October 18th, 2008

stereo repair

Just moved to town and my husband and I collect old stereo tube equipment. We're looking for a recommendation for a good tech who can service and repair antique hifi tube amps, like the McIntosh MC75. Any suggestions?


Damn, I hope I'm asking this right. I have a friend in another state who is a recent convert to Judaism. She sent me all her pagan stuff - a big boxful! - and now I want to do something nice for her. Being not Jewish, I ask here...where's the best local place to buy Judaica....stuff?....and what might be recommended for a new Jew? The only thing I know is a menorah!

Oh, and I know about the small selection at Celtic Treasures on Hawthorne.

Thanks much!

EDIT: Everything Jewish it is! Thanks to all the answers - the serious ones for the help and the smart-ass ones for the laughs. :-)
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Carpet Cleaner

Does anyone know how it cost to rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner and where you can rent those from on the west side? I got a carpet emergency and a guest coming in a few days.
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(no subject)

Where can I find bloomers in town? I need short, end at the upper thigh style in white. They also need to fit a big butt; I wear a size 16 pants. The few pairs I've found in vintage stores are super small, probably child sized. I don't have time to order them online and have them arrive in time for my costume. I'm going as damned Alice.

place to sell a car?

i've been trying to unload my 1997 Pontiac Transport minivan (sexy AND functional!) for a while now, but I leave for Hawaii on Wednesday morning and I have yet to find a buyer. I am moving back to Hawaii permanently, and it's not possible to bring the car back with me. Does anyone know of used-car lots or such that are actively buying cars? I know I can donate the car, but I'd really like to sell it. Any suggestions? Or is there anyone who'd like to buy a mini van in very good condition for $2,000 OBO? (well below the blue book price)?

baby shower!

I am looking for a place to have a medium sized baby shower for my friend. Our apartment is pretty small, and I'd really like to make sure this goes over well. Having it at her church was the original plan, but that's out of the question now since she's not married and they don't approve. I've checked out rates on smallish rec rooms at Matt Dishman and Montavilla community centers, but $30/hr is kind of a lot. I feel like I would rather spend $60 on food/nice decorations/a gift instead of renting a room. Right now, I am thinking we'll probably end up having it here. I just wanted to ask if anyone had any suggestions of a cheap place to have it before we start sending out invitations. Something in North or Northeast would be best.
Also, any suggestions on baby shower games or any general baby shower type things you've enjoyed in the past would be greatly appreciated! I've never helped plan one before.
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Just voted...

....and taking the ballot down now to the Obama satellite HQ at 15th and NE Killingsworth.

I think you know who I'm voting for....and I'm proud to be "not a real American"!

Get your ballots in - it'll save you receiving a lot of junk mail and calls from campaigns!
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(no subject)

OK, am I being overly sensitive?

I was down on Hawthorne and decided to pop into Metro. I walked in the door and was told I had to check my bag. I then remembered I didn't HAVE a bag. I said "you mean my purse?" yup. They wanted me to check my purse. Not like my purse is LARGE (it isn't). My purse is normal-sized carried around the shoulder/on my hip. Is this NORMAL now? I understand stores wanting to check grocery/shopping bags... but purses? I'm not going to stuff some cheap-ass wings/hat/whatever in my purse (not that anything would fit, anyway). Most of their small stuff is behind glass, anyway. I walked out.

Is this what stores are doing now? Sorry, but that just PISSED me off. Metro used to have some fun stuff, but now it feels just like any other cheap mall Halloween store (except the stupid Halloween store was less insulting). I guess I'll go back to doing my shopping on the interwebs. Do stores really make you check your purses at the door now??? Do guys have to leave their big-pocket cargo pants at the front door, too?

Saturday night dancing?

Anybody got a recommendation of a good place in Portland to go out and shake it tonight? I've gotten pretty set in my ways (funk night at the Good Foot and bhangra night at the Fez) and am looking to branch out. I'm mostly looking for good music, a crowd more interested in dancing than in finding a one night stand, and cover that won't make me me wince too badly.
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Turning 21

I'm turning 21 on the 22nd, and want to know if any bars/clubs offer special deals to the freshly legal.  Is there a beautiful/awesome/interesting place you recommend?

Or any other cool things to do/see with a few friends?

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(no subject)

This is embarassing.

But does anyone happen to have this season's premiere and following episodes of Grey's Anatomy taped on DVD? I really want to see them, and the episode player at abc.com doesn't work for me. The show will come up, but it moves incredibly slowly and the audio is broken up. I don't know how to work those torrent-y things, and am not sure my computer is fast enough for them anyway (but if you had any suggestions on how to work it- I have utorrent downloaded on my computer. I'm just not very tech savvy.)

If you have helpful hints or have the episodes taped and wouldn't mind me borrowing them, I'd appreciate it!
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I just saw him!

I just got to Kansas City Missouri for work. We went to a restaurant downtown. Tons of Police cars and commotion. Roads blocked off. Secret Service SUVs flying by, then... Our Saviour... Barack Obama! He waved!
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Hair dye?

I used to go to The Big Bang Warehouse and London Underground to buy hair dye downtown but I heard they are non existant anymore, is there another place downtown that sells Manic Panic hair dye other than mall stores? I think I also used to buy it at Another State of Mind on Burnside but I dont know if that is still there either. Is my best bet going to Sallys beauty?

Date Blade!

He's 27, he's German, and yes, his name is Blade. And he's never been kissed. Could he be your Seth Rogen/Michael Cera/Steve Carell? You'll never know if you don't try! Give a nice guy a chance =) He's right in Vancouver =)