October 25th, 2008


Custom made shoes?

Hey, so I'm wondering if anyone has ever had to get custom shoes made. I've got bad feet, and can't get a decent pair of shoes to fit right, so I'm thinking I want to check into this route. So yeah, anyone know of good and/or bad places?
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Damn Garage Sale!

My friend is having one of the coolest yard sales today from 10-3 at her house in Milwaukie. She's an artist and collector of unusual, vintage and spooky stuff so she won't be offering the usual garage sale fare.

Here's the poster for the sale under the cut! See ya there and leave some goodies for me!

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the mad barrage of questions :)

I have been adding up some questions to make it a good post (or at least a substantial post) so here it goes:

1) Anybody recommend a place to get a suit taken in or altered?
2) can anybody recommend a place to have an ipod repaired?  The headphone jack isn't making full connectivity but if i take it to apple all they will do is charge me 125$ and send me a new one.... which is not horrible, but i'd like to get it done cheaper if i can.
3.) went to a few strip clubs last night for my friends birthday, not really all that much fun- but... are there any cabarets burlesque clubs in town?
4.) is it true that Oregon is going non-smoking like Washington???? will this include bars and cigar shops?

Thank you for your consideration oh wise and snarky ones.

Need Help

I know there are some lawyers in the house. Does anyone have a good lawyer recommendation for workers right especially in a small business setting (only 10 employees along with the owner and his wife) We Have a few questions to find out if there is a case here or if we are just dealing with douche bag boss and there is nothing we can do about it.

Edit : We  e-mailed BOLI back when everything started to get bad, but never got a response. According to the website there is a lot of violations going on, but things seems to be different for small businesses.

day of the dead

does anyone know where i could find  tissue paper marigolds in town?
my mother is curating a dias de los muertos art show  that opens this week and forgot to order them online.

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cigarette holders?

where can a girl buy a cigarette holder in this town? i'm talking about the long thin cigarette holder, not a case... i've found some really nice looking items online, but i might need instant gratification....

thanks in advance!

Plumber, Anyone?

I am looking for someone to assist in replacing a part in the toilet - please don't ask details, I'm a customer service agent, not a plumber!

Anyway, I live near Mall 205.

Any recommendations?
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goose hollow, y'all

i've gotta move out of my current place cuz i'll be going to school full time and my buiding is income restricted.  i wanna live off the goose hollow max stop, and i'm looking for personal recommendations on buildings right around there.  the building has to allow 2 small pets per apartment and be around $800 or less for a studio or 1 bedroom.  and not be bug-infested or scary, etc.  i know a lot of psu students live around there and i am one myself, but i am on the older, more mellow spectrum of college studenthood and do not want to live somewhere that will end up feeling like a dorm or a frat/sorority house (which is why i am looking for personal recommendations).  other than that i am not too picky, i don't care how old the building is or if there is parking or ac or a fitness center or any of that.  oh, i do need a full kitchen, though.  i couldn't possibly live with a wussy little kitchenette.

and i would like to tell everyone that my current building is super awesome and i heartily recommend living here if anyone is looking to live in the crack-infested dregs of old town/chinatown.  my apartment is super nice and clean and huge and quiet and my manager is sweet and always on top of things, and my maintenance guy is awesome.  which makes it worth living in the crack-infested dregs of old town/chinatown.  fifth avenue place. two thumbs up!
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i found you, a tattooed tramp

I know that every once and a while there's a post asking about tattoo shops. I would definitely recommend Oddball Tattoo on SE 21st/Clinton. I've already sent two of my friends there. From what I've seen all of the artists are amazing, but my guy is Mike Freeman and he is <3. We just finished my first large piece and have started working on another one. I'm so in love with how he made my idea work with my body. Very heavy handed though, owie. Worth it. :)

Also, I think their website is under construction right now anyway, but I highly suggest going into the shop and looking at all the portfolios because they're much more extensive than the online galleries.


So, if you're ending a sentence and truncate someone's last name as the last words, is it proper to use just a single period or a double period.

For example, should it be "You sound like Dave M.." or "You sound like Dave M."?

Both of them look odd to me.
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Does anyone here have any helpful info on getting rid of rats. I found some of their scat in my tool shed and now they are in my walls and ceiling! I tried the old-fashioned rat traps with peanut butter (which didn't set off the trap but feed the varmints) and with cheese (which they were able to nibble on before the trap sprung, but somehow they escaped it.) I am thinking maybe the sticky paper but think that is a cruel death... I welcome any ideas. I'm a little freaked out!