October 14th, 2008

Rainy Day

Harvest Faire - October 18th

Mark your calendars!

Swallowtail School's 2nd Annual Harvest Faire is this Saturday from 1 to 5pm at our 26-acre rural campus.

There will be musical guests, community booths, handiwork for sale, as well as activities for all ages. There will also be handiwork demonstrated - last year we had a blacksmith, potter, and woolworker.

Feel welcome to view this link ( http://www.matsor.com/misc/harvestfair3 )
for a video slideshow of last year's event. Hope to see you there!

Campus address:
31620 NW Camp Ireland St
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Swallowtail School - offering Waldorf Education in Washington County

13th Door Haunted House?

Dear Damn Portlanders!!!!

Have anyone gone to this Haunted House, 13th Door that's in Washington County Fairgrounds? Not the one at Regal Cinemas. Please let me know how you'd rank this. My friends and I are looking for a good "shit in your pants" Haunted House.

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Apple Jacks!

It's been years since I've watched TV (other then Dr Who via Bit torrent, does that count?) so I'm not up on cereal advertising, but today they are filming an Apple Jacks commercial on Broadway near my office. The set is here, but the TV-land location seems to be New York, as they've trucked in a hot dog stand, NY cabs, NY police uniforms, etc.

In case you were wondering.
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Bed & Breakfast Question

I just won an award at my work that lets me buy a $400 weekend getaway to the vacation spot of my choice. I'm thinking about finding a nice B&B and retreating there with the hubs, but I don't know of any that are particularly awesome.

Here are my requests:

--Not more than 2 hours from Portland
--Not anywhere where we'd be at risk of running into snow on the drive
--Does NOT need to be particularly kid-friendly (as we have none)
--Walking distance to interesting shops, restaurants, bars
--Not in a hugely touristy area
--Maybe something a little quirky? We went to an Alice in Wonderland-themed B&B for our honeymoon and that was pretty awesome.
--Complementary alcohol a plus
--Great food
--No zombies

Aliens support Obama

So, apparently aliens are supposed to hover over Alabama to reveal themselves today. I hadn't heard of this event until this morning on the radio...I guess it's going around youtube. Anyhoo...when the topic was brought up, a woman called in the morning show I was listening to and explained that aliens stole her McCain/Palin signs out of her yard last night. She knows it was aliens because she lives on a mountain in an isolated area with no neighbors and during the night they came and took her signs and proceeded to "peel out" of her yard, leaving skidmarks. She made sure to point out that these marks could not have been made by trucks, cars, bikes, 4-wheelers, etc. because they weren't wide/narrow/long/short enough, or something. In order to keep them from stealing more signs, she made a scarecrow like the one in the movie Jeepers Creepers.

Frankly, I don't really care about aliens but if they are Obama supporters, they can hover over Alabama all they want.
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(no subject)

Anyone know where I could buy a FBI-style skeleton earpiece in town?

Preferably with a 1/8th inch jack so I can plug it into my iPod.

You think a surplus Army/Navy store would have them? hmm
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Part-time Customer Service Position Available

So I've seen a few postings recently of people looking for employment, so I figured since my boss is posting a craigslist ad, I would post here and give you fine folks a first shot.

I work for a Courier service located out by the airport. We are looking for a part time customer service representative for the mornings. Hours would be 7:30am - 11:30am Monday - Friday.

We are looking for someone who has experience in customer service and can work well in a fast paced enviroment. It's business casual, but more on the lax side of it.

If you're interested, please send your resume to kcasillas at wcground dot com with Portlander's Resume in the subject.

(I dont have any information about pay.)
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Kaiser doc recommendation, anyone?

Hey DP'ers!

Basically I need to find a Doctor (or NP) now that I have insurance. The Doc has to be a Kaiser Doc and so I was wondering if anyone here sees someone (kind, thorough, friendly) through Kaiser they think is awesome and wouldn't mind telling me about - female preferred, but not necessary.

