October 28th, 2008


A letter to Portland

Dearest Damndest Portlanders,

I <3 you all so damn much. Every damn one of you. And I had no idea how much until I did something stupid and moved away. "But it's for grad school!", I told myself, "you'll be busy and it will be okay." I was wrong. If you love Portland, never move to the area around Phoenix, AZ. That is my recommendation for you. The desert is beautiful. It has its own language. But people here do not listen to nature. This city could not exist without stealing all its water from the Colorado River and expending a jillion gigawatts on air conditioning. I initially get excited when I see something green, but then I remember that it is all artificial, non-native species that would choke in an instant without obscene amounts of irrigation. But I'm getting sidetracked; my point is to praise Portland, not denigrate Phoenix. Portland, I miss your consciousness and environmentalism. I feel like a rebel here for bike commuting and reminding people to recycle.

I miss you, Elivs dude outside Powells. I miss you, cupcake shops and vegan eateries (why did I become vegetarian after moving AWAY from Portland?!?). I miss the militant bicyclists and the SUV drivers they love to hate, the Beavertron commuters and Gresham sketchballs. I miss public transportation that works. I miss hipsters, and emo kids, goth punks, circus freaks, crazy artists, crunchy vegan hippies, and adorable queer couples who aren't afraid to be themselves. I miss keeping Portland weird. I miss nerd pride. I miss being able to wear something funky and have people smile rather than stare awkwardly. I miss little toy ponies tied to sidewalk rings. I miss music, art, culture. I miss a city that has a soul. I miss the rain and the grey and Sesonal Affective Disorder. I miss the rivers and bridges. I miss the ocean. I miss being able to say "the mountain is out" on a clear day. I even miss the never ending road construction downtown. I miss people who are proud of their city and community, people who love where the live. I miss dogs that weigh more than 5 pounds. I miss the gorge and the waterfalls, the Japanese Garden and Forrest Park. I miss 82nd and the plethora of Asian food. I miss city blocks that are designed on a human, non-automotive scale. I miss seeing people out on the street and not in their cars. I miss First and Last Thursdays, Saturday Market even though I pretty much never went, and many many more things.

Portland, thank you for being awesome. Until now, I've lived all my life in Washington and Oregon. I've considered the Northwest to be my home. But I'm realizing that Portland is much more home for me than anywhere else, even though I was only there for 2.5 years. For the first time in my life, I'm homesick. I'm counting down the days until I'm home for Thanksgiving. See you then.

Señor Monkeypants

What did I forget in my list? What do you love about Portland?
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(no subject)

There is an unusual amount of squad cars zipping around the Quatama area, and oddly also what appears to be a police helicopter. Anyone know what's going on with that? Other than the Max station being a block away, this neighborhood is usually pretty quiet.
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My office wants to know about blogs?

Normally I don't post from work, but I feel justified because I got a mass email from the execs asking if any of our employees have blogs, why we blog, and please pass us a URL.

My reply was yes, I blog, I blog about personal stuff - mostly adrenaline sports - to communicate with a geographically wide group of friends, and no, you may not have my URL.

I'm kinda, WTF? Can anyone think of a legit reason why the office might be interested in employee blogs?

(Legit from the EMPLOYEE'S POV)


in this fair city can I buy construction paper? Went to Jo-Anns last night, but they had either only card stock or stupid variety packs. I'd like to make orange and black chains.
bruce lee
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Hello lovely people,

I could use a good recommendation for a counselor, particularly one who's good with helping with managing anxiety issues and stress.

Close-in preferred, and bonus if they'll accept health insurance!
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ISP choice?

Apologies for something of a repeat post -- since I've been following the community, I've seen a few "which ISP??" questions, but none mention being heavy downloaders, so...

Is there much of a difference between Comcast or Qwest as far as reliability/quality? My husband and I will be in an apartment in SE Portland and we're trying to make the best decision. We're both heavy downloaders -- we play a couple of MMOs (which often have big patches) and download a whole lot of TV and movies every month, so we're wary of caps.

Anyone else a heavy downloader who feels like one is better than the other?
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Holy strawberry Batman, are we in a jam!

I need some last-minute Halloween costume help. Please & thankyou!

1) I know it's been asked before, but just checking so I can have minimal running-around, Micheal's is the best place for cheap, plain, colored shirts, correct?
2) Can you think of anyplace better/cheaper than the Halloween store to get black gloves? Mid-forearm length is preferable, would like gauntlet-type gloves, but evening gloves would be fine. I checked out a few places at the mall and they were all tall past-the-elbow gloves.
3) Okay, so, I need to attach a largeish piece of fabric to a shirt like a patch. I don't want to just glue it on because I don't think it would lay right then, and if I just sew around the edges it will pucker in the middle. Is there something tricky I need to know about making this work?

