October 13th, 2008

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something to do this saturday

dahr jamail is a renowned journalist who has written many reports from the war in iraq(visit his site for news from iraq you probably won't find elsewhere), and is also visiting portland this weekend on the resisting empire speaking tour. he'll be speaking at the first unitarian church on SW 12th & main at noon on saturday, along with staff sergeant camilo mejía, an author and the board chair of iraq veterans against the war (IVAW).

click the resisting empire link above for more details and go check it out if you can, as it sounds like they'll have some very interesting things to say. i'm not involved with putting this together, but i just found out about this today and i don't remember seeing anything about this being posted, so i thought i'd pass it on!



I may have done something stupid, and I need to be set straight.

I don't know anything about corn. At all. Today I went to the Corn Maize at the pumpkin patch on Sauvie Island, and swiped a couple of ears from the maze. I know there is corn grown for human consumption, and corn grown for animal consumption.

Does anyone know what kind of corn makes up the corn maze?

I tried to cook it (15-20 minutes past what it should take- I was roasting it in the oven in the husk, which should need no more than half an hour), and then tried to eat it, and it's really tough and thick- nothing juicy about it. If it makes a difference, the things encasing the kernels you can see once removed are a kind of reddish/pinkish color, which I haven't seen before. The kernels themselves are a pretty dark yellow, compared to what I've had before.

So tell me, did I just try to eat feed corn? Corn grown for popcorn? Genetically modified corn that will give me a wicked stomach-ache, planted on purpose to stick it to the thieving maze-goers?
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weather help

hello dp.
weather question: how would one figure out when in the next month or so there will be three consecutive days without rain (or with low chance of rain)? I can find forecasts, but they usually only extend 5 days into the future. 

later edit: in case anyone else wants to know, (within the next fifteen days, I can't get info further out than that) three consecutive days without rain are predicted to occur on the 17th through 19th.

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OBGYN recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a good OB-GYN? Preferably in the SE, but any suggestions are great. I just moved here and I picked a new dentist kind of arbitrarily (by location) and although it's worked out nicely, I'd rather pick a ob-gyn based on reviews. Thanks!
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Geeky Electronics Stuff for sale

The CL links are below for more info. I'm willing to take any reasonable offer. Pictures are in the links below. Just need to get rid of this stuff which I don't need or never used before.

Used Denon DCM340 5 disc Audiophile CD changer $30 OBO

New U.S. Robotics Wireless G MAXg PCI Adapter - $30 OBO

New Vonage Motorola VT2142 Broadband Voice Gateway $20 OBO
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squash beer

hey nerds,

i'm wondering if any of you know where i can find pumpkin beer on tap. in particular, i'm looking for dogfish head's punkin' ale or elysian's night owl, and not at all interested in harvest moon (coors), buffalo bill's, or jack's pumpkin spice (budweiser), but open to all other pumpkin beers.



Hey Dper's

I am in need of a TI-89.  Anybody have one that they would be willing to part with?  I have a few leads on the list of Craig but was hoping that my peeps might be able to help.

(Yes, I know of that thing called e-bay).


Benefit for Portland Women's Crisis Line

Hey, y'all. I'm the stage manager for a benefit for the Portland Women's Crisis Line, and it's gonna be a lot of fun.

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I'm spreading the word about the show not only because it's gonna be a lot of fun, but also because now, more than ever, it's important for us to invest in our local non-profit organizations. Within the past year, many local non-profits have seen their funding cut by 70% as contributors tighten their belts or say "well, I've already given". That means that they're operating on thirty percent of their previous budget, which forces cutbacks on crucial programs and services.

The fact is that three out of five women have been or will be the victim of sexual abuse or domestic violence within the course of their life. We all know someone who has been a victim of abuse. The Portland Women's Crisis Line provides aid and alternatives to women that otherwise wouldn't have a place to turn.

We're putting on this event because we want PWCL to continue making a difference. We'd like you to help, too -- come to the show, experience an unforgettable evening, and help Portland Women's Crisis Line to continue helping others.


...and even if you can't come to the event, or aren't interested, if you want to donate nifty items or sponsor a ticket for someone that couldn't otherwise afford to go, or whatever, we'd love your aid. thank you.

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(no subject)

Hey DPeeps, I posted this on my personal journal but thought I'd post it here too. I recently discovered an awesome local singer by the name of Amoree Lovell, who plays an energetic sort of dark ragtime/cabaret style piano music.

She has one particularly amazing song (off her EP "Six Sadistic Songs for Children") that teaches you the A to Z's of serial killers. I typed up all the lyrics (and even wikified them!) since they couldn't previously be found on the nets.

The Alphabet Serial Song

A is for the cannibalistic sadomasochist Albert Fish.
B is for the lonely lover, broken-hearted Bela Kiss.
C is for Charles Starkweather's handsome nervous twitch.
D is for the Son of Sam, aka David Berkowitz.
E is for Edward Gein, a massacring machine.
Francisco del Junco dispatched some crackheads with a can of gasoline.
Gary "Green River" Ridgeway ditched his girls by the freeway
With the typical disregard of your average serial killer.

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And before anyone asks, no I am not affiliated with her in any way, I just think she's neat-o. :P

yoga classes in Sellwood/Milwaukie?

