October 22nd, 2008

Hair dresser in need!

Hi all~!~
I am posting this for my girlfriend who is in need of a sample head of hair for a class she is conducting. I will forward the responses to her, thanks.

Color correction model needed. I'll be teaching a color class and need someone's haircolor to fix. You get a free professional haircolor. I need someone who has dye in their hair already, but it's messed up and needs to be changed. Like maybe you've dyed it black/dark and wish you hadn't. Or the ends are orange, the roots are blonde and the middle's brown, and you need it somehow evened out. The possibilities are endless.

Be at Rudy's Barbershop at 8:45 am on tuesday the 28th of October. The address is 3015 SE Division St. The class goes until noon, possibly a little later.

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Bender 1 Purl 2

Stitch 'N Bitch

At Muddy Waters
2908 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97214

If you are interested, I will bring a bunch of my knitting and crochet books full of great patterns for you to look at and get inspired.

My "regulars" won't be making it tonight so if you think you are interested, please let me know, otherwise I may skip it this week too.

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Al Gore will be in the house Friday October 24th (a benefit for Jeff Merkley). Doors at 5.30, Oregon Convention Center. 503.274.4439.

$50 general admission
$250 seating
$1000 picture and seating
$5000 reception, picture, VIP seating

And for the MANBEARPIG contingent, here is my response:

anti-hurricane machines, low gas prices, enourmous surpus money....oh Al...

(no subject)

Thanks to the other damn communities I belong to I now have a craving that must be satisfied. One of those I-will-not-sleep-until-I-get-this-accomplished cravings.

Best curly (and spicy!) fries in Portland?

Therapy Dog

Does anyone happen to know of any organizations in the Portland Area that will bring a dog to visit patients in the hospital? The people at OHSU couldn't direct me to anyone.

My Dad has been in the hospital for 6 months and as a dog lover I think it might lift his spirits to hang out with one for a few hours. I've heard of therapy dogs in other parts of the country but I haven't seen any around here.

ETA: Heather with the DLAATE team at DoveLewis was able to notify the right people at OHSU to set something up for my Dad.
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I have about a half-dozen leather corsets that are from an era when I was 35+
pounds heavier than I am now. They currently close all the way with wiggle room, and while they still -look- cool they've lost all that wonderful cinching abilities that, quite frankly, women buy corsets for. :}

Does anyone know of a reputable leather worker in the Portland area, either a private person or a company? Does anyone do SCA/cosplay stuff and own a leather-capable machine? Honestly, I simply just want a fold-over-and-stitch job, but I don't think even my all metal gear denim machine would handle it as nicely as a true commercial leather machine would.

And of course, I'd like to wear the black and red flame corset for Halloween, so time is a factor. ;>

Thank you for any leads you might have!
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Boot-tops in town?

Where can I find something like these some white boot-tops here in town? I know I can order online, but I'd much rather get them here in town.

Actual knee-high boots would also work, but they need to be white, and also cheap, since it's for Halloween and I will likely never wear them again.

Thanks, all you Portlanders who are Damned!

P.S. I wear a Size 11, so that tends to complicate finding actual shoes.

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I am looking for a Halloween costume for my 4 1/2 year old daughter.
She is interested in being a dragon, cat, or a butterfly
She wears a 5T she's tall for her age.

Anyone looking to sell a old costume. I have checked one goodwill so far and will be checking others (and value village) just thought I'd throw it out here first though.

If you have any other super cute costumes for this size let me know. I want something REALLY cute though.
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Used DVDs for trade

Is there an outfit in town or nearby that takes used DVDs in for trade, rather than for cash? Everyday Music only does the latter, and Gamestop no longer takes DVDs. Looking to ditch some discs I no longer watch for either games or other DVDs.
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This will be a good way to spend Halloween

Looking for Halloween plans? You should come to this show. It's an all ages house show. Come in costume! A bunch of people are dressing up. It's only TWO BUCKS, and will be a really good time. So grab a couple of your good friends, and make this a destination of yours for Halloween!
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All these bands are on myspace where you can hear their music and see if you might like them. (starting with this one... http://www.myspace.com/monstersizedmonsters )Mostly it's a punk/rock/etc/whatever show

Why does the flier look like that you ask? Well, because in this city, which is saturated with so many bands with so many shows and so many fliers no one gives a sh*t about, I am constantly trying to re-invent a good way to get people's attention, to bring them to a show. This was my latest experiment. I've never created a .giff before, but I think, for a Halloween show, this does the job sufficiently.

Now, to those of you who believe your word is truth and the measure with witch to judge, go ahead and keep those useless, pointless, negative comments coming... I'm going to go plug in my guitar....


Used laptops and concrete finishing

Dear DP'ers, I come to in search of two things:

1. My husband is looking for a used laptop that is wireless capable, nothing fancy, just something for his daughter to use for her on-line classes.

2. My husband is also looking for someone who can finish concrete, we have a small job at our house that needs to be done.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Edit: He has decided to just get her a new one. Still need a reccomendation on the concrete guy.
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Halloween components

I'm going as a vampire for Halloween this year. "How unique and original!" you might sarcastically reply. However, I have a pair of sweet red contacts as a major component of my costume, and standard white makeup and bloodred lipstick and so forth. I'm missing a few pieces for the costume, and I hope that you damned Portlanders can help me.

I am looking for vampire fangs and a non-shitty cape - ideally black with red satin lining and some sort of collar (maybe along these lines), that's sturdier than the tissue paper fabric ones they sell at Freddies. I'd be okay with paying around $30 or so. Any ideas on where to find these? Yes, I know I can buy online and still have time, but I'd rather purchase them in the area. I live in Aloha and work in NW, and I'm willing to go elsewhere if they have what I need. Thanks~
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(no subject)

its me again!

i need that two sided tape stuff that is used for clothing. my costume doesnt hug my body in some areas and i want to tape it down to me so it fits better. there is a kind used for doing this with fabric. duct tape didnt work heh. again, downtown or close in greatly preferred.
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