October 26th, 2008


ISO Professional Tourmaline Ionic Straightener

Hello Portlanders. :P

I am selling a NEW, NEVER BEEN USED, in the box, pink ISO Tourmaline Ionic flat iron. It looks like this:

The retail value of this model is $260, but I payed about $150. I actually have the original black version of the ISO straightener, and wanted to try this newer model of it but decided I should just stick with my older version before opening the box. I can tell you that this straightener works wonders...it can straighten, wave, and curl hair super quickly and it's easy to use. It's basically like three tools in one. There are instructions on the inside to show you how you can create different styles just in case you are not very hair savvy. :P This also comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything happens to it you would just need to contact the company (ISO International) or isobeauty.com

Some more information from the box:
- dual voltage
- humidity safe
- generates 700% more negative ions
- infrared technology
- swivel cord

It's made in the UK. :]

Obviously I'll be selling it for less than what I payed...just give me your best offer and I'll see what we can do! :]

- Rebecca

PS if you have any questions, please send me a message or comment me here

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I've had this killer, foggy migrane (think worst hangover you've ever had w/o all of the fun that precedes it) since last Tuesday.  My neck also feels a little out of whack, so I'm hoping that a visit to the chiropractor will clear it all up. 

I'm looking for a few personal recommendations of places that aren't going to charge me an arm and a leg, though, as I don't currently have any insurance.  I've tried looking through the archives, and have seen a few recs for the chiropractic college... anyone that can vouch for them?  Something in N/NE Portland would be amazing!

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Hello everyone, have any of you fine damnportlanders ever donated car to charity? My old POS bit the dust a while back and my landlord has finally noticed that it’s not being driven. I need to get rid of it soon. I don't know how the whole process works but I was told recently that the tax deduction rules changed. There is also the fact that I live and work in Vancouver so I don’t pay Oregon income tax and most of the groups I’ve seen advertise about taking old used cars seem to be based in Oregon. Right now the tax deduction isn’t the main point, getting rid of the car without paying someone to take it is. Any feed back you guys may have as far how it all works, how long it takes etc would be great!
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"free" lunch?

So, I've taken to actually reading through those Clipper Coupon magazines before tossing them and occasionally using the coupons when I feel like eating out and don't have a specific place in mind. Most of the coupons are of the "buy one x, get one x of equal or lesser value free" variety, which is fine when I'm going someplace with my boyfriend. This time, however, these was a new twist.

I clipped a coupon that said "Buy one lunch, get one lunch free" and then in tiny print said "max. value $6.95". Being a reasonably trusting person, I assumed that there would therefore be some lunch options at this restaurant in the $6.95 and under range. I accepted that there would probably be choices that weren't, but since I mostly wanted beans (this was a Mexican place) I figured that I'd be be able to forgo pricey options like seafood and maybe get a veggie option or something with chicken or beef. Not. One. Meal. on their menu was under $7.95!

I call bullshit.

Is this common now? I've never had this happen before.

Reducing junk

Does anyone have a good idea about how I can stop receiving junk mail? I really hate the fact that I get this kind of stuff every single damn day and it's a complete waste of time and trees. Between the bf and I, we are done being a cum bucket for a marketing campaign.