October 15th, 2008



This is probably a long-shot, but has anyone seen those Domo-Kun plush dolls for sale anywhere in the Portland area? My best friend really wants one for her birthday, and Target only seems to sell the really small kind.

I'm looking for something along these lines:

Portland related because I procrastinated too long and now it's too late to have something shipped in time for her birthday.

More inquiries.

You folks are smart. You know things. Do you know these things?

1. I'm looking for someone to screen-print a few hoodies for me. I know there are bunches of tiny companies on google and such, but I was wondering if you any of you folks have your own mini-business doing it or know somebody...I'm into small companies, punk kids making money out of their garage, that sort of thing. Pretty simple project, looking for it to be affordable.

2. I have a pet rat and .... somehow, with people staying at our house and such, this afghan on the couch got too close to his cage and he chewed the shit out of a good sized chunk of it. The terrible part is that this afghan belonged to one my husband's deceased relatives and so he was pretty upset. Do you folks have any ideas for repair? I'll pay someone to do it...I'm just looking for it to not unravel anymore, doesn't have to look amazing, just....better than it does now.

3. Anybody want to take two dresses in for me? I bought them on clearance online ...and when they got here, they are absolutely too big and now they are out of the smaller sizes. Somebody who can sew well want to make a little money on the side?


(also, I ended up going to America's Best for glasses. By the 20th, I should be able to see again. *whew* In the mean time, it kind of sucks. Ended up being $210 for two pairs, including the anti-glare and such. But they let you make payments! Thanks everybody.)

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Okay, I'm looking for cheap, plain, solid-colored (not white) t-shirts. I come from the land of Hobby Lobby and it was a veritable gold mine. $3.99 t-shirts in all sizes and colors.

Something similar here? Thanks!

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Dear Business-peeps,

It is 2008. The interwebs have been around a while, email even longer. If I send you a question via email, please reply the same way, don't call me. I can't always answer the phone but I can nearly always check my mail. Geez.

Phone - phone
email - email
text - text

See how this works? Very sensible.

No love,


Cross Country Drive

Have any of you braved the cross Rocky Mountain drive during the winter? I'm trying to figure out how to visit some folks back midwest over December, and I'm wondering how it went for you. My car is too "fancy" for chains (something about the clearance of the chain in the wheel well), so I'm wondering how sketchy it can be. Have you braved I-84/I-90/I-80 in the winter? Did it suck? Did you need chains? Should I just suck it up and fly?
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Fun for grandparents in Portland?

Hey DP! My boyfriend's grandparents are in town until the 28th, and they would like to do stuff with us while they're here. So, what's to do? Anything awesome going on in the next 2 weeks? We were thinking museums and the like... though any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!

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I am finally living back in Portland and want to ride tri-met (it has been about 13 years) I remember way back when where you could sign up and get an information packet sent to you with bus schedules around your area. Do they still do this? I went on tri-mets website and could not find anything about it. does any one know if they still do this or if I have to go into the main office downtown? Thanks

No Fish Go Fish?

Ok I've heard stories about Strip Jeopardy at No Fish Go Fish. Their website is truly entertaining but not very informative about events. Can someone tell me if their Strip Jeopardy is weekly, monthly, etc? Time, Stripping requirements?! Thanks!
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I'm moving to Portland next week, and I'm desperately trying to find people to play Xiangqi, Shogi and other such games with. I've managed to find a club for International (regular) chess, but nothing for Chinese or Japanese chess.

As this is the Best Damn Community in Portland, I thought I'd try here. If anyone wants to meet up for games at some time, or just discuss it, let me know. I'm more than happy to do so here, or on the fledgling community I created, portlandxiangqi.

Here's hoping to enjoy a good game of something sooner than later. Thank you.

Feline Fix-a-Thon

Get your cat Spayed (female) or Neutered (male) this November.
The Cat Adoption Team’s Fall Feline Fix-a-Thon provides subsidized spay/neuter surgeries. Qualified* families or individual cat owners can have their female cat/kitten spayed for $20 or
male cat/kitten neutered for $10.

Feline Fix-a-Thon details:
• Call (503) 925-8903 to schedule a Fix-a-Thon appointment; call now as available appointment times may fill up quickly
• Appointments available November 3-28, 2008
• Surgeries performed by veterinarians at CAT’s full service feline hospital located at CAT’s shelter - 14175 SW Galbreath Dr., Sherwood
• Cats/kittens must be 10 weeks old; >2½ pounds; and healthy
• No feral cats please (contact the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon)
• Clients may also receive a bag of cat food from CAT’s pet food bank

*Qualified means a family or individual cat owner is receiving public assistance.
Cat Adoption Team
14175 SW Galbreath Dr., Sherwood, OR 97140
(503) 925-8903 ~ www.catadoptionteam.org
November 3 - 28
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tonight's debate

so here's another boring question about watching the debate: is there any way to watch it online while it's happening? barring that, will it be anywhere on the internet before tomorrow?
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Did I miss the drinking game memo??

I'm wondering if there's supposed to be a drinking game for this last debate -- for every time they regurgitate a line about their respective platforms from previous debates.

Tonight it seems to be about ad campaigns instead of any sort of important platform issue.

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For Parents on the Westside...

Announcing Swallowtail School Parent/Child Classes and Sunrise Play Mornings

Our Parent/Child Classes have returned! Our first three-week session began October 6. The next three-week session will be on Fridays from 9:30-11:30am. Each 3-week session costs $60 per family. Refer a friend who registers and receive a 10% discount on your own registration! Registration forms are available in the school office or by email.

Sunrise Play Mornings will follow each Parent/Child Class from 11:30am-12:15pm. These gatherings are free of charge and provide an unstructured opportunity for parents and small children (birth through toddler age) to become familiar with our school and to enjoy time together. Those attending are welcome to bring a sack lunch or snack for themselves and/or their child. This opportunity is open to existing Swallowtail families and also those in the wider community.

Please spread the word!

For questions, contact Dawn at info@swallowtailschool.org or the school directly to register at 503.846.0336.

Swallowtail School
It is all about the journey...
Pre-K to 8th grade

Donate stuff?

I've got two big boxes of nice clothes that I want to get gone.  Everything is adult women's and ranges from office wear to causal, from never-worn to used but clean.

I don't want to do Goodwill, I was thinking more like a women's shelter type thing?  Any ideas?