October 30th, 2008


Wii would like to play

I just procured a Wii for use in the RLP Studio and am looking for suggestions on the following:

1. What's the best place to get accessories in town? We got the Wii itself at Costco because I like supporting them better than supporting Game Stop.

2. What accessories should I pick up? Right now, I'm sitting with one remote, one nunchuck.

3. What games should I look into? Here's my current list of games I'm interested in.

- Twilight Princess
- Wii Play
- Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
- Destroy All Humans
- Worms
- Boom Blox

4. Homebrew: yes or no? If yes, how to install?

Thankful Thursday

Ok, so all this good stuff happened to me yesterday, but I saved the post for today- oh how we love the alliteration...

1. Cow let us sleep until the alarm went off rather than waking up at 5am
2. Wearing purple in the morning and noticing the subtle changes
3. Getting my application in to New Seasons and also finding possible jobbies on CL
4. Going for a max/bike ride into SE to run errands and having beautiful weather
5. Free buttons at Button Emporium
6. Eating the awesome chicken sausage at J+M cafe and upon paying, seeing on my atm receipt that the rest of my money made it into my account
7. Test driving a new bike and getting a quote from the bike guy about fixing up my bike
8. Deciding to hoof it up the Mississippi hill from Interstate because the Max was too full- along the way I picked wildflowers for m'lady
9. Making it to the top of said hill and stopping at the waffle cart for a rootbeer float
10. Stopping by A+A's house for a visit- and they were actually home
11. Coming home to m'lady lighting incense and drawing a bath- I sat and we chatted while she soaked
12. Eating pizza on the couch and catching up with season 5 of the L word
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Dear Jeff Merkley

I sincerely apologize for telling you to piss off this morning when you came to shake my hand while I was waiting for the MAX at the Pioneer Courthouse Square stop. The fact that I had just last night shaved my mowhawk in and was not in a suit and you still wanted to say good morning makes me lean a little more towards you. I was gruff with you though because I was following a sketchy guy who was surreptitiously taking pictures of little girls on the Yellow line this morning. He knew that I knew and I was doing my best to non verbally let him know that I would beat his dick into a wonton wrap as soon as we were alone. You just happened to be having a photo op on the wrong day.

Once again sir, my apologies. You will be happy to know that after following him into Beaverton on the Blue line where I had to catch my bus for work (a co-worker got on and joined me at PGE Park where I conversationally explained why I was staring at the hobo), he decided he couldn't take my glaring at him anymore and got off on the stop I get off at. His look was priceless as he stammered his coffe order at the Sunset station when my cow-worker and I stared at him as we walked to our bus stop. I suspect at this point that he has switched trains three or four times now that rush hour is here and it is difficult to pick out an individual from the throng of commuters. I hope he votes for you just as I probably will. Then we can at least have one thing in common while I rip his teeth out one by one with a bike chain.

Your accidental verbal assaulter,

Sealing wax

Mornin', DPers.

I'm looking for your advice for a place that sells sealing wax of good quality - hopefully it can handle fine-detailed stamps and doesn't leave an oily mark on the paper.

Thanks in advance.
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neeeeeed your recycled/spare Bubblewrap! :D

Do you or your place of business have BUBBLE WRAP you're about to throw out or recycle?

I am making a costume out of bubble wrap, and the goal was to have the whole thing made out of recycled Bubble wrap, so if you have a ton of it (or some) please help a girl out! :)

I had a ton saved up, but it turns out not to be enough and tomorrow's the deadline, yikes!

Additionally, I am also needing the big bubbles and colored bubble wrap. If nothing else, do you know of any places Downtown that sell the big bubbles?

It would make my week if your office had some it hasn't tossed yet.

I am in the Downtown area, so can come to you before 5pm. That would rawk! THank you Thank you Thank you in advance! :D
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A time-sensitive long shot?

I'm having a Halloween party and thought it would be awesome to have some, er, different sorts of movies playing in the background.

Soooo.... I'm looking for CHEESY HORROR PORN. I've had my good friend and accomplished intarweb detective archmage following a couple of leads (including the awesome-sounding "Night of the Giving Head"), but sadly he hasn't been able to actually track any down.

I am NOT looking for:
-Gore, snuff, or anything else genuinely disturbing
-Cheesy horror movies in which there are occasional boobs
-One Night in Chyna

If you can help me, you get an instant party invite!

PS: It's a little disturbing that any time a question comes up in conversation that neither I nor none of my friends can answer, my first inclination is, "Let's go ask DP!"

anyone interested in some free milk crates or a $10 fake wood cabinet thing?

hey dp-ers! i just listed these on craigslist and wanted to spread the word further. i'm in st. john's and i'll be home most of the next couple of days (i'm a grad student and work from home) if you are interested and want to arrange a pickup. thanks!


