November 4th, 2008

Election Coverage

I am lacking cable here at my house, and I very much want to watch the Stewart and Colbert live election special tonight. Does anyone know of any bars or something that will be showing it? failing that, where do you think the best place to watch election coverage will be? I want alcohol nearby in case things go bad.
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Portland's Steel Bridge closed to traffic due to electrical problems

07:30 AM PST on Tuesday, November 4, 2008

By Staff

PORTLAND -- Oregon Department of Transportation reports that the Steel Bridge in downtown Portland is closed to vehicle and Max traffic Tuesday due to an electrical problem.Collapse )
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erection coverage

Today a separate browser window is gonna be open on my desktop, populated with tabs pointed at a bunch of different sites covering progress on the election.

Which sites should those be, deepee?

OH AND PLUS: if you go into (a participating) Starbucks and tell them you voted just ask, free coffee.


I've had a disasterous time trying to navigate around on that NaNo site. So here's what I did:

Under regions I posted a topic for DamnPortlanders on LiveJournal. Of course, no one's responded but it's only been up for a few hours so I'm probably just being impatient. Anyway, if DPers post in this thread, then it will make it easy for everyone to find each other to add as buddies etc.

Plus, I was tossing the idea around of getting a write-in together, DPer style. We could have it at a pub instead of at a coffee shop. It would be nice to sip a beer and nosh some fries instead of the same ol' coffee house faire. If someone else wanted to arrange a regular coffee house write-in, that would be awesome too. I dunno, I thought it might be something cool we could do together instead of meeting-up with complete strangers we don't know. At least we have LJ as a commonality.

If you want to just say hi, post something here:

great sweater repair service in NW

I posted a few months ago asking for recommendations on somewhere to have a sweater darned. No one gave me good answers.

I pass Knit Knot Studio (NW 13th & Glisan) often and noticed a window sign advertising their sweater repair services. I dropped off my sweater with the very helpful store owner. Within a week, I got a phone call saying it was done.

The repair was great - a sizeable hole is barely noticeable, and cost $10. I am very happy, and wanted to spread the word in case someone else has a busted sweater they've been meaning to have repaired.

I feel insulated... or something

Occasionally I see a McCain/Palin sign or bumper sticker. Usually I just write these off as uninformed hardcore right-wingers, (20% still like Bush after all), but a guy at work has an anti-Obama sign "Don't believe the hype" (a y written over the o in "hope") proudly posted in his cubicle. and it just sort of struck me as something different. This guy was unashamedly putting himself out there to people who talked to him every day as a McCain supporter, in the heart of Obama-land. And then it led me to wondering again why anyone would think voting for McCain is a good idea. Have they watched the debates? Have they seen his campaign pitches? Do they truly believe the country did fairly well in the last 8 years? (and why?) Are they bitter partisans who will never vote for a Democrat?

Or do they just believe anything Rush Limbaugh and FoxNews tells them and really think Obama is a Muslim terrorist communist illegal immigrant homosexual (insert every other slur those right-wingers have thrown against him)?

So I ask you, Dee Pee:

If you support Obama, will you please refrain from snarking on the McCain supporters?

If you support McCain, will you kindly tell us why you think McCain is better for this country than Obama?

Maybe it's too much to ask for this thread not to blow up in my face, but at least I tried.
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Digital Cameras for Kids?

Woot! A post about something other than elections. :)

I'm considering a purchase of a digital camera for my son (soon-to-be age 7) sometime after Christmas. He is an avid photographer and is always asking to take pictures (and does a fabulous job) -- which would be fine with our 35mm, but Poppa and Gram wish to see his creations sooner than every two months!

I would like something other than the character-driven "kids cameras" available at ToysRUs etc, but don't know enough about digital technology and specs to make a decision as to what he needs to have (and I'm not willing to spend over $200 for something fancier).

Any ideas of sound brands and specs that I should absolutely not negotiate on? Alongside that, I'd love to support a local business - those recommendations are welcome also!

...and now back to your regular election broadcasting!
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Two posts in one day? WOW!

As the proud new owner of a MacBook - I come to you, oh mighty DP Mac users.

I grew up using an Apple computer - back from the days of Apple IIe. When I went off to college I became a traitor to the dark side of PC users and just yesterday came back into the Macintosh fold.

As I'm relearning the ease and finding all the fun you can do with the trackpad for example, I'm wondering what other neat tricks I'm missing out on?

What have you found to be some essentials in your daily laptop use? (The trackpad IS still hard to get used to) Any software programs you can't live without? I'm already slated to purchase Parallels (although I've heard Fusion is better) and Windows so I can retrieve all of my old PC work -- and I have iWorks -- anything else I'm missing out on?

Back to playing! :-)
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Judgement Call

Ok, I'm going to present a true scenario that happened to my friend yesterday. I'd like your thoughts, opinions, general discussion. Just curious about different reactions.

