November 1st, 2008


Good consignment stores near downtown?

In the interest of living more frugally and eco-friendly, my wife and I are planning fulfill most of our clothing and household requirements by buying second-hand. Could anyone recommend any good second-hand/consignment stores near Downtown, or at least easily accessible by public transportation? I know there are a number of GoodWill stores all over the city; however, we'd like more options and perhaps more local businesses.

iron-on transfer paper

all knowing dp'ers,

i ordered some iron-on transfer paper online for t-shirts that i'm making for an event today. unfortunately, they are on back order and won't make it in time. where can i find a pack or two in town? i ordered avery, but any brand will do. thanks in advance!

found! at michael's. barbie pr0n tees were enjoyed by all. thanks!
best friends

coffee + school work mmmmm

Where in this fine town can I get the most consistently delicious latte and wifi and good ambience and a table big enough to spread out papers and a staff who is cool if I stick around for four hours writing a lit review of algerian literary history? WOW that's a long sentence. I'm willing to go anywhere but NE or N PDX

Thanks kids.

Hey, you politically-annoyed DPers

What are your top three peeves in this election cycle? I want to know because different snarky assholes are bothered by different things.

For one occasionally sarcastic bastard, here are my top three annoyances related to current electoral politics:

1. The laundry list of anti-abortion, anti-queer and anti-diversity (among other less-than socially positive stances) state ballot measures up for the vote make me ill.

2. Precisely an assload of surplus fuckhats are now making very loud, public statements in the spheres of philosophy and the social sciences, in-so-doing showing how very little they know about them and pissing off those of us in either field. To these people: Seriously, shut the fuck up.

3. Instead of using well-established adjectives to describe Sarah Palin, there has been a convenient redefinition of a few terms. Among the more bothersome of these of these, I am sick of hearing "folksy" when they really mean "moron".

Post yours for a laugh, or snark the hell out of me.
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all i want is a nice monday - friday office job. i have applied for many, many, many receptionist/office work jobs on craigslist, but for some reason i never hear anything back. i have solid experience as well as references. who can help me?

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Apparently, I'm the only person in Portland who didn't dress up as Sarah Palin or The Joker for Halloween.

In other news, I saw two of the greatest costumes of my life: a woman dressed as a tampon and a small child dressed as cheese.

What favorite costumes did you witness last night?
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savings accounts

As of today, I am officially no longer in credit card debt.  Since I've gone so long chipping away at that debt, I figure that from now on I should put the money that would have gone towards credit cards into savings.  I have heard of people using high interest online savings accounts, but don't know much else.  Does anyone have a bank or company that they'd recommend?  Ideally, I'd want to be able to set it up as direct deposit from my work so a certain percentage of my paychecks automatically go into it (this is possible through my employer, so it just has to be possible through the bank).  Any info would be greatly appreciated (including resources that teach you about how these things work)!  Thanks.

Vagabond Opera + Jason Webley!

Vagabond Opera + Jason Webley are gracing the Wonder Ballroom tonight.

Doors at 8pm, show at 9pm.

I have one extra ticket because a dear friend couldn't make it. Selling it for $10, would be $15 at the door.

First come, first serve. I'll be at the Wonder by 7pm at the latest. E-mail me for mah number an' what not (e-mail address is in my user info)

Should be an amazing show. Sugar skulls, Dia De Los Muertos altar, hot chocolate :D
cute lil duck

Not a sex toy !

Has any wise person ( or maybe someone who has already gone thru this kind of teething torture) Seen these locally? The Wal-mart website had them but a trip to the wood village one and they werent there. I'm in Gresham, however at this point i will travel any place on the east side of the river for a confirm location!

Thanks !

sunny afternoons

(no subject)

ok, you might hate me. but i posted awhile back about donation places that will take a mattress. so, someone mentioned a place in N or NE that takes household items and gives it to people starting over. What was the name of the place? and would they take a couch?

thank you! and don't forget to vote.

I can't seem to find the previous post.

Free Vintage Election Movies This Monday!

Monday Movies is back again at a new location and a new time. This Monday, November 3, 8PM, join us for two early films about voting:
Voting - The American Way (Army 1944 B&W), US Army propaganda film about the election of Roosevelt. This film was made to show soldiers on the front lines how patriotic the folks back home were during the election.
Making of the President, 1960 (Stuart 1963 B&W), this film is a three-time Emmy winner, based on the book by the same name. It follows the 1960 candidates through the primaries, the conventions and the grueling campaigning that culminated in one of the closest electoral contests in our nation's history.

Monday Movies is now at Old Tow Pizza’s Vanport location, 5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square),, 503.200.5988. We will be showing movies upstairs in the loft. All ages are welcome and it's still free. Take the #6 or 72 bus, or there's plenty of free bike and car parking.

We also have a complete schedule up for the months of November and December at
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Attn Damn SE Portlanders:

I just scored 8 LARGE pumpkins (for FREE, yo!) from the QFC on Milwaukie Ave in Westmoreland. Tomorrow morning they are going to throw out the remainder of their Halloween inventory. They still had 2 partially full produce pallets in back by their recycling area. If you love making pies or roasted seeds, now is the time! I would guess all the QFCs in the area would have the same policy, but call first. I only know for sure that the Westmoreland location is giving them away for free.
Get to it!