November 3rd, 2008

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saturday's party (and some "Deep Poetry")

thanks for the great and debaucherous time! i think it made my halloween. speaking of halloween, was anyone at the disgustitron gig? they put on a fantastic show. if you recognize me from the (accidentally DP?) party, feel free to add me. actually *anyone* can add me... but just so you know, i rarely ever post. and yeah, regarding the party, there was a good wholesome debauchery to be had by all.
Salim's Special

Since everyone is posting about random acts of kindness

Today I was going to go across the river to go to Burger King to get myself some lunch. I pulled up Transit Tracker and saw that the 9 would be leaving 4th and Davis in like 5 minutes. Cool. I've got a few minutes to grab my gear and make it to the bus stop. Since I live on the next street over it only takes me about 3 minutes to get to the bus stop.

I got about halfway down the hall and realized that I didn't have any money. I pulled out my clear plasticky thing that I keep my cards and bus pass in earlier and swapped over to the November bus pass. I forgot to put it back in my backpack. I ran back to my room, unlocked the door, grabbed my money, and headed back downstairs. When I got to the corner of 4th and Davis, I saw a bus pass. I couldn't read the number on it so when I got to the bus stop I asked a lady who was standing there if the bus I saw was the 9. She said it was. Dammit.

In the meantime she told me that she was waiting on the 17. I called Transit Tracker to see when the next 9 and 17 was coming. The next 9 going to 27th and Saratoga would be along in 20 minutes. After Transit Tracker went through every bus on the planet, it finally told me when the 17 was coming. 45 minutes. When I told the lady that the next 17 was coming in 45 minutes, she was not pleased. I said to her that she maybe outta go get some lunch. She said that she would wait because she didn't have anywhere else to go and there were no other busses that would take her close to where she was going. So I offered to take her with me across the river.

She really didn't want to go in case the 17 showed up early so I offered to bring her something back. She told me she wouldn't mind a cheeseburger, fries and a drink. I said no problem and ran over to Old Town to catch the train I saw leaving Skidmore Fountain. I got to BK, ordered all of the food, and hauled tail back to the MAX station at 7th Avenue. Train will be here in 5 minutes. No biggie.

We pull out of Rose Quarter and I call Transit Tracker to see if there would be a long wait until the 17. Transit Tracker said 3 minutes. Damn! It'll take me 2 minutes to get across the Steel Bridge and I hope she's still there when I get back over to 4th and Davis. I jumped off at Old Town again and trotted over to 4th and Davis and she was gone. :(

I guess half of a good deed is better than no good deed at all. Oh well, at least I tried.

Got Herpes?

How long do you think it will be before this guy gets sued?

Oregon man's STD reporting website generates controversy


PORTLAND -- A local man’s new website that “outs” people here in Oregon and around the country who reportedly have incurable sexually transmitted diseases has people fired up.

Cyrus Sullivan is the type of guy one either loves or hates. After contracting herpes at the University of Oregon, he put the girl who he claims infected him on a website -- picture and all.

“I ended up sleeping with her and she didn’t tell me until afterwards that she had had herpes for over a year,” he said. “It was an awful situation. I thought what can I do to prevent this from happening to somebody else.”

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Hey DP, I need some help.

My friend and I drew up a haircut I'd like to get, but its sort of complicated. I've always had bad luck when it comes to barbers, so I've been cutting my own hair for years now; but I don't think I could cut it like this. Does anyone know a talented hair stylist who is use to doing cuts?
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Aah, Bisto

Where can I go to find some British goods (namely Bisto gravy granules) around here? I checked Cost Plus and they didn't have any Bisto and told me they weren't sure if they still carry it. I know there's Lady Di's in Lake Oswego, but if there's another option in downtown Portland, I'd like the check that out because I'm more likely to go there for other things anyway.

And yes, I realise I can order online too, but that's my last resort.

Kitty cat

(no subject)

I have two pairs of North Face Paramount Porter pants to sell. Both are size 6 short. One pair is grey and the other is khaki (dune beige). I have worn them both about five times each, so they're still in great shape. They zip off into shorts and you can roll them up like capris, so they're really versatile. I should have bought a different size and I didn't so now I'm regretting it. Hopefully someone can use them. Please make me an offer!

Ballot question...

I was about to put my ballot in the envelopes and drop them off at the specified place when I discovered that my youngest dog had eaten part of the security envelope. Specifically, the part with the instructions on it. I am hoping that someone here can tell me if I can still pu tit in the outer envelope or did my puppy just screw me out of voting??

Problem solved!! Thanks for the advise and links =)
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Power outage at county elections office?

My mother in law tells me the power is out on Morrison from her place all the way to 39th.

Anyone know if that includes the county elections office?

Portland related because we're not Florida.

Update Power's back on. We now return you to your regularly scheduled hipster community.

24 hours left!

Hey guys -

There​ are 24 short​ hours​ left to vote for your next presi​dent.​ I hope that each and every​one of you are being​ socia​lly respo​nsibl​e and dropp​ing of your ballo​ts somet​ime befor​e tomor​row,​ 11/​04 at 8:00 p.m.

This may possi​bly be the most impor​tant elect​ion of our lives​,​ and what you decid​e to do in the next 24 hours​ may dicta​te how the rest of our lives​ turn out.

No, serio​usly.​

So pleas​e,​ get to the booth​s,​ drop your ballo​ts off at libra​ries and anywh​ere else your can get your vote count​ed.​

Happy​ Elect​ion Day!

- Roxan​ne
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Now Accepting Meetup Location Suggestions!

So! I was pretty unhappy with the way we were treated at the East Bank Saloon last month, so bellybalt and I are looking for new meetup locations. (To the person who suggested Madison's-- we went there tonight, and it was really cool and the food was great, but there's no wheelchair access to that upstairs area and it's a bit pricey.)

If you think you know a good location, check below the cut for our needs. Collapse )
Zombie carrot

Dear Payless

Why do you have a wheelchair lift that customers can not operate for themselves? Not only that, but your employees do not have a key for it. They have to go find the manager every time I want to enter or leave the store. As if that wasn't enough, the lift only works half of the time. Despite the cute shoes in your window, I dislike having to ask your permission to shop. I will not be back.

No Love,

Broadband wireless access inquiry

Hi Portland!

Does anyone use a broadband wireless service? This would be like using a USB adapter to connect to a wireless service, like Cricket, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc.

Cricket has the best plan in terms of unlimited data, but I'm curious about quality. I'm also wondering what other options might be out there that allow mobility and coverage all over the area.

Ideas? Thoughts? Warnings and horror stories?
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