November 5th, 2008

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post your favorite face book statuses!

"[name] if John McCain can be so gracious i can try as well. I'm so disappointed in our nation how can people be so dim?"

"[name] says good job on putting the final nail in America's coffin, you fucking liberal dumbfucks who don't even know what you're voting for."

"[name] is SOCIALISMMM YESSSS!!!!!!!! fuckin hippies."

"[name] thinks America just made a really, really big mistake. Enjoy higher taxes, distribution of wealth, FOCA, and socialized medicine."

and apparently, everyone is moving to canada or some foreign country. i am so proud to be an american today.
giovanniforpresident--by me

(parenthetical asides make me look smarter)

My thoughts on the election because I doubt anyone on my journal will actually want to read them:
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Aaaaaand now since I started getting geeky with that second one (and I have an icon of someone who'd be *VERY* interesting on a ballot)--where would your favorite fictional characters stand on the political spectrum? Bear in mind issues in their worlds as well.

Also if someone has any scans of the Calvin and Hobbes strips where Calvin sets it up like his dad is running for office (something his dad knows nothing about, of course), feel free to share. My books are in horrid shape.
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Thought I posted this in DeePee last night (more Obama)

But, I was so jubilant that I didn't notice that it was in DP Parents, instead. Read it and pretend it was last night at about 10. :)


I was my daughter's age, 9, the year Dr. King was shot. I saw Nixon and his cancerous bunch of thieves rise to power and then descend in the flames of Watergate. I watched body-count updates on the nightly news while a hopeless, pointless war raged in Vietnam. I cast my first presidential vote for Jimmy Carter, then went on a presidential losing streak for a decade or so after that. Moon landings. Shuttle explosions. Bay of Pigs. JFK. Whip Inflation Now. It's the Economy, Stupid. W. 9-11.

32 years of being old enough to vote, lots of wars, protests, social shifts, victory, defeat, victories that turned to defeat. Nine presidential elections. Nine times picking between white guys.

This was my favorite vote I've ever cast. I'm the face of the old America -- white, middle-aged. I'm happy that I'm here to watch, incredulous, as the reigns of power are gracefully accepted by someone with a face so much different than mine.

Sleep well. Get to work tomorrow.

Right on.

Barack -n- Roll

I'd have given anything to have been in Portland last night...up here in Idaho the mood, predictably, is gloomy...everyone at work is pissy...i am hiding in my office doing the dance of joy!  we ran outside last night to hoot and holler when they called the election, expecting some sort of craziness to, step-daughter called and held her cell phone up so we could hear the celebrations going on with all of you...

i woke up this morning feeling something unfamiliar...i'm pretty sure it's hope...
No No

I missed it.

So who won the presidential election? I have not heard much about it today.
Happy November 5th! Traditionally Guy Fawkes Day in the UK and her colonies.
Here is a traditional Nov 5th recipe: Groaty Pudding!

(Some call it Groaty Dick. Have you ever had Groaty Dick?)
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Dental Assisting Jobs?

Okay DP, you guys helped me pass my radiology exam by finding me the PERFECT candidate, so I come back to you for help finding work. Does anyone here know a dentist who is looking for a dental assistant who may not have tons of experience, but is an awesome person (which, frankly, I am) who gets along great with patients and co-workers and learns fast on the job? I'm a graduate from Concord's ADA-approved Dental Assisting program, with my EFDA, EFODA, and Sealant Certificate pending (I'll get them in a week or two). I have my Radiology certificate now, so I can take x-rays. I tried Craigslist (and will continue to do so) but everyone there wants 2 years experience (I'm sending them my resume anyways, because you never know), and my school is helping me, but I figure I'd try here too.

I live in Tigard, but I'm willing to travel pretty far for a job, I'm not that attached to my apartment and can move if I have to.

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You know when you go to a party that you're pretty sure is gonna suck? But then you meet someone awesome. And you spend all night talking to them. And this person makes you feel cool and hot at the same time. Laughs at your jokes and totally GETS YOU. Maybe it's a hot girl, or maybe he plays drums and you play guitar, whatever it doesn't matter

But the party has to end,  they have to leave because they have to work early or your ride is bailing or whatever, so you exchange numbers and promise to get together again really soon. And you feel like you're on top of the world. Filled with anxiety and hope all mashed together.

You know when you feel like that?

Like you hope that it wasn't just that one night, at that one party, that you TRULY met someone special that you WILL get together and you WILL start a new friendship. But, you've seen it before.
Your stars only lined up for that one night, one of you loses their phone, or wrote down a wrong number, or something happens and you never speak again.
Opportunity lost. Oh well, there's another party next week.

That's how I feel right now. I think we have an opportunity with this Obama character to REALLY make some good stuff happen. 

I really hope he didn't give us a fake number, and I hope he doesn't lose his phone and I really really really hope he calls back.
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Did you get sick after your flu shot this year?

I always get a flu shot and normally never get sick afterward but this year I got smacked upside the year with a nasty flu or particularly bad headcold (which I know, isn't the "flu")  the day after and had been sick in bed for days with the sore throat, snotty nose, stuffy head etc.  It may have been a coincidence and it won't deter me from getting one next year but it made me curious.