And if you've seen a Kaiser Doc you think is a big pile of douche, please feel free to let me know this, too. I want to avoid crappy Doctor sitches best I can, I've had enough of 'em.

Thanks in advance! You're the best! :-)
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fivethirtyeight.com's view on Oregon voters

Road to 270: Oregon
Today we continue our Road to 270 series with the Beaver State, Oregon.

CASCADING FROM DESERT TO SEA, Oregon is simultaneously extremely liberal and extremely conservative, with a fair number of independents thrown in the mix for good measure. As much as any state, its overall demographic data can be a little misleading. For example, "gun ownership rate." The gun ownership disparity between liberal Portland and conservative eastern Oregon is wide. Oregon also boasts the smartest and best voting process, as all ballots are mail-in. As a result, Oregon has one of the best voter turnout rates in the country, minus the long lines.

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How much do you guys pay your housekeeper?

I mean, she's cleaning 2 bathrooms a kitchen and common area...what would that take an hour? TOPS?

Maybe someone wants to make 30 bucks every other week? I dunno.

What I'm saying is, do you want to clean my house for 30 bucks every other week? It'll only take an hour, no dishes.

Glass Memorial Pendants

My mother passed away this last weekend and I would like to take some of her ashes and get glass memorial pendants made. Does anyone know anyone locally who does this? I have found places online but I would not like to mail my mothers mortal remains anywhere.

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Wanna buy some flea stuff?

So I didn't realize I'd be getting a spot on product for my animals that took care of fleas, ticks AND heartworm, so I have a bunch of extra Frontline Plus (it does fleas and ticks) if anyone wants to buy it off me. I have (all unopened) 6 months large dog, 6 months of small dog and 6 months of cat. These are all single packages of 6 but I guess I can split them up into single doses if it helps me get rid of them. (I already checked and I can't return them).

I paid $79 for the big dog, $70 for the small dog and $70 for the cat ones. I'm willing to take $70 for the big dog and $60 each for the small dog and cat ones OBO!

foo goo! foo goo!

Eye glasses issue

hello, i'm seeing if anyone can help with my vision debacle this evening:

my glasses broke in half and i'm in need of an eye exam plus new glasses. i have no vision coverage, all out of pocket. i've been pointed to Costco, which seems really cheap on eye glass exams ($54), but you need a membership for glasses, which i do not have. the cost of lenses/frames also seem fairly reasonable as well ; ~$200-300 depending on add-ons, price of frames..etc).

i was also suggested America's Best Eyeglasses. they have this deal-- 2 for the price of $69.95 i believe, certain restrictions apply, of course. said it was to include an exam, 2 eye glass frames and single vision lenses.

i am only really concerned about the price for lenses because i need the high index ones and preferably anti-glare for work/driving purposes. the deal with America's Best seems like it might screw me over if i don't read the fine print or they end up tacking on other prices relating to lenses-- bait/switch kind of deal perhaps..

anyone have personal experience with either or other suggestions for places to replace eye glasses? i'd like to make an appointment with a place by this week, but would like further my research before forking X amount of dollars on the spot. thanks for any help in advance!
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Kickin' worship service, anyone?

I left the Christian church many years ago and while I still hold some of that religious experience as part of my amalgam of spirituality, I'm not really a "churchy" person. What I am, however, is a worship person. And it has become more and more obvious that I need it as part of my life right now. There isn't anywhere that I get a bigger spiritual/mental/emotional bolstering than singing my guts out with a group of like-minded, like-hearted individuals and there's just something about worship music... Christian, Bahá'í, Unitarian, Buddhist... Ron Kenoly, Krishna Das, Michael Stillwater, Michael W. Smith. Whatevs.

So, I'm looking for some input from y'all about your experiences with churches/gatherings with a welcoming atmosphere and kick-butt worship service.

TIA! :)

PS: A little FYI for those in the know. My last church home was a Vineyard ministry and I was more touched by their progressive, contemporary worship than any I'd ever experienced. So, if any of you have been to Vineyards (church, not wine - although I dig both!) around town, I'd love to hear about your experience. Thanks so much!

