October 24th, 2008

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Something to think about when you're getting ready to vote

My friend Regina works for a small business right now. Her husband works for a different small business owned by a different person. Today, the owners told them that if Obama is elected, they should start looking for new jobs - her boss indicated that after speaking with the accountant their only option will be downsizing.  Her husbands shop will be closing, as they're already on shaky grounds trying to compete with the big-box stores like Circuit City and Best Buy.

Neither business expects to be able to survive the taxation Obama wants.  Both businesses are owned by people who make over 250k/year.  But out of that 250k come things like taxes, payroll for the employees, fuel for the business vehicles, insurance, rent and utilitys.

Two businesses, two separate business owners who pay good wages, and provide good benefits to American familys.

Just something to think about when you're looking at your ballot and thinking about whats best for America, or wondering if you're really going to be able to get a new job when your unemployment cheques quit coming.

Pun Me!

Hey DP,
I have a tradition of dressing as a pun every Halloween (frame of reference, tourist trap, etc.). However, this year a large group of friends are going as DC comic characters and want me to join in. I'd like to have my cake and eat it too, soooo....

Are there any DC characters with pun names? The Google, she is not giving me answers.
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Tonight! Athens boys choir!

This is a reminder: TONIGHT is an Athens Boys Choir show at SMYRC in SE PDX. Open to the public, doors at 7, show at 8. $5 sliding scale, youth 23 and under FREE.

SMYRC is at 2100 SE Belmont St and it's a drug and alcohol free space. Please don't come if you're under the influence (I'd hate to have to kick you out!) and don't use while you're with us. SMYRC is also a smoke-free space, and out of respect for our neighboring businesses, please take any (cigarette) smoke breaks at least a block away from us. Thanks!

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damn date night

Need restaurant suggestions. Decently priced downtown, but most important.. on or a close walk to the MAX line. 

You see, I have a first date (since moving single to Portland!!!!!! six weeks ago) tonight and all we know is we want to meet downtown. I do public transportation so it's gotta be accessible via the MAX (pllleeease no bus transfers, I already gotta take one to get to the MAX). All suggestions welcome, but no super fancy schmancy places because it is only the first date. Also, if you could give me directions from the MAX to the actual restaurant, that would be super helpful :)
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Has everyone received their ballots by now? People keep coming to my door to pester me into voting and they tell me I should have them... but they haven't shown up. I waited on hold with Multnomah County elections for half an hour before I gave up. I'd really like to vote already (and get these people to stop knocking on my door).

Oh, and I live in SE Portland -- 97206.

EDIT: Ok, so everyone else got theirs. I called again and got through to someone in a few minutes and had new ballots sent. What's the most creative conspiracy theory you can think of that would explain why mine didn't arrive originally? (My girlfriend, who lives at the same address as me, didn't receive one either).

If you haven't voted yet, HURRY UP AND VOTE

A recent post reminded me to remind y'all to vote as soon as you can.

The Obama campaign (and, I have to assume, the McCain campaign) are targeting people who are likely voters for their candidate. The earlier you vote, the earlier you get off their lists, and the better they can focus their resources on getting other people to vote. Thus, the earlier you vote, the more you help your candidate.

So hurry up and vote. And, if you've already voted, good for you, Mr./Ms. Awesome Person!
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soft serve, mmmmm :P~~~

hey all!

despite the ever cooling weather, sometimes i just get to jonesin for some soft serve ice cream.

i know i can get it at mcdonalds and dairy queen, but i'd prefer not to.

so where do i get it?

vegan, non-vegan, i don't care. i know the blossoming lotus does some damn fine vegan soft serve, but it's pricey and hard to get to at times.



Ireland Georgian house

Classical Music Question...

Internet cookies for anyt\one who can tell me the song that is playing in this commerical. Composer+++

(This is not a test, I would actually like to know as I've heard it many times before but I know not who the author is.)

Hmm, teh link maybee helpful:

Kira (with name)

Vladimir Vladimir at Imago Theatre - FREE tonight!

Hey everybody, Imago Theatre is offering free tickets to this second-to-last performance of our original show, Vladimir Vladimir.

Doors open at 7:00, the show starts at 8:00. To get your free tickets, just come to the box office and use the password "PROJECT".
Imago Theatre is located at 17 SE 8th Ave (8th & Burnside.)

Click the cut to read more about the show, or visit www.imagotheatre.com

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good first date bars?


i need a venue for a first date (tomorrow). this is not just any first date; i actually know already that i like this person and want it to be the right vibe.

- SE, pref
- non-smoking
- fair amount of privacy, or mood lighting or something
- atmosphere
- a place where chicks who dig chicks will feel a-ok (but not the E-room)
- games/darts/dancing/dj not necessary

my usual place is the victory, and i love it there, but i'm hoping for other options.

thanks bunches in advance!

halloween stuff

Where can I find a cheap pair of mary janes or other little girl like shoes? I never wear these types of shoes, so I don't want to spend a lot. I'm going to be Karen Cooper for Halloween and I need shoes for my dress. I can't really see her shoes in the movies. Any advice? Also if you know where I can find a pointy trowel as opposed to those rounded ones I keep finding...

Political Action Committees

Someone posted on here a bit ago about the Oregon political tax credit (http://www.oregontaxcredit.com/) and I am planning on using it, but I'd much rather donate to a PAC than a political party or candidate.  Does anyone know where there is a list of registered PACs in Oregon?  I've googled, but have come up blank.  I think I know where I will donate the money, but I'd like to see if there are other progressive PACs that I should also consider.  Thanks!
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out of curiosity...

...do any of y'all damnportlanders know if there's any way to get an iPod engraved that you don't purchase from Apple's website? (I know Apple won't do it, but I'm wondering about independent engraver type people)... Preferably someplace local, though if I had to I would send it out.