October 19th, 2008

Men, Part 2

Thanks for all the great comments on my original posting on this. So we went out again tonight, it was fun, but not the same. It was sort of like the magic was gone. I don't know why. He does not have a boyfriend and it became apparent from his comments that I would not be the next one. But I'm okay with it, things he said tonight made it obvious he is not someone that would be good for me as a partner. We did have a fun time though and I think we will be good friends. Happy Halloween week everyone!
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2 Free Tickets to the Portland Trailblazers

2 Free Tickets to the Portland Trailblazers Kia is running a local promo where you can get two tickets to a Portland Trailblazers home game of your choice.

Copy and paste www.trailblazers.com/tickets/kia and fill out the form. Not necessary to enter actual personal info because the tickets will be on will call for whatever name you want.

On second page you select game and enter promo code-


Page may have trouble loading at times, keep trying and you will get in.

tip of the hat

Help a fella out?

OK, DP, here's my story. I just moved to Portland, and I've been couchsurfing for the last week or so, trying to find a room and a job. Thing is, no one will let me rent a room unless I have a job, and no one will give me work without a home address. Is there some way around this little catch-22?

The other part of that is actually finding a job. I'm used to living in the midwest, where job hunting is as easy as going down to The Street With the Stores and applying to all of them. All I'm looking for is some cheesedick retail gig, selling books or movies or records or something, and there's not a lot of call for that in the CraigsList jobs section. So, how do I go about finding such a job?

Thanks, all. I promise I'll post something more interesting some day.
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Retail drama

So I was with my friend Gina (not her real name) yesterday. We were on our way to meet some friends at a bar. On the way, we dropped into a sex toy store (I won't say which one) and she found something she liked. We took it to the counter to pay for it. The cashier asked for ID, she showed her student ID. The cashier then pointed out that he needed something with her DOB on it. At this point Gina, who is Russian and has a bit of an impatient streak in her, sighed as she reached into her purse. On hearing the sigh, the cashier put up his hand and said "You know what? We don't need people with your kind of attitude in here. You can take your business elsewhere." Gina apologized, but he wasn't having any of it. So then we had to leave. As we walked out we could see through the glass walls that the guy working the register was leaving, and Gina wanted to go back in and try again with the other cashier. I didn't really want to, but it was her purchase, so whatever. We went back in and tried the purchase again. But the other guy said "I saw the whole thing, you are not welcome in our store." So we left again. We met our friends at the bar. After a couple of minutes, Gina got up to go to the bathroom. In a little bit, I needed to use the bathroom too. When I went there, I found Gina crying.

What do you think, Portlanders? I know she shouldn't have sighed, but was it really worth ruining her day over?
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Salaam Bombay

If you thought Indian cinema = Bollywood, you should check out Mira Nair's Salaam Bombay. This is IMHO one of the very best Indian movies made in my lifetime.

This is the real thing. It's beautifully acted and directed. All the child actors are actual street kids. It doesn't pull any punches and it's definitely *not* a made-for-the-Oscars feelgood foreign film, nor is it Bollywood pulp. It's about the other India, the one you don't see in fucking Saif Ali Khan movies.

It's on Netflix etc.

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So, DamnPortlanders, inquiring minds want to know:

1. For those of you out there into metal (of any sort), what's your favorite love ballad by a metal band?

2. What would your recommendations be for songs based around the "you're my best friend as well as my lover" theme? I'm putting together a compilation for someone special, and am looking for the input of other folks. Any genre, doesn't really matter to me.


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Another post- sorry. You guys are just so damned helpful!

New to Portland, not prepared for nor accustomed to so much rain. I need rain gear that doesn't make me look frumpy. I don't know anything about clothes/fashion (and don't have any friends here yet who do), so if I were left to my own devices the result probably wouldn't be so pretty.

I'm looking for a trench coat (up to 250/300 bucks is my budget), and another over-the-shoulder bag (messenger bag, etc, the cheaper the better) that is water-resistant, at least to some degree.

All of these things I'd like to be able to try on (with the exception of maybe the boots if there are some awesome ones available online).

I've googled and googled. I hate the mall, but I'll go there if I have to. It'd be neater to find something in a smaller store, if you guys know of any. I have big feet (10/11), and wear clothing sizes 8-10-sometimes 12 (pants, torso is somewhat smaller), so boutiques that cater to the super-skinny wouldn't work. My style, if you can call it that, is very simple and basic...nothing too loud (no bright purple trenches, sparkly rainboots-though I could swing a simple pattern). Anywhere in Portland will do.