Physical Description of Friend: White female, 25 (looks a little younger). Petite and perhaps 15-20 lbs overweight. She keeps her brown hair in a simple bob, wears little to no makeup or jewelry. She is wearing a simple top, black skirt to the knees, black tights and black mid-calf boots.

She is seeing a new doctor because she is concerned about her weight. She's been doing an exercise boot camp for a few months but is still having trouble, so she's concerned there could be a more serious issue. This is her first time seeing this particular doctor. She tells him her concerns and he says to her:

"Well, basically you need to stop partying, drinking and sleeping around...exercise and eat 1100 calories a day. It's called willpower. Get some. Oh and you may want to include some more religious activity in your life".

The interesting part about this is that she is married to her high school sweetheart and they both just graduated from seminary. She is a full time pastor. She was so shocked at what he said she actually just walked out. Then she wondered exactly what he based his assumptions on...and the only thing she could think of was the way she was dressed...which was pretty conservative.

So...discuss....because I need a distraction from the 3 foot high pile of work I'm ignoring.

ETA: Sorry guys, I forgot to mention this didn't happen in Portland. DP is just a way better community than Atlanta.
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Help me complete my ballot, oh wise Portlanders!

The comprehensive voters' pamphlet contains citizen-submitted arguments for and against the various ballot measures. There are ten arguments in favor of 26-95 (the one about PCC issuing $374 million in bonds) and only one against, and the one against is a really stupid paranoid spazzfest about those damn illegal Mexicans.

Who selected the arguments to be printed? Are there really no cogent arguments against 26-95?

My take on it is that I strongly support community colleges in principle, but I've never attended PCC or even visited it, so I don't know if it's one of the good ones or one of the shitty ones. I'm leaning toward not voting on this measure at all, since I don't feel like I have an informed opinion.

Edit: I voted for it!

More election stuff!

Here's one more option for a place to hang out and watch the election.
Down at the Boiler Room (NW 3rd and Davis) we will be watching news coverage from 6pm to 9pm followed by election night karaoke. Here are some songs to look forward to: "Living in America," "Changes," "Danger Zone" (in reference to Maverick from Top Gun), "Kids in America," "Rock the Boat" (with the word "vote" substituted), "Barracuda" (because Heart didn't want Mccain to use this song at rallies), and all of the hits of the Presidents of the United States of America.
So come on down and hang out. I'll be the guy with the beard.

Obama Shirts

Modified Screenprinting between 11th and 12th on Division is printing a run of "Black is the New President". They are available now, for your Election Party needs. The shop is open until 6pm tonight.

Shirts are available in Small-XL in Mens and S-XL in womens. Mens are $10 and Womens are $12

Shirt is black with white letters. You'll need to ask for one as they won't be officially on the sales floor until tomorrow, depending on election results (of course).

Support your local small business.
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Your Fired!

I know its going to happen.

The title of this post should be labeled Your Laid Off but your fired has more of a punch.
I predict by the end of the week ill be on unemployment. We let another guy go today and he was hired after me. Things are verrrry slow. "I haven't seen it this bad in the 15 years ive been here" said an old timer to me today, as i sung - Ill be laid off, by Friday. You can count on that.
Sung to "Ill be home for Christmas".

Are you about to get the axe? What industry do you work in? Im curious what others are thinking and seeing.
I work work around cranes and trucks and scrap metal.

All Your Presidential Results in an Easy to Swallow Capsule!

The Oregonian kindly provided Electoral Vote Scorecards in this morning's newspaper. Since only Tom and two elderly women in Troutdale still subscribe to the Oregonian, I figured it would be a useful gesture to scan the scorecard and upload it. As tonight's results come in and are called by the various news channels, you can fill in that state's results to track the election's progress.

Here is a link to download an 8.5"x11" file in PDF format. Click on the link, go to the You Send It page and click on the orange "Download Securely" button. Print one out, grab a pen and a drink and have the neighbors over for a fun political drinking game. Every time a state's results come in, take a drink. If your guy gets that state, drink the whole glass.

Remember, as soon as someone gets a score of 270 or pukes in your living room, the election is over. If McCain has a heart attack at any point, that's instant bingo.

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Dear DP:

I am searching Comedy Central's site for anything about streaming the Stewart/Colbert election special, but it appears as if they're not even offering the option. Plan B will be to relocate to a place with a TV, but is it possible to get it on my intertubes?

(no subject)

So how exactly do they call a state for a candidate with 0% reporting, or, as in the current numbers for South Carolina, call it for one candidate when the other is leading?

I honestly don't understand.
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Hey, Angie--Call Your Landlord

I just got a message from someone I don't know, informing me that Angie's rent is past due and she needs to get in touch with him. The message was a bit garbled, and the phone number was totally lost, but the guy's name sounded like "Greg."

He seems to expect that I will pass this message along to Angie and suggested that he could call back later. Since I don't know anyone named Angie (and my name, which I say pretty clearly in my voicemail greeting, sounds nothing like "Angie"), that's obviously not gonna happen, and I'd just as soon not get random repeat calls from other people's landlords.

