many lesbians, gays and transsexuals. I am thrilled we finally have a Democrat in the White House and taking the Senate and House was awesome too but I am saddened by the results of Proposition 8 in California and other anti gay marriage measures in other states. You don’t even mention the rights of our community on this new site. Don’t forget the thousands of people in the l/g/b/t community who have supported your call for freedom from republican ideology. Support our right to marry and have equal protection under the law!

Ultimately, America’s answer to the intolerant man is diversity, the very diversity which our heritage of religious freedom has inspired.
—Robert F. Kennedy

Please feel free to distribute!
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(no subject)

so i am wondering if there is a website where i can get free background checks and stuff to see if people are murderers or rapists or have 5 different names. is there a site that doesnt charge for this?
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I like toys

Hey all,

I've on and off contemplated getting a little eee-pc-type netbook for several months, and this widget looks real neat. But I like to play with things before buying them. Can these things be found in retail stores at all so I can fiddle with it before buying or ordering one?


A friend of mine who lives in Washington offered to sell me one of his handguns. What is the proper procedure for transferring ownership of a firearm in Oregon? Has anyone here ever transferred ownership of a firearm across state lines? Also a condition of this deal is that I must take an NRA handgun safety course, which I am eager to do. Recommendations for where to do this? I have seen a few places online but I'm looking for personal recommendations. I have been to shooting ranges before and a lot of them are not particularly... woman-friendly. Or even woman-accepting.

I realize I'll probably get some snark here, but I assure you I'm just as liberal as the rest of you. I just happen to believe that safe and responsible firearm ownership/operation is a-okay.
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OL Geisha

Hama Sushi - NE Portland

I just want to say "omg YUM!" It's on NE 42nd and Sandy, right behind Trader Joe's. There's a parking lot in back. A girlfriend took me out to lunch yesterday and that's where we went. I had searched for "best sushi in Portland" and that's what I found. I am so glad. They get deliveries three times a week and everything is -so- fresh!

First of all, there's a parking lot in back, and a back door that you can use. We actually weren't sure and kind of stepped in with an "is it ok to come in this way?" It doesn't make it very clear, and we were concerned we'd end up in the kitchen or something. But we heard a cheerful "Come on in!" and so we did.

We sat at the sushi bar and ordered drinks (split a bottle of Kirin beer, and also had hot tea that seemed extra delicious for some reason, and water) and a bowl of edamame. I would have liked a bit more salt on the edamame but otherwise it was good. It does say "lightly salted". I put myself into the sushi chef's hands and he made me an array of four pieces of melt in your mouth sushi. Tuna, yellowtail, salmon and I forget what the fourth one was. But all excellent.

My girlfriend doesn't care for sushi, so she ordered teriyaki chicken and tempura. I nibbled. Honestly, we both thought it was the -best- chicken teriyaki we've ever had, and we thought the same of the tempura. She doesn't even like shrimp, and she loved the shrimp tempura. It was -so- tender it also felt like it just melted in our mouths. The tempura batter was very light.

I then asked him to just make whatever he felt like making. He suggested a roll. I told him to go for it, whatever he wants, have fun with it. He chuckled like "ohhh brave girl". He was quite quiet at first, but has a good sense of humor. His name is Shige, if you go there. Molly was our waitress. Very friendly and informative. Excellent service.

The roll was a tuna roll of some sort, but not the standard. It was warm, so it might have been slightly baked.. I can't remember, and I must have looked away. Tuna rolls are not my favorite, and while I would not order that one again, most likely, it was still very good and artfully presented.

I also tried some unagi, tamago(? I think? the egg one, which was presented unlike any I've seen before, and superb), and sea clam. It was all -excellent-. I wasn't paying, so I don't know how much the whole thing was, but the prices are reasonable. Not cheap cheap (cheap cheap sushi is generally not that great) but not expensive at all.

They do have take-out, but if you go there for dinner and eat in, the sushi is 20% off. Oh, and while it's not on the menu, they will make unagi donburi if you ask. Basically they'll make anything that they have the ingredients to make, although some combo items say "no substitutions", but that's ok.

I just wanted to tell y'all about it. Anyone else a fan? :)