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(no subject)

Anyone know where I can a Livestrong bracelet? I was going to go the Discovery store but they've shut down apparently...

It's for my Halloween costume and I needs it fast, so online orders ain't gonna do it. What I get for procrastinating.

(no subject)

Hey, does anyone have any more info about the rapes that happened in SE near 28th and Burnside? I keep seeing signs about it around the area, but when I try to google more info, nothing really comes up.


Hey guys,

A friend is sick and I want to bring them some soup.

Where in Portland can I find the most awesome vegetarian soup??

Muchas gracias.

And the word "soup" has lost all meaning. It's a strange word anyway, yeah?
lolz pig in a bikini
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colorful hair dyes?

sups I'm looking for a good selection of colorful hair dyes hopefully around Hillsboro. I'm talking blues, oranges, pinks, etc. and hopefully a little more than the 5-jar Manic Panic selection at a Hot Topic.

Anyone have a good place?

thaaanks :)

Clerical collars?

Any idea where I could get a clerical collar without being struck by lightning? I already have a shirt, and eventually want to get a cassock, but for the moment I just need a collar.

I know there's a catholic bauble store or somesuch on Couch and 17th or thereabouts, but I'm not so sure I could just pop into one of those places for such a thing.
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want something free and awesome to do on election night?

Check out the Portland Mercury Election Night Party at the Doug Fir!

Here is a link to more info.

It is free 6pm-midnight, 21+ and is featuring:
Steve Novick
Sam Adams
Sarah Palin (in cardboard cutout form in a "special VIP area" for your posing & photographing pleasure)
Barack Obama (" ")
A Bush Pinata
Lingerie models walking across the stage constantly as states are called
Live returns on teevee
DJ Gregarious & DJ Flightrisk
The Doug Fir's lovely bonfire
A special booth with a video camera where you can record yourself talking about how AMAZING AND AWESOME the Bush administration has been

And MAYBE, just MAYBE, a whole lot more!
This is definitely going to hit capacity, so get there early!

It's going to be the hottest 21+ free event on the eastside in town! (And not just because of the burning effigy.)
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(no subject)

So I'm making salsa for my Halloween party and it involves cutting up a hot pepper. The cookbooks say to wear latex gloves to do this...but I have no idea if any of my guests are allergic to latex, and I'd rather err on the side of caution (one of them has some medical issues, but I've seen her with balloons...however ingestion may be a seperate issue).

WOULD that be an issue? Like if I wash the peppers after cutting them before I put them in with the rest of the salsa? It's a chopped salsa as opposed to a blended one if that makes any difference.

Portland related because it's...um...in Beaverton?

And if that's not enough, the Quatama Max area by Baseline/205th--Beaverton, Hillsboro, or Aloha? Because we usually get considered Beaverton, but our neighbors were on the news once and it said they were in Aloha, and everyone goes to the Hillsboro schools.

come see my friend's film at siren nation!

Wednesday, November 5th - POW Fest Presents
:00 p.m.
The Hollywood Theatre
4122 NE Sandy Boulevard
Portland OR 97212

viva voce virusThe Viva Voce Virus--118 minutes. SciFi/Fantasy/

"London actress Ronnie receives a plum role in a lesbian vampire B-movie. No one knows she also likes girls off set. But the assistant director's a jerk, Ronnie's girlfriend's fed up, and bits of a disturbing 1970s gay "utopia" parallel world are seeping into Ronnie's real life. Investigating, Ronnie encounters a disease from Hollywood's yesteryear...Holding the key to the mystery is ex-starlet Gloria LaFonche, inventor of a very special cocktail."

Presidental Deathmatch

So, who do you think would win in a presidential death match?

Here's a compilation of how some friends and I saw the fight going.

We think Palin would win.

Mcain would look over at Palin, smile and then turn his back to her to pounce on Obama. But before he can't raise his arm to punch him, Palin puts a knife in his back and lands a club solidly to his head.

Then, Obama and Biden turn on each other and somehow their arms gets tied together. They start doing the Captain Kirk death circle with each other.

Dun dun....dun dun dun dun dun...dun dun..dun dun
Dun dun....dun dun dun dun dun...dun dun..dun dun

McCain falls dead and Palin gives a tiger like howl and lunges at Biden while he's tied to the left arm of Obama's limp corpse.

Palin would then memorize Biden with her boobs, and then she does the death punch from Kill Bill.

Biden staggers a few feet and falls to his death.

The end.