October 20th, 2008

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Workin' Out

Now that the rain has come and I am in workout, get fit mode...I am trying to figure out some indoor workout activities. One, of course, is joining a gym. I am currently working out with a trainer in NW at a "personal training only " gym and will need to augment that now that the rain may prevent me from walking and/or doing other spring and summer outdoor activities.

So I ask you all:

Which gym do you belong to and where is it located?

Why do you like it: location, price, equipment? How much is it?

Any other suggestions?

I live in SE-Woodstock area, but work in NW, near 23rd....so I am open to anywhere fairly close-in.


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Anyone here a practicing Buddhist (or just a meditation aficionado)?

I ask because I'm looking for a good place with group meditation (both guided and non-), kirtan, etc. There are so many options that I'm just completely overwhelmed, so I'd love some personal recommendations. I'd love it if they upheld a sense of community, too.

Just curious. Thanks very much.

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I am a horrible horrible Nana. DamnPortlanders, here is my tale of woe, please help!

Another wonderful DP'er recently posted about kittens she was rehoming for her mom, who was in ICU. My wife and I lost 3 of our older cats last winter, and she has a thing about Scottish Folds, so we went to look. Although we finally decided we weren't ready for another kitten, we did find a darling fuzzy black girl, about 10-12 weeks old, who would be the perfect companion to the cat my daughter and grandson already have.

Take cat home, give her a name, grandson squeals. Kitten is playful, loving, fits in perfectly, purrs like a steam-engine.

Apartment manager points out that lease allows ONE CAT ONLY. I have appealed to the top, Mr. Joe Weston, CEO of American Property Management, but haven't heard anything and really don't expect to.

So, DP - would you love a new kitten? She looks kinda like the one here. Conversely, does anyone know of a two bedroom apartment, relatively close-in SE or N, under $650/month, which would allow two cats??

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Haunted hayrides and other fun stuff

I am looking for suggestions for a pumpkin patch that is fun, is NOT super crowded and has all or most of the following on a Friday night:

~haunted hayrides (or just hay rides)
~corn maize
~apple cider (bonus for donuts)
~pumpkin activities (launching, bowling, etc)
~would be enjoyable for a group of us in our mid to late 20s

Don't care where or how much but if you're able to comment on these items, please do.

I've heard about Plumper Pumpkin patch and would LOVE to hear more if you're up for the challenge :)

Rainy Day

How much would you pay for...

a dog-walker?

I'm interested in taking on a couple of families for afternoon dog-walking out here on the Westside, mostly for the animal interaction (since we can't have a dog currently) and partially because I know there are people who need the service and would pay to have someone help them out. (I'll avoid the ensuing conversation about people who have dogs and then don't have the time or energy to walk them...We all have different life circumstances that come up!)

What I don't yet know is what the "going rate" is for this kind of service. It's sort of like babysitting - if you haven't done it for a few years you're all of a sudden shocked that people pay over minimum wage for something you used to do for $2-$5 an hour!

As my craigslist ad currently states that payment agreements will be negotiated at the time of interview, what is a fair rate in your personal opinion?

Edited to add: If you are in the greater Hillsboro area and are interested in this service as well, don't hesitate to comment! :)

a different kinda job hunting question

So I've got this soul-sucking job at a call center. I can't say it's been all bad - it kept me alive, and then some, for the last couple years - but obviously I don't want to stay there forever, and I feel like the quality and quantity of my work has been better than I've been paid for, and that I have skills and experience that either go unused, or go unappreciated when I do use them.

Basically, I think I'm good enough to get a better job than this.

The problem - aside from the present recession - is that I have no idea what this better job would be, or how I would go about finding it. I never had any kind of clear career goal growing up, I never went to college, I don't really have any role models to follow, and I have no idea what I would qualify for (or almost qualify for, needing only a little study, a class, or some on-the-job training to get up to speed).

I don't expect you guys to figure out what my next job should be (which is why I've omitted any mention of what my skills and experience actually are), but does anyone know where I would look or who I would talk to for help with this kind of thing?

(And before anyone mentions it, I'm not looking for the Occupational Outlook Handbook, and I'm not looking for some dumb "career quiz" that asks me if I like working under supervision or if I like creative jobs, and then tells me I should be a veterinarian or a graphic designer; I want specific help in identifying the qualifications I already have and applying them to the job market.)

Costumes for adults

Okay, I'm realizing that I've been procrastinating on this for too long...

So, who has a good selection (not too expensive, naturally) of costumes for adults, which do not fall in the "Sexy _____" category? Specifically looking for animal costumes.
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hawthorne food carts

On 12th & Hawthorne a giant bank of late night food carts have opened up! There's about five of them. I've only tried the fries cart, where they serve paper cones filled with fresh french fries and have about ten different sauces. There's also a soup cart, a BBQ cart, and more!

