October 17th, 2008


small and sad changes in downtown

1. The beautiful birch tree on the northwest corner of Sixth and Jefferson is slated to be cut down. The 14 day community protest window ends on 10/24. I have no idea why the tree is being taken out or if anyone is seeking to stop it. But the corner will be less appealing without it.

2. Blind Onion is gone! WTF? There's a pizza place there, but it ain't Blind Onion. Anybody know if the owners just changed the name, or is it under new ownership? If it was just a name change, it was an unwise one. I for one, don't want to eat at "Gutbusters Pizza". And I miss the cute onion with dark glasses, now the logo is some generic Italian pizza maker caricature. Yawn.


Dear Gatekeeper:

I am leaving Portland. Open one slot for someone to move in.
I apologize. I the job I am leaving is seasonal. And I was living at home (yeah, with mommy) so I didn't open up a sweet apartment in a cool neighborhood within biking distance to EVERYTHING.  

So, Gatekeeper, I may have just opened up standing room. I'll leave that up to you to decide. 

Damnportlanders, you do give the best advise and tend to have more productive snark than where I am going (Seattle.) I'll be seeing you around.  

Pumpkin Hoe-down Madness

This saturday from 4-10pm Kruger's Farm is having a Hoe-down.
From 4-6 Portland Zydeco band "The New Iberians" are puttin' on a show.
From 7-9 "Lisa and her Kin" take the stage. Good ol' fashion rockabilly.
(and the times are estimated, going from memory)

$5.00 per car after 5pm.

This is going to be similar to the summer concerts if any of you checked those out. Music in the field, dancing, BBQ/ beer/wine/soup/roasted corn/sandwhiches.

New additions for the season: Hay rides to a torch lit pumpkin patch, corn maze, caramel apples (my specialty), hot apple cider, pie. 

The hay rides are free, and hopefully the weather will lighten up for us a little bit. 

Be forewarned! Sauvie Island can get a little nuts this time of year. Lots of people, but lots of fun. The traffic isn't as bad as previous years from what I can tell. Looks like the new bridge is helping out a little after all. 

This may be the last concert for a while. Not just because the season is coming to an end, but zoning issues have come up and the city has shut down the concerts for next year until some agreement is made. I am hopeful that it will all work out, but there is no telling right now. 

I will be working my ass off. Hope to see some of you there. 

http://www.krugersfarm.com/ (there isn't any hoe down info on the site yet, but there are directions to sauvie island and the farm)
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heating oil/oil furnace people

Anyone have experience with a heating oil delivery company they would recommend (or recommend against)?  We're in outer SE if that matters.  How much does heating oil go for these days (I'm a little afraid to look)?
Also, anyone have recommendations/anti-recommendations of oil furnace service-type people?  I'm hoping we don't have to go there, seems like it should be the landlord's responsibility, but they're not awesome about getting things done in a timely manner and it's getting pretty darn cold.  I'm hoping the lack of heat is just because there's no oil (?) since everything I do to fiddle with the furnace onswitches doesn't have any result whatsoever, but...
thanks all

DP, the soundtrack

So if damnportlanders had a soundtrack, what would be on it?
My top 3 votes:

(1) Bohemian Like You, by the Dandy Warhols
(tragically I didn't even hear the song until after I had outgrown that lifestyle)
(2) Idiot Wind by Bob Dylan
(3) something by synthcat
Nom nom nom nom

Anyone else seeing this? (warning: geekiness to follow)

It looks like Qwest assigned a new set of IP addresses to their Portland DSL hubs, or at least the ones I connect through. Google apparently does not know what geographic location they are associated with, even though the associate host name is [IP].ptld.qwest.net, and since they have some issue with trademark infringement ("Gmail") in Germany, it looks like they assume all unknown IPs are in Germany.

What does this do to me? Well, I use Gmail, and I can no longer type "gmail.com"; I had to change my bookmark to "mail.google.com". OK, no big deal.

But now, any site that has ads supplied by Google (LJ, /., others) tends to show me ads in German. In some ways, it's more comical than annoying, but where I normally just ignore ads, they sort of jump out at me now, since they aren't quite as clearly related to what I'm looking at.

Anyway, is anyone else here using Qwest DSL, and if so, have you noticed similar issues since they added the 90.120.*.* netblock to the 70.*.*.* netblock they had been using before?

looking for something cheap, fun, eastside and ecclectic tonight?

Nostalgia (Kristin Lee turns 33!) www.myspace.com/thisisnostalgia
Sad Music for Happy Humans www.myspace.com/sadmusicforhappyhumans & www.happyhumans.org
Spirospero www.myspace.com/sspirospero
Happy Wigs of Doom

An ecclectic evening all for 2 bucks at the lovely Plan B (se 8th and main), no smoking indoors/outdoor smoking patio, lots of seating, dance floor, cheap/stiff drinks and great funky vibe!
So Curious

Good Italian Restaurants?

Hey, does anyone know a good Italian restaurant in the area, preferrably in or near Beaverton? My girlfriend's parents are moving down to Sacramento and they want to take her and me out to dinner beforehand. Since it's also close to my girlfriend's birthday, this will be her birthday dinner and she wants to get Italian food, but we have no idea which area restaurants are good. Any help is greatly appreciated!

♥ Riikka

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Temporary Holiday Work

I know how folks have been asking where to find jobs in PDX, so here's a couple temp positions, I know of that are opening up...

Holiday cashier jobs available at Powells Bookstore downtown.
Must have cashiering experience....