So, yeah. Angie, call Greg. And Greg, if you get voicemail for someone other than whomever you're expecting at the other end of a call, it's probably a wrong number, so don't fucking leave voicemail.

Election post number 298993576539371

Actually, I think I have a new perspective on this. This was my first presidential election that I could vote in. I voted in the primaries but for some reason, that doesn't have the same ring. Not a less important "ring," just a different sort of "ring." I saw the numbers in the paper the next day and I was like, "ONE OF THOSE IS MY VOTE!!!" And, really, it was a cool feeling. 

So, today, I hope I get the same feeling tomorrow knowing I contributed to history. Even if this race wasn't one of the most important elections in history, I would still be a part of history and that just reminds me of participating in things that are bigger than myself which is what I think we should focus on. But since I consider this one of the most important presidential races ever, I think it's amazing that I get to be a part of this. 


(no subject)

It's always during this time of year that I turn my head back to the JibJab videos.... It's like when Disney comes out with a crappy sequel you have to watch the originals again. =)
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Oh we did it, we did it, we did it!  Oh joy, oh wonder, oh my! !  !  I am so joyous, so glad. I burst into tears, and hugged my son hard, and then went out on the front deck and howled wha hoo, wha hoo, wha hoo over and over as loud as I could. There are fire crackers going off, and others screaming their happiness into the dark.  I am so happy, so hopeful, so relieved. 

Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy! ! ! ! This country may yet redeem it self.

WHA HOO! ! !  WHA HOO! ! ! WHA HOO ! ! !

A change is a comin'!!!

I was so excited when I saw the announcement I was in tears! I didn't think I would get so emotional but it just came out. My kids (6 & 8) were running around the room asking for music so they could dance and celebrate. I am now hopeful about our future.
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Post-Election Mix CD candidates...what would you do?

For all those Obama-rama fans on DP: In the aftermath of the Presidential election, what would you include if you were making a mix CD of the historic event?

Here are my "candidates" for such a mix CD....

1. Kool and the Gang, "Celebration"
2. The Cars. "Let the Good Times Roll"
3. Jesus Jones, "Right Here, Right Now"
4. Duran Duran, "Meet El Presidente"
5. Depeche Mode, "New Life"
6. Altered Images, "I Could Be Happy"
7. Tears For Fears, "Change"

And...Go! (*drinks*)

(yes, snark away my darlings!)

on a more restrained note

I am not thrilled that Barack Obama is our next president. I do not think that we have achieved any kind of great victory (although the issue of his race will undoubtedly fuel as much discussion now as it did when his election was still in doubt). Obama's victory does not restore glory to America. We have only stopped digging the hole we dug for the last eight years.

This is not the end of a long, hard road; this is the beginning of one.


I voted for him (although I switched from Kucinich after he dropped out). This isn't a sour grapes post. But we face considerable challenges: the rebuilding of our limping economy, our foreign relations, and our crumbling infrastructure. A resolution to the Iraq war. Transition to energy efficiency and energy alternatives. Restoring and strengthing our civil liberties and limits of presidential power. Demanding accountability both from those politicians who we elect to represent us and from the wealthy corporations and citizens who we entrust to keep America's economy strong.

We will not get most of these things - especially the latter two - if we just sit back and wait for the President to fix them for us. The vigilance bill is past due, America. It's time to start making payments.
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Gym recommendations?

It appears I'm relocating to the vicinity of 39th between Hawhtorne and Division.

I need a gym which is reasonably close by. Basically I just need someplace that has frequent spin classes and regular-ass weight machines available. Seriously, that's it.

I was at 24 Hr Fitness (Hollywood) when I first moved here, but that's farther than I want to travel now that I don't have a car.

Thaaaaaaaaaank you.
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Viva Volunteers!

I'd like to give a shout out to the volunteers of all parties (especially the invisible 3rd parties) who donated time and money, walked door-to-door in the rain and called apathetic voters. To all of you who did the leg work, the phone work and the hard work. Democracy doesn't work without you folks.

In some countries, "supporters" are interchangeable with thugs. I'm proud to live in a nation where intimidation, wrongful imprisonment and violence against campaign workers is the rare exception instead of the norm. So here is to you: for your commitment, fortitude and civility!

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Ballot measures

Not so good if you're gay and want to get married or adopt children.

Abortion limits and restrictions
*California - looks to be failing
*Colorado - landslide failure
*South Dakota - failed

Ban on Gay Adoptions
*Arkansas - passed

Ban on Gay Marriage
*Arizona - passed
*California - looks to be passing
*Florida - passing

End Affirmative Action
*Colorado - looks to be failing
*Nebraska - passed

Killing Yourself (With Help)
*Washington - passed

And Michigan is saying yes to stem cell research and medical pakalolo. Oregon's anti-third-party measure has also failed.
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An idea...

I hung up our flag out front tonight. Wouldn't it be cool to see a bunch of flags flying tomorrow? Just a thought.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! And I have never been more proud to be an American than I am tonight.
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