All of these carts are open WED-SAT, 8pm-3am and have cheap eats.

Check it out!

edited address, thanks!
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Resume writers?

A friend of mine doesn't have LJ so she asked me to post this for her:

Wanted: Recommendations for local resume writers. She already has a resume, she just wants to get it retooled (she's a marketing guru, so fairly high-level stuff). She tried one lady who quoted her $500 for this service, but she's pretty sure there's someone out there with comparable experience who can do it for less.
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Trash... with Francis and Buzz

The details are hazy, but apparently the owner of the house we rent is going through a messy divorce/breakup. As long as we've lived here, her husband/boyfriend has always performed her duties as landlord, and has been our only point of contact with her.

So in the midst of all this, our trash bill hasn't been paid and the trash hasn't been picked up for two weeks. Our resident property manager called the trash company and tried to get it straightened out, but they won't deal with her at all because she's not the owner.

What can we do? My first inclination is to just pile the trash on the curb until the neighbors complain and the owner gets fined, but I like living here and I don't want to burn any bridges.
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posty mcposterson on situational ethics


If I'm selling an electric piano in excellent condition for $750 because I bought it for $1000 less than a year ago and would like to not lose too much investment...

But then see a piano at Costco that is brand-new and has similar features to mine for $599...

And have a potential buyer coming to see said piano...

Would you feel ethically/morally/constitutionally obligated to inform potential buyer of the better price even though it may mean losing your sale (and potential rent money)?


The Portland Piano-Seller

**And I know how I feel about it, I'm curious to know what the greater community-at-large thinks**
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Best Gaming Headphones Evahhhh?

Calling all gamers....hubby and some mates recently got me into playing WoW and now I'm addicted like the rest of 'em.

I am currently using an inexpensive set of headphones with a mic (so I can have Ventrilio running at the same time) but they are uncomfortable after an hour or two (I know, that sounds sad).

For you serious gamers, can you recommend a good set of gaming headphones (with mic) that are comfy and light, decent quality and don't cost more than $100? I'd prefer closer to $50 but will pay more if need be.

Thanks much.
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Bed, Free To Good Home

I have a twin-size roll-away bed that needs a new home.

It's in excellent condition, one might venture to say "like new" if that didn't sound so damn cheesy. It is, however, free from any stains, odors, or broken parts. Also, i promise it won't chew up your carpets or piddle on your rug.

You'll need a station wagon or truck to get it outta here, I'd imagine. It's not heavy but it IS a folding bed, after all. But, hey, it's free.

Speak up if you want it. I'm up here in Vancouver.
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Wanted: Kant coloring pages!

So...someone in class mentioned an Immanuel Kant coloring book she'd purchased online, and I figured it'd be a hilarious gift - I just can't find it. Has anyone heard of it? Know where I should look? Here's hoping she wasn't lying, I want this so badly. Thank yuh.

Roller Derby Tickets

I have two general admission tickets for the WFTDA 2008 Roller Derby Championship taking place November 14-16th at the Portland Expo Center.  

Event Info Here:  http://northwestknockdown.com/

I'm not gonna be able to make it to the west coast that weekend, and don't want them to go to waste.  They cost me $75 each, but I'm willing to negotiate.  Drop me a line if you're interested.
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I saw gas for $2.99 while driving in Vancouver today. Apparently it's also $2.99 at a few places by my work, also in Vancouver. My sister was driving home from Port Angeles and found gas for $2.78 at some random place. It's quite sad when we get excited for gas < $3.00

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Holy shit. Budweiser "American Ale" is actually... (ulp) drinkable.

Few guys I know told me to try it and see what I thought (said with a wink and a grin).

I'm stunned. It's not the best thing in the universe, but it's probably the best buck-a-beer ($5.99 for a six pack at Freddies) that you can buy right now.

Anyways.. that's it.

EDIT: Man you people. I'm not saying it's the best. 1554 right now has my vote for best beer. Silly fuckin' beer snobs.
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Lost Cat Found!

In this post I asked for people to keep a look out for my kitty.

I have never been so happy that I take so many pictures of all my kiddos (including furrkids) in my life.  Genevieve is home safe having come running from the street behind the house when I went calling for her again tonght.  It looks like she was fed and in a house since it has been so cold and raining the last few days and she is not wet or cold or hungry.  She is staying close and my other cat is on me right next to her.  I need to give her medication and we will be keeping an eye on her for the next few days to make sure she is completely okay.

Thank you to all the people that gave me advice and support. She is home safe and now all my kids are together again.