Applications are available on the fourth floor at the Customer Service Desk
Schedule requirements include:
Full-time availability
Weekend and evening availability
Anticipated start date – November 17th
Positions expected to last as needed until January 4th
Hours expected to average 20 hours/week November 17th – December 15th and average 35 hours/week December 15th – January 4th
The closing date for this posting is October 26th.

Hours: ~20hours/week until Dec 15th and ~35hours/week – January 4th
Wage Range:
Entry Level: $9.04 - $10.77 per hour

import albums

Are there any record stores in Portland where you can buy imports? I know tower records used to have an import section. What about everyday music? I don't want to make the trip over there for nothing. I'm looking for a CD from Australia that hasn't been released in the US. I don't want to order it over Amazon if I can avoid it.
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if you didn't already see this....

It's our favorite party of the year!

picture from Mr. Reusch, one of my fav. artists

We brought the Death Punch, We brought you Porn and Cupcakes. From the blondes who dreamed up bettie page and chocolate cake, from the boys who bring the booze year after year, from those of us who make this awesomeness happen annually: It's that time again!

We are having our party early, as always, so you enjoy the halloween shenanigans longer than usual. This year we're also featuring a post-shindig hangover party! Too much absinthe/tequila/death punch? here, have a gatorade and some vitamins.

Music, beer, booze, dancing, whip cream fights, scantily clad women and horror flicks all crammed into one house!!

will you be there*, or will you miss out on one of the best halloween parties in portland?

Come dressed your best, or we might have a costume for you of our own!

4737 SE 44th

Saturday, Oct 25th! 8pm-ish!

*Evil green elf trolls named jason not invited.
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free money

Hey gang,

So I just got a notice from my auto insurance provider that policyholders are going to get dividends this year. This has happened almost every year since I started, and the amounts range from about 20-100 bucks, as far as I can recall. Something about total payouts exceeding total payments from premiums. Nothing huge, but hey.

I guess I kinda took this for granted. Do other insurance companies do this? Is this a common thing?

(In case you're curious, I insure with USAA.)
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The Emperor has lost his Groove…

and needs a welder to help get it back.

The homemade luggage rack that carries my stuff on my scooter has broken. If someone can help me replace or repair this rack, or give recommendations, I’d be grateful. I’m willing to pay for time and materials.
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on the news

So we had a baby born on the side of I-205 this morning. And they are apparently going to be all over the news. Channel 12 came to record this morning, and are already broadcasting it; channels 2 and 6 are here right now talking to them. And I'm going to be here until 10 pm with no tv reception! Can someone tape it for me? Any and all - it would be fun to see the different channels' takes on it. :)

EDIT finally remembered that I know some folks with TiVo, they'll be capturing it for me. But y'all should watch. Especially maidenmidwife and lunadragonfly

Also, just found out that channels 2 and 6 will be broadcasting it at 11 pm.
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Singles Night

Mmmkay...so some chics and a gaggle of guy friends are going out tomorrow night. We'll meet at the Thirsty Lion to watch some game and then we're headed out. Well DP, what should we do?!

We like: to drink beer, meet other singles (that aren't in frorities but are more young professionals who aren't too serious), dance (but not necessary) and use our witty and ever so sarcastic brains any chance we get. We don't like smoke. We will be taking the MAX. We also aren't rich...

Thoughts? What would you do on a Saturday night for a good time?

Also, if you're single and you like what we like, why don't you join us? :)


I don't know what to make of the last 24 hours and would appreciate advice from any of you armchair analysts out there. I lurk on here often, I'm a gay guy in the dr jeff age range. Recently, I was feeling bored and answered a m4m friendship ad on Craig's List. The other guy and I decided to meet last night at a local cafe for drinks, coffee, whatever. I was very, very tired as I headed to the cafe after work, having gone out the previous night with a friend to a happy hour that got a little too happy. I did not even want to stay over an hour. I walk in, meet the guy and it's like, wham! I felt like I had been struck by lightning. He was cute and funny. We had a lot of interests in common. I start wondering if we could be more than friends. He starts saying very pointed things, like how he is really into men who are balding, have facial hair and hairy bodies(describes me exactly). He kept making "joking" comments like, "oh, we'll see how you feel about that later on tonight," and "Is it true you German guys are well hung? Oh, sorry, I shouldn't have said that, just kidding." He told me a sad story about his lover of many years dying. We talked for five hours and it felt like about 15 minutes. Well before the evening was over, he asked me if I would consider going out on Saturday to a show with him. I said yes. When we were saying goodnight, he asked if I would also like to go out to dinner before the show. I said yes again.
This morning when I woke up, he had sent me a nice little email titled "5 Hours" and saying what a great time he had, thanks, etc. I was stoked.
So, here's the BUT....I come home from work tonight and get online. He has found my myspace page and made a friend request. I friend him and immediately see on both his myspaces(one personal and one for art) that they say "in a relationship." I could not have been more surprised. Granted, I did answer his ad on CL that was under platonic friends, but his behavior seemed so flirtatious. I also find it strange that in five hours of talking he never once mentioned a boyfriend/lover/roommate, not a thing. I'm a little disappointed and franky, baffled. The only possible answers are: 1. he is involved with someone, 2. he just put that on his myspace to keep anyone from bugging him, doesn't seem likely, he doesn't use his own pics for his myspace icons, 3. he is crazy/joking/silly?
Men! Why are they so often disappointing? Opinions?