I literally don't know where to start- I don't go clothes shopping unless I really have to.

So, what do y'all suggest? What do you wear personally in the rainy season?


Share time!

Okay we all know how much we love to share in this community. So tell me Portlanders, what does your desktop look like and what browser/operating system do you use? I want screenshots!

I'm currently running Ubuntu 8.10 Beta(Intrepid Ibex) and because there is no Google Chrome for linux(shakes fists) I use Opera and Firefox.
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Does anyone know if any laundromats on the east side that stay open REALLY late or 24 hours? Also, do any of them have WiFi?

I want to go out to dinner tonight but I have laundry to do and my apartment laundry closes at 9 pm!

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fuel assistance

Has anyone gone through the process to request assistance with heat?  I googled and found a site that says it can help but when I click on the multnomah county part of the map it gives me just a few places, the first of which is the Salvation Army, and when I called their answering machine said they couldn't help with electricity bills, could help with water bills and had food boxes - no mention of heat (except I assume they can't help if your heat is electric). 


anyone know of a liberal church worth checking out? we're looking for a bunch of open-minded, non-bible-pushing folks. somewhere that we can blend in and be accepted, maybe? NE is a plus.
where do you go to church?

somebody halp meh!

Je ne sais pas.

I am in need of assistance. Of the restaurant sort.

I'm president of the French Club at my school, and we were planning to take a trip downtown Portland sometime in November. The only French restaurant that I know of is Chez Machin in Hawthorne district, but if my memory serves me correctly, it's fairly pricey.

So I suppose I should get to the assistance part. I need a French restaurant that is fairly affordable and is accessible via public transit. If you've been to said restaurant, an average price would be wonderful.


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well after the holidays i move alllllll the way to portland oregon. being an east coast girl all my life i am not gonna lie i am a smidge nervous about it.
as january 2 gets closer and closer i do more and more research on portland. it really sounds lovely. i have never been there. or anywhere on the west coast for that matter. i go nov 6 to meet with some real estate agents to talk about different options.

i have lived in atlanta forever, and though i love it here i will in no way miss the red state- southern baptist- blue law, bullshit.

we are looking to live in the heart of the city, very close to public transportation, because i am selling my volvo.
the girl i am moving with wants to live in the louisa. in the pearl district. she is very corporate america barbie type. but i keep looking at it and it seems very nice and possibly snooty.

maybe too nice and too snooty for someone who makes a living by flinging paints around and has two menacing ferrets?

i am drawn to all the colorful little houses. but i am not sure where they are located in relation to the more central area of the city.

can anyone suggest any neighborhoods that we could rent a house instead of an apartment but still be able to walk into the city?

money isn't a huge issue.

thanks for your help.
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Roommate Needed!

A friend of mine is looking for a roommate if anyone is looking for a new home or knows or anyone else looking for a new home. It's in a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo with new appliances and washer and dryer in unit. The place is on SE 66th and Division and she has two cats. No big parties at home.

Phone number is 360-903-3495 or MHayden42@yahoo.com
Craigslist Ad Link: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/roo/885179865.html
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Oh great DP oracle.... does that tell you where we're going with it?

I'm planning a wedding and checking out venues. We're down in Salem but the boy's parents live in Tualatin. We weren't really considering a wedding but his mother told us today the Tualatin Heritage Center rents for a very reasonable price. Has anyone ever attended an event there? I won't be able to head up that direction for at least another week or two so any personal experiences would be fabulous.

Need someone good with chalk...

Hey artistic DP-ers,

I'm a bartender at Tugboat Brewing, downtown, and I've got a little problem you might be able to help me with.

We've got a chalkboard with our food items, which are limited to simple foods like Nachos, Ravioli, and Cheese & Fruit plates -- unfortunately, the owner has just atrocious spelling, and many of the items have glaring errors.  Any changes I've made only seem to highlight the errors I can't fix -- who spells Hummus as Humas?

So what I'm looking for is someone who could come in, and rewrite the entire menu in chalk, using their artistic skills.  I'm not looking for anything overwhelming, just a clean nice, properly spelled menu.  I mean, if you could draw a little Tugboat, that'd be sweet, but it's hardly necessary.
It's worth noting, the board is screwed up there, so it can't be taken down, which means you'll need to stand on a stool in order to draw on it.

I work today (Monday) from 5-10pm and I'm happy to buy a beer for someone who's got the proper skills.  Anyone have any interest dropping into the bar around 5:00 (when there won't be many folks there), and doing a little chalk-work for me?.