November 2nd, 2008

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does anyone know how to add/invite a writing buddy at the nanowrimo site?
i must be of limited mental capacity. i can't figure that shit out.
i did it last year, but the method of adding must have changed this year?
(if you can actually get the site to load haha)


your writing buddy,
Nikon D200

NaNo writers and music...

So, for all you writers out there plugging away this month, what type of music do you listen to while writing your novel?

Are you the type that the music is specific to the genre you are writing in, or, do you just put your iPod / whathaveyou on random?

Give a shout out to what you are listening to!

So far, the music has been leaning towards (for me)...

"The 5th Element" soundtrack
"Blade Runner" soundtrack
"2001" soundtrack
And a mix of "VNV Nation", "Velvet Acid Christ", "Depeche Mode", and "NIN"


Rental car experiences??

So I went on vacation last week to Austin, my former home, to visit friends and family. All in all, a great time. The friend I was staying with my last three days there does not own a car and I realized it would be difficult to get around without one. I called the rental car place the morning I needed one and asked for the least expensive car they had. I rented a small Hundai(spelling?) from Monday morning, returning it a little before 6 p.m. on Wednesday. The charge for the car was $177.00. I also paid $75 for insurance, I don't carry any since I don't own a car. Then there was the gas refueling fee and Texas has state sales tax. So my total came to $291.00. For three days. This seems really expensive to me, almost a hundred bucks per day. I can remember renting cars in the past for much less money. Does anyone on DP do this very often? Is it really this expensive now, or was it because I waited until the last minute? Any advice for the future would be appreciated. Thanks! Danke!

Help a bear.

Dannybear is most displeased that he has to constantly cash his checks all ghetto style at Safeway(for a fee) because he is in chex system. He desires an account with a bank that he can utilize for basic non crazy checking and savings. Is that a possibility? Who offers second chances to sad bears?


Springwater Corridor Mile Markers?

Has anyone out there mapped the mile markers along the Springwater Corridor trail?

I have no GPS to map them myself, but I'm sure someone else has out there, because Portland is home to lots of runners, and lots of gadget-y types, and surely there's considerable overlap between the two.

On the internets, I've found a bunch of people who have mapped the trail itself, but what I'm looking for is the specific locations of the various mileposts along the trail, such that I could import them into Google Earth for future reference.

And now I go out for my Sunday long run. In the rain. Which I have been procrastinating doing. Because of the rain.

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Rapist in SE Portland

Not sure if this has been addressed yet but, here's a repost.

There​ has been a rash of rapes​ in SE Portl​and near 28th and E Burns​ide this last week.​​ The dude strik​es after​ the bars have close​d and has been bashi​ng women​ over the head and rapin​g them.​​ There​ are no suspe​cts or descr​iptio​ns as they are all knock​ed out befor​e they see the perp.


Peppe​r spray​ will not help if you get bashe​d on the head and knock​ed out so pleas​e do not go out alone​,​​ pay atten​tion when walki​ng past bushe​s and such and tell every​one!


Darklady by Ator

EVENT REMINDER: Darklady’s Harvest Fest of Hedonism

Please note that this year's Polyween party is FULLY accessible! -- DL


Darklady’s Harvest Fest of Hedonism Late Season Polyween
Produced by Darklady Productions, Inc.

Darklady's Harvest Fest of Hedonism welcomes sexy pilgrims, perverts, ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggedy beasties and other beings that go “bump” in the night to celebrate the fragile glory of life and the thrill of loving sensual abundance.

Bring a pet care or human dry good/hygiene product for Esther’s Pantry and get $5 off your entry.

EXCLUSIVE Dining/Buffet at Rumpspankers (vegan, vegetarian & omnivore)
Meet, Greet & Play with Hunky Pansexual Colt Studio Model, Ty Hudson!
Groove to Dale the Nail & Solovox
Gorgeous black & red robe raffle to benefit Esther's Pantry

Saturday, November 8th, 2008
7:00 pm - 2:00 am
Village Ballroom
Portland, OR
FULLY accessible for this party

Guest Exclusive Bar & Dining
Ages 21 and older

Invocation and Rubitorium Serenades by Dale the Nail
5$ Portrait Booth by
Music & Performances by DJs Darknezzz, Emok, Heath & SexyNikki
Birthday Fantasies for June – November
Costume Prizes & Giveaways from Big Teaze Toys, Topco Toys, Taboo Video, the Stockroom, Sik World and more!
Costume & Lingerie Discounts from

S/M Play Space & Sensual Rubitorium
Massage Tables, Sex Swing & Monkey Rocker
Casting Couch
Kilted Massage Man
Tarot Wizard
More, more, more!