So how many other folk got sick after their flu shot this year?

Book disposal

Where is a good place to get rid of a bunch of books? I already took some to Powell's to trade in but I am still left with a ton. Anyone want some free philosophy and/or computer books?

ETA: Thanks for all the great responses! I knew about Goodwill but I didn't want to see them just piled on random shelves to be sold for .50 each or something.

Flu curiosity

For those of you who decide to get the flu shot every year- why do you do it?

My point of view:
-this shot doesn't guarantee protection from the current strain of the flu
-it desensitizes your immune system so bigger and badder infections can do more harm to you
-it introduces nasty chemicals into your system (while the flu may never actually come around to you)
-by getting the shot you're buying into this culturally created fear of getting sick and therefore putting money in the hands of big drug companies.

I don't get it. Why not try to maintain/increase the strength of your immune system naturally?

Disclaimer: I don't claim to know everything and am just curious of your thoughts compared to mine, and everywhere in between.

Aaaaannnd go

ETA: Thanks for the education, I now realize that I had confused vaccines with antibiotics. And I understand why some of you choose to get vaccinated, especially the vulnerable folks. I don't have kids, don't come in contact with a lot of people, and I'm pretty healthy and young. I've never been knocked out for a week+ by an illness so who knows how/if my opinions will change should that happen.

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Part Time job at my work...


The Community Programs Coordinator is a part-time position responsible for coordinating key community programs, assisting with fundraising initiatives and events. Reporting to the Principal, this person builds parent and volunteer capabilities that benefit and energize the school community, achieve results, and supplement and substitute for paid staff functions.Collapse )

This position is part-time, average of 20 hours/week, with a salary range of $11,520 - $14,400 per year. Flexible schedule is typically 9 am - 1 pm Monday-Friday with some weekend and evening events. This is an eleven-month assignment August-June. PERS is offered after 600 hours of work.

To apply, please send a letter of interest and your resume to with "Community Programs Coordinator" in the subject line.

Application deadline is November 14, 2008.
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so apparently, today is the one day that people decided to actually buy a copy of the boregonian, because i've been to several stores and like 9 of the newspaper boxes and they've all been out. does anyone know where i can find a copy or who keeps a large amount on hand? or if you have a copy and are don with it, can i have it? also, who in SE carries the NY times?

iconic Portland restaurant food?

Hey DP,

What dishes from which restaurants would you think of when you think of "iconic Portland food"?  (So, not just "salmon and hazelnuts" but more specific.)  Right now I'm only thinking Montage mac n cheese and Voodoo donuts.  Maybe Thien Hong calamari, or is that not iconic enough? Got the booze covered, but trying to think of restaurant dishes.

Thanks in advance!


So I know this is a super-long shot

Is there anywhere in Portland that sells Region 2 DVDs? It's not for me, it's for an online friend of mine who lives in Europe. He asked me if I could find a DVD for him that he couldn't find over there, but I highly doubt I'll be able to find it in Region 2 format.

(The DVD in question is called Moonrunners, either that or Moonrunners 1974, I wasn't entirely clear on that)

Content of his character, not the color of his skin

Thank you Obama for teaching me to weep.  For when I wept, I could hear the weeping of the whole world.  The sound is so evocative and sweet. Finally,  I understand the pureness of sorrow.  We cry for justice, we cry for beauty, we cry for truth.  Today I am grateful for tears.

Honestly I did not understand myself.  As I watched him speak, huge silent tears just rolled from my eyes.  I've never felt anything like it.

My son told me what it was.


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well i board a plane tonight to go to portland to sign a lease on my new place and really take in the city.

i have a couple of favors if you DPers would be so kind as to help.
i need to find an assortment of things and would greatly appreciate your seasoned recommendations.

I need a couple of "nice places"/ "main stream places" so i can feel bored and uncomfortable on friday, and ashley can feel at home. preferably some place with whatever is popular now a days in music.

then i need a couple of fun gay friendly places where my friend(who is driving down from Seattle) and i can have fun and meet people------ but not so gay friendly where my very sheltered roomate will feel totally uncomfortable. i am working on breaking her out of being so conservative. but i have known her since i was 5 and so far, no dice. love her anyway.

and one more place. a nice restaurant to take a big wig client. Not too nice. But you know, good food and atmosphere.

thanks all.

Dear TriMet Drivers...

I understand that you have a long day dealing with stupid people.  I get that your job must be boring at times.  I've been there.
But could you please lay off the heavy braking foot?  Perhaps it's funny for you to see your passengers almost fall over every time you stop, or even funnier when you decide to get stuck in your own head and miss a stop.  I guess it can be amusing to watch people squirm.

The only thing is, I'd like to make it to my stop in one piece, without any bruising.  I would prefer to stay on my feet rather than tumbling down the aisle of the bus, taking people with me like a large tumbleweed.  I would like to avoid the motion sickness that inevitably develops after too many sudden starts and stops.

So I just ask that you pay attention and perhaps use a lighter foot on the brake, your passengers would appreciate it, and I'm sure you'd like to avoid cleaning up after I get sick from it all.


Loyal TriMet Passenger
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