Where to find skirts pls


I've taken to wearing a dashing knee brace which does not fit under most of my pants. I would like to find some cute, quirky, and of course reasonably-priced skirts for sale. These need to be work-appropriate (business casual) but not so stick-in-the-mud that I couldn't match them with a fun top and wear them on the weekends. Suggestions? I prefer knee-length or longer, and I like earth colors if that helps at all. You guys rock at providing good shopping tips and hidden jewels, so let's hear them! Thanks!

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Does anyone know where I can find kitchen aprons. Like the thin, frilly, old-fashioned kind? I can't think of any stores that would carry that type of thing.

And if failing that, does anyone have a sewing machine they'd let me borrow?
BennetFox by VermillionFox

Job fair

Hey DP

I just walked past the Hilton at SW Broadway and SW Taylor in Downtown and they have a sign out front advertising a Job Fair from Employmentguide.com. The nice man inside says it's from 10am to 3pm. Just thought I'd let you guys know because I see tons of job requests.

So it is worth a try, maybe?

So yeah, yesterday sucked and there is a one in a billion chance that this might help. My iPod Touch is missing. I had it when I got on the yellow line at 7:15, but not when I got to my bus stop at 7:50. It vanished on the Max. I had hoped it might turn up. Called Trimet checked every place along the way that I stopped and nothing. The truly odd thing is that I carried it in a fairly odd and distinctive bag (a green mini bag that looks like a tiny backpack). Now I am at a loss. I am throwing it out there just in case someone might have or will see it. It was a gift from my beloved and the very first "cool thing" I have ever let myself carry. I know the chances of it turning up are slim but I figured this would not be a bad place to turn to help.

Little green bag with grey detailing.
The only thing inside is the iPod.

Here is too random hope. ::Crossing fingers::
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Meetup Tonight!

This is your final warning: meetup is tonight! Starting 7pm at the East Bank Saloon, and bring your costume with you! We'll be in the Buffalo Room in the back of the restaurant, in all likelihood. The meetup faq is here.

I wish it would quit shrilling at me.

I need to dip into the well of knowledge that is DP.

I rent and have smoke detectors that are apparently wired in together. One of them seems to be extra sensitive to temperature and will beep at me like it thinks the battery is dead, which it is not. I'd rather not keep my apartment at 70 degrees or higher to get it to stop, I prefer it on the cooler side, so is there a way to get it to stop?

Rewiring is not an option. Nor is replacing the unit myself (as it requires wiring and I dont own the unit). Batteries are new. Ive asked the maintenance guy and he just tells me to turn up the heat.
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DP legal advice

I know you guys aren't lawyers but I've found you helpful nonetheless in these matters :)

Okay here's the issue:

I moved into a house with friends about a year ago to replace one of the roommates who moved out. I paid him his deposit back so when we all moved out the original deposit would go to me. Well the landlady gave it back, but gave it as a lump check to one of the roommates because I guess everyone paid their deposits to her and she wrote one check to the landlord. Now that roommate has pocketed the money and wont pay me my deposit.

Who do I take to court?
little blue dog

Dear Deepee ...

Let's say someone with dirty windows does not want to use Windex or a Windex-like glass cleaner, but instead wants to use a product that used to be available called Glass Wax.

Does anyone know a local store that sells this product, or an equivalent thereof?

Very truly yours,

zip &amp; pip

Thankfull Tuesday

I dropped off my ballot at the neighborhood library this morning and I couldn't help but feel very fortunate to be able to do so without fear of being shot, shelled, harassed, kidnapped, etc. For all our complaints about politicians, politics, the system, 'the man,' and genuine flaws in our political system we do have it pretty good.

Now stop playing all those *&^%*&^ commercials! I voted already forgawdsakes!
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I messed up.

Now I need to sell some things.

I know of two Buffalo Exchanges where I can sell some clothes. Is there anywhere else in town that is better for that?

Also, what is the best place to sell DVDs, since Electronics Boutique/Gamestop doesn't do DVDs anymore?

I might want to sell some CDs, too.

Thank you for your time.
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Gas Pumps

If I was driving around in the dead of night and needed to gas up but couldn't find any gas stations open, could I just pump my own gas or do they turn those off or something?
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Flu shot.

I can get one but I never have had one. I was at Kaiser today and now they have the new correct flu shots in stock but I am a little reluctant. Doesn't the flu shot make you sick? I have only had the flu twice, both last spring/summer and it was HORRIBLE. Should I get a flu shot? Or stay flu shot free like I always have. I'm a little town about it's safety and effectiveness. All advice is greatly appreciated.

Running Fox

Wanna get rid of Windows?