$50 - Street clothes
$25 – Costumes, Festive, Fetish, or Dressy Attire
RSVP Absolutely Required

Limited work-scholarships available.
Cash & in-kind sponsorships of all kinds welcome.

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New Kitten

Hello DPs,

Today I got my first kitten. She is lovely. The only problem is she smells like urine. I gave her a bath using the Johnson's Baby Shampoo, seeing that I don't have cat/kitten shampoo, but unfortunately she still smells.

Is there anything I can do, other than bathing her again, to make that stink go away?

Thanks in advance.

photographer needed

I need someone who is skilled with a camera to take photos of my jewelry (I make it) in a clean, creative, beautiful way. I would rather ask here first, since I know there are photographers and creative people here, and Craigslist is such a pain. I would do it myself but it drives me crazy.
Is anyone/do you know someone who can do this?
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To the jogger who passed me today

I wanted to thank you for your words. It's only my 4th workout on the Couch to 5K plan, and I'm still on week 1. When I saw you pass me, in your leggings and actual running shorts and other gear, with your lean runner's physique and easy stride, my mind immediately decided you must be contemptuous of me, in my random loose pants and bright pink t shirt and rolls of fat flopping everywhere. And when you stopped and came back to me, with that sincere smile, and expressed your admiration that I was working out and making an effort, it took a rough day and a rough run (my knees are really starting to feel the running) and made it all a million times better. So thank you so much for that decision to stop and connect for a moment - it was greatly appreciated.

(you probably aren't on DP, but I need to express my thanks anyway)

election mix! helllp.

Hi, I am making an election mix.

Here's what I have so far:

Christ for President-Billy Bragg and Wilco
Conservative Christian, Right Wing Republican, Straight White American Males-Todd Snider
Funky President (People It's Bad)-James Brown
Eisenhower Blues-Elvis Costello
Do they Owe us?-Jeffrey Lewis
Down to the Ark-The Mountain Goats
Presidential Rag-Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger
Here's to the State-Eddie Vedder
Congress Man-Groundation
If I was President-Wyclef Jean
Homeland and Hip Hop-Immortal Technique
Mr. President (Take Pity on the Working Man)-Randy Newman

Do you have any more ideas?

Portland people are lovely! ....except when they crash into where I live

Piggybacking off the nice note earlier about the kind 'pro' runner who pepped up a newer runner just starting out I thought I'd submit my own personal story of gratitude.

On Friday I went to the library for the first time (it was gorgeous! I can't wait to go back) and checked out a stack of books that came up to my thighs (I was teaching a class and I needed lots of different refernce material for them to look through). As I piled them up in my hands and walked out the door I had 3 people come up to me and ask if I needed help, or needed a ride somewhere else, and even one guy on a bike who offered to pile the books into his basket and ride down with me to wherever I was going! Luckily I had a ride who was meeting me there in a short time, but in 15 minutes I had 3 complete strangers offer me some genuine help. It made me love and appreciate being in this city so very much.

So thanks, Portland. You made my day! Keep up the kind and loving spirit!

And how about those fall colors, huh?

On a completely unrelated note the 6th car in past 2 years ran into/through my apartment complex and got into a really horrendous wreck (no one was hurt badly) last night at 3 a.m. Took out the bus post, 4 small tiny trees they'd JUST planted which replaced some trees that were taken out from the last one, a huge other tree, then flipped and was lodged in the windows of the office building next door. I swear to god I live in the Bermuda Triangle of car accidents. So if you were watching the news and saw a crazy red headed gal commenting on it, that was me! Soooo crazy...
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be my free attorney?

Dear DP,
I don't know why I turn to you for all of life's little questions, but here is one more:


Collapse )

But last week, what arrives in the mail but a letter from a DA or something in Florida, telling her that the owner/founder/whatever of HK has been disbarred and the company is being sued for misrepresentation and mishandling of funds and that if she wants to file as a co-plaintiff she has to fill out this certain form and send it in. 
What she's wondering is, should she call her bank and stop the automatic draft of her monthly payment to HK?  She's worried that the $12k plus she's paid them is already lost - very little of that sum has been paid to any of the companies she owed money to, at least according to the credit report companies - angry that her credit is pretty crappy now though it was pretty good when she started, and not wanting to send them any more money to put in their own pockets.  But she's also worried that putting a stop-payment on the draft would nullify her contract with HK (they had some statement to that effect in the contract she signed) and give them the "right" to keep the $12k she's sent them.  She only has 6 months more to the contract, which is only another $2500 or so, though that would be pretty helpful to keep in the bank especially in this economy...

Anyone else in this boat?  Anyone have any helpful advice including other websites/comm's to post to?