October 21st, 2008

cat behavior!

I recently got two brother kittens who have been nothing but a joy until two/three days ago. One of the kittens have started agressively licking the other kittens tummy, specifically around the nipples for really really long amount of time. I've moved him away several times and each time he goes running back to his brother and straight for the nipples. What is going on?????!!!!!  They both have plenty of food and water, but I'm worried something is wrong w/ him. Any ideas?

kid friendly vegan?

Any kid friendly vegan restaurants recommended on the westside? Vita cafe is highly recommended, but it's a bit of a drive for my friends who are staying with relatives in vegan-unfriendly Sherwood.

If there was something closer in SW, that would be perfect. But would still like to hear your favorites, whether they be SE, NE, or wherever. Thank you!
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comfort godsend, or fashion victim accomplice?

i'm in the market for a new pair of shoes.  i've heard really good things about keens.  i'm looking for something i can wear to work (jeans/collard shirt casual office job), walk to work in, and on the weekends (dive bars, the park, nothing too fancy). basically i'm looking for the all around perfect shoe b/c i don't like buying different shoes for different occasions--i'm a simple mid-20s guy.  i've been wearing black adidas shell tops for the last several years, if that's any indications.  i'm pretty much sold, but i fear i'll look like some camp counselor in them...?

so, DPers, are Keens fashionable enough?

and for those in the know, what style/model would you recommend, and why?
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(no subject)

I know, I know, this question ( or something similar ) gets posted nearly every week, but here's the sitch:

Next week, I'm meeting a friend for dinner downtown. He's staying in NE, I live in Hillsboro (and don't drive), so we need someplace that is relatively close to the Max and not shady.

I know there are like, a gazillion places, but I'm drawing up a blank now. Any suggestions, recs?

Edit: I'm really picky, he's really adventuresome, we are both super poor.

Looking for any and all recs. I wasn't able to find a site that was helpful.

Warren Miller

I have two tickets to Warren Miller's show this Friday at 8pm. The seats are on the main floor. I'll sell them to one of you for a little less than face value @ $40 for both!

Someone has to want them......
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Keep Portland weird!

Vaguely interesting - I got home last night and there was a business card in my door from the Clackamas County DA's office, looking for someone named Alexis. Of course now I'm dying to know who it is and why the DA wants them, but I called the number on the card and told them that I'd lived there for a year and I had no idea who the guy was. Prob'ly something boring like a probation violation, but still.
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good eats

i could do a search on the computer interwebs.....or i could ask the DP oracle. 
naturally, i chose the latter.

i'm going to a show tonite at the Wonder Ballroom. 

what place nearby would you recommend for good eats?
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'Cause who needs Google when you have DP?

So (thanks to acasewanderlust) I'm thinking of starting a running regimen. Here's the "but" - I have pronated ankles and a short leg, so I need shoes that allow for my orthotics and lift. When I walked in the Breast Cancer 3-Day, back in 2003, they recommended using running shoes for the sheer amount of walking we'd be doing, and I found that Saucony Hurricanes were perfect. Thing is, I lived in the Bay Area then. So whereabouts do you guys go to get running shoes? I actually did do some googling, but my google-fu is weak and I only found one store up on NE Halsey. And I do know about the Nike Outlet. Where else would one go around the Portland area for running shoes? Anything in the SE/Clackamas/Milwaukie area?

Many thanks!
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Pet Stain and Odor remover?

You guys have been so helpful to me lately, so I thought I'd come to you with another question.

My little doggie peed on the carpet (that's what I get for having a late day at work), but anyway, I tried to use some stuff called Nature's Miracle to clean it up and stop the odor. Despite saturating the area several times and even scrubbing the stain and the smell still seem to be there.

Petowners, what do you use when your pet pees on the carpet. Doesn't matter if it's store bought or homemade solutions. If it's store bought, please tell me the store. If it's homemade, send me the recipe.
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I fail at getting a perfect grade in democracy

I mailed out my ballot today, but I wasn't sure which one of the candidates for East Multnomah County Soil & Water Conservation District At Large #1 (or was it #2) was best for the job, so I left that one blank.

Does anyone know if Multco reports ballots received? I know they don't post who people actually voted for until election day, but I think they report how many people have mailed back their ballots.
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here knitty knitty!

I am looking for the peeps that organize the Muddy Waters coffeehouse knit night on Wednesdays!

I'm planning on attending tomorrow night and will be re-learning (from anyone who'd like to take a few moments to demonstrate simple knit/purl technique) and am interested in making a knit hat (which I know isn't the easiest project to start on).

If anyone has some great easy-ish patterns for a simple bowl shaped knit hat they could bring or suggest for me to look into purchasing/checking out from the library - that would be super!! Any advice on felting would be great too!

I look forward to seeing ya'll there tomorrow night!

(and yes, I have circular needles!)


 Has anyone been to Rebound Orthopedic? I've had a couple of folks recommend the Vancouver clinic to me, but I'm trying to get in at the Portland location. If you've used them, how was your experience there? I have a pretty nasty leg injury that I can't seem to kick, and am hoping to get a second opinion from them.


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Mental Health Jobs

I know there's been a lot of posts lately about job searches. However, these have been aimed mainly at the general employment area. I'm looking for employment in a specific area, and although I've scoured the internet, I'd also LOVE help from you all.

So... suggestions of mental health jobs. I have my M.A. in Forensic Psychology (so, I'd prefer to work with offenders, but I'm up for ANYTHING). I've looked all over craigslist, and some of the local government sites. I'm wondering if any of you know of awesome places to work either by working there yourself, knowing someone who works there, receiving services from there, or even if it's a "uhh i heard about this place but I know nothing." I would really appreciate any ideas you guys have!!

I know everyone is sick of job postings... and I know everyone is sick of people moving to Portland... but, after living in Milwaukee and Chicago, I moved to fucking southern Indiana (it might as well be Kentucky), and I am going stir-crazy. I need your help! Thanks!

twin bed

Okay Dpers!
I need to find a twin bed and boxspring. Looking at freecycle kinda creeps me out. Craigslist is dubious. Whats my best bet for finding a good (not stinky) twin mattress and boxspring thats not full of bedbugs, for under 50.00. Where do you recommend?

Have one you're not using?
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Darklady by Ator

EVENT: Darklady's Harvest Fest Mid-Party Social Night - 10/28

Darklady's Pre-Polyween/Harvest Fest Mid-Party Social

Polyween is nearly here – so it's time for Darklady's Pre-Harvest Festival of Hedonism Mid-Party Social Night at Rumpspankers Restaurant.

Tuesday, October 28th
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Ages 18+
Fully Accessible

Rumpspankers Restaurant
700 NE Dekum
Portland, OR

Meet and greet Darklady and her Darklings, catch up with party friends, meet new friends, enjoy a smoke-free dining experience, have the Tarot Wizard gaze at your cards -- and just have a great time at a great restaurant with some great people.

Join Darklady and friends for an evening of pansex-friendly coffee, cocktails, conversation, and good company, as well as healthy and delicious food (vegan, vegetarian, and omnivorous).

Wear a costume or bring a pet care or human dry good/hygiene donation for Esther’s Pantry and get super cool door prizes from Taboo Video, Topco Sales, Big Teaze Toys & the Stockroom.

OpEdNews.com & HuffingtonPost.com

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(no subject)

i am looking for some theatrical latex. either ben-nye brand or just any kind . i hear i can get it at most halloween stores, but somewhere else is fine with me too. closest place to downtown? i need to pick it up in the next two days.
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