Donating plasma

Does anyone know health buildings in Portland that compensate donors of plasma? I called OHSU and they only have a program set up to compensate for sperm donors. Alas, I have no sperm.

Thanks in advance, as always. =)

come on. learn the thriller dance. you know you want to.

calling all zombies!!!

thrill the world pdx 2008 is only 11 days away (that crept up quick, eh?).
and in case you were wondering, it's most certainly not too late to sign up and learn the thriller dance. really. it only takes one session to learn. practice is up to you.
tell your friends! bring them to a learning session! or practice session! we're dying (pun intended) for more dancers this year and hope to up the bar from last year to help raise even more funds for SMYRC. if you've entertained the thought and put it off or don't think you have what it takes to be a dancing zombie - you do! you have what it takes and you know you want to sign up. now. at ttwpdx@gmail.com.

this weekend's schedule includes a learning session at FUMC, our only "already know the dance but need practice" session at laurelhurst park, and part 2 of the homorobics session from last week.
after that you only have 3 more opportunities to learn or practice together before we go for a world record AND help support a really awesome local organization.

if you can't make it to a practice, teach yourself or practice in your living room with the videos at www.thrilltheworld.com. drink lots and lots of caffeine and have at it. or if you plan to come the day of and we haven't seen you yet and you're secretly practicing in your bedroom alone at 3 in the morning - let us know! we're trying to get a good idea of how many people will show up to the actual event, so a heads up is much appreciated (although not necessary to attend).
yours in undead choreography,
kate and alan

Date: Friday, Oct. 17
Time: 6 to 9 p.m.
Location: Fremont United Methodist Church, 2620 NE Fremont (cross: NE 26th)
Cost: Free

Date: Saturday, Oct. 18
Time: 2 to 4 p.m.
Location: Laurelhurst Park (meet by the duck pond's open area)
Cost: Free
(this is only for those who already know the dance and need practice)
Date: Sunday, Oct. 19
Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: In Other Words
Cost: $3 to $5 (to Homorobics)
(This is part two of a two-part practice in conjunction with Homorobics. First 15 minutes is Homorobics, rest is TTW.)
Date: Tuesday, Oct. 21
Time: 6 to 9 p.m.
Location: Fremont United Methodist Church, 2620 NE Fremont (cross: NE 26th)
Cost: Free

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 22
Time: 6 to 9 p.m.
Location: Fremont United Methodist Church, 2620 NE Fremont (cross: NE 26th)
Cost: Free
Date: Friday, Oct. 24
Time: 6 to 9 p.m.
Location: Q Center, 69 SE Taylor Ave at SE Water Ave
Cost: Free

thrill the world pdx 2008
saturday, oct. 25
worldwide dance at 11 a.m.


So I moved to Portland from Ohio a month and a half ago and thus am having a hard time with this:

Long story short I met a (awesome and handsome) dude, made a bet involving Guitar Hero, and lost. So now I have to plan a "day full of activities" for the two of us (fun stuff, date stuff, whatever). He's lived here three years, so I don't know what I could come up with to rock his socks off.

Any ideas?? Please throw out anything and everything! I usually turn to lj people for suggestions of cool places to go when I travel (or moved, in this case). I really don't know where to start...
We're both mid-twenties.

Aurora - streak

The Tar Plains - Thursday 9pm Red Room

For all of you synthcat fans out there, he's going to be performing with troymercy this Thursday as the crazy, tongue-in-cheek, dark synth-pop duo, The Tar Plains.

Thurs, Oct 16, 9:00PM
Red Room; 8530 NE 82nd, Portland, Oregon 97220

Come see The Tar Plains rock the Red Room. It’s a small but somewhat spacious punk rock dive, just off the Max Red/blue Line. It’s by Madison High School and Banfield Pet Hospital. They're sharing the bill, with a grunge band (www.myspace.com/nervousbible) and another act TBA.

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