Go to CodeWeavers and get your free serial number for Crossover. It'll allow you to run most of the newer Windows apps on your Linux or Mac OSX machines!

Don't know what Crossover is? Here's a snippet from their Wikipedia entry:

CrossOver (known before version 6.0 as CrossOver Office) is the collective name for three commercial and proprietary programs developed by CodeWeavers that allows many Windows-based applications to run on Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris using a compatibility layer. The programs include CrossOver Mac, CrossOver Linux, CrossOver Games Mac, and CrossOver Games Linux.

Here's a partial list of what it supports:

Actively supported Windows software

* Productivity
o Microsoft Office 2007, 2003, XP, 2000 and 97
o Microsoft Project
o Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
o Adobe Dreamweaver MX, Adobe Flash MX, Adobe Photoshop 7
o Quicken
o Various web browser plugins such as QuickTime and Windows Media Player
* Games
o Counter-Strike (through Steam)
o Half-Life 2 (Steam)
o Prey
o World of Warcraft
o EVE Online
o Guild Wars
o Call of Duty 2
o Team Fortress 2 (Steam)
* Misc
o iTunes 4.9.0
o Quicktime 7

Better do it quick before it ends!

Comics Comics Comics

Hey gang,

I've recently decided to get very serious about trying to into comic book writing.  I've written several scripts over the years but I've never really collaborated with any one else. 

There's only one group on Meetup.com for creators, and they only meet once a month.  Are there any other groups that you all are aware of for comic book creators to get together and strengthen their craft?  What about smaller companies that might be interested in receiving submissions?  Yes I'm aware of Dark Horse here in PDX, I think it would be wise to try the smaller companies first.

Lastly are there any artists in the house that might be willing to draw short story scripts? 

Thanks for the help!
Penny - Pink Overalls

Stylist/Salon Recommendations & Learning Finnish, Anyone?

We had dinner last night at Nonna Emilia's, and you guys were spot on with your recommendations. The food was awesome, though the portions were so incredibly large! I think if I wanted to eat lightly there, I'd have to go for lunch or try and split an entree! But yes, such wonderful food, and my girlfriend and I plan on trying some of the other suggestions, too!

Because you guys give such good recommendations, I humbly request another one. I have to find a new hair stylist. My hair is long but fine, and is a little thinner on the top of my head than it should be. I usually have it cut in long layers with bangs in front. I don't want any more hair taken off than is necessary to clean up split ends and clean up the style, since I'm still growing it out. I also need to get my eyebrows waxed - they have good shape but they need to be thinned out and cleaned up a little. Any recommendations for places to get this done or even specific hairdressers would be greatly appreciated! I'm in inner SE, and would prefer someone in the area, but as long as it's TriMet accessible it should be fine.

Also, does anyone know where I could go to take classes to learn Finnish? PCC doesn't offer courses in it, but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions or knew of a place that offered courses.

Thank you all so much! :)
♥ Riikka

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Happy Haunting

So... With Halloween approaching and my costume just about done I think it is time to solidify plans. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do on Halloween night?

Any haunted houses that are good? Any to avoid?

Favorite events?

Favorite scary movie if I decide to go the movies at home route?


My wife and I represent POLAR opposites on the political globe, yet, we manage to vote together, and "be nice"
We discus things, and most of the time vote the same. Anyone else like this?
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Exploring nature?

My wife and I are moving back to Portland in a month, and will be living smack downtown without a car. I've never been particularly nature-oriented, but I'm interested in exploring a little and perhaps going hiking or what not. Could anyone suggest some places where I can get to without a car?

  • gojacy

scary drive on 205?

Oh great DP, your help?

Here's the deal: I live up in Vancouver, and I work at PDX. I've been toying with the idea of driving my scooter (technically motorcycle) over the Glen Jackson Bridge to get to work... but frankly, it's a bit scary... my little scooter is 150cc, so it'll go fast enough, and it's perfectly legal... I'm just wondering how windy it is up there? Could anyone tell me from personal experience just how windy that bridge gets? Would my scootering be unsafe?

Also... exactly how not-legal would it be for me to drive it down the bike path in the middle?

Thanks ;)
little blue dog

because I'm ignint ...

Let's say someone wants to procure a decent set of face painting materials. Where would this person go to get such a thing? I mean, could one find something like this at a place like Michael's?

Thank you. In return, here is a cool picture I found.

Tea whores unite secretly

(no subject)

Damn Portlanders who went to the meetup tonight, did I somehow leave my black handkerchief with music notes on it there? I went back and it wasn't there, but maybe one of you picked it up?

It was just very special to me and I'm kinda bummed if I totally lost it. I seriously spent like 45min retracing my steps around where I went post meet up looking for it. Bummed majorly.