So I just moved to Sellwood, and I'd like to find a yoga class somewhere in the neighborhood: preferably one that is fairly affordable, and ideally one that is friendly to beginners. Apart from one Bikram class I attended with a friend, I have never taken a yoga class, ever!

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Somebody's getting maaaaaaaarried!

Ok, not really getting married. But I am looking for a used wedding dress. I have an idea for a Halloween costume, but my being able to do it is contingent on my finding a wedding dress for cheap. I've been checking Goodwills all over the place and scouring Craigs List, but it's hard finding a used wedding dress (in my size) for $50 or less. Anyone have any other ideas for where I can look, other than Goodwills and Craigs List? The actual condition of the dress isn't that important, since I'm just going to muck it up anyway.

Thanks in advance!
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I can has a vet?

The boyfriend and I are getting a kitten. From the Humane Society, to be exact. This is our first pet, so we're in the need for a vet for ongoing checkups and such.

We live in St. Johns. Anyone got a rec for someone awesome? Anyone awesome and close-by?
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OK peeps. Been a contributing member of this com for several years and have met a lot of other readers of DP. Now, I need a favor. Essentially, I need to borrow your pickup. Or, I need to borrow you and your pickup.

Here's the deal. Had a U-Haul and moved a bunch of stuff this weekend, then the lady and I decided to get a wardrobe system at IKEA we've been eyeing. Got the packages home and unloaded, returned the truck, then discovered that one of the frames I got was the wrong size. Unfortunately, even disassembled, it's about 8 feet long and I don't trust it strapped to the top of her Subaru or my Saturn.

I need to borrow a pickup, or a pickup along with its owner, to exchange it for one of the proper size (another 8 foot long, but narrower, box). I live in NoPo about 20 minutes from IKEA; hopefully the whole errand would be done in under 90 minutes.

What I can offer in return depends on what you'd like. At a minimum I will do all of the heavy lifting and pay for gas, and give you cash money for your time and/or rental of your rig. You tell me what you want. A plate of meatballs while we're there? You got it. Some lingonberry jam? Yours. A purple HJELTVIG? Gesundheit.

I just want to see about this possibility before I futz around with getting another U-Haul.
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High-brow Dining For Picky Eaters?

I'm taking a friend out for her birthday, but many of the places I can think of that I have enjoyed may be a little too adventurous in terms of palate. Anyone have suggestions of places that have great ambiance (that won't be ruined by... you know) that might have dishes to interest someone who's a bit finicky? Awesome cocktails are also a necessary component. Seafood is definitely out. Location is not an issue.

She does love Thai, though, so bonus points for great Thai that is classy.

Thanks, DP!

ETA: Does anyone have an opinion on the Sapphire? I just recalled I was invited to go there once but never made it, and this might be a cool opportunity to check it out.

electronic music: an offering and some questions for all

Please realize, when I say electronic music, I hope you realize that consists of much more than techno.

Think things like aphex twin, lemon jelly, underworld, orbital, autechre, DJ Spooky.... some local options of reknown behing dahlia (ok they have a singer too, but the music is most certainly electronica) and auditory sculpture, solovox, copy, dat'r, jatun are more what I mean when i say electronica.

So part one:
If you're interested in electronic music, making it or enjoying it, you should join this new mailing list that hopes to encompass everything from events/free music/networking/gear talk/music talk/etc as it progresses.


Part two:
What do you think of electronic music? What is what you think based upon (ie what have you heard that you liked or didn't like). Are you against it conceptually? Why? Furthermore, whether you like or dislike, what do you think of music and vocals... have to have it? don't care? prefer not? etc. If you like the two together, how do you like it?

Primarily, I'm interested in having a discussion here about music pre and post these new level electronics that allow a mass of one man bands; what you think of this newer sound, what you think of what it means for music, what you think of what it means for the music industry, etc and so forth.

Anyone want to bite?
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The kind who will help you with your resume', not make your head into jewelry.....

Anyone have any experience with executive headhunters in Portland? I'm an attorney, recently relocated here, passed the bar but doesn't have all the redtape slashed to be admitted to practice, and I would rather not get a job at a law firm. People always tell me, "you can do lots of other things with a law degree!" Me: "Like what?!?!?" So I'm looking for a headhunter who can help me retailor my resume' for different positions and steer me in directions other than temp work/entry level data-entry. Do such people exist?

Thanks very much for any guidance or recommendations.
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Mini Portland!

101308 model shot

This is my first shot at the "tilt shift" effect, trying to get the picture to look like a little movie model. This was shot from the 8th floor of the new tower at Providence Portland.
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Performing Arts Calendar / E-mail List?

Just wondering whether there is any kind-of e-mail list or calendar for performing arts events in this town that compiles events being held by multiple companies/venues? Is there any kind-of centralized resource?

If not, who are the various companies and venues for this sort-of thing? Whose mailing list should I make sure to sign up for?


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(no subject)

ok damnportlanders. i have some damnfleas.

my friend took my cat for a couple days to take him to the vet for me. i got the kitten back today. this was really nice of my friend. one problem. the kitten came back with fleas. now he got a flea treatment just in case at the vet today. but the other cat didnt. also, fleas have always liked me. even if i treat my cats they stay and eat me. i think i need to treat the house. but im not sure how to go about this. i am so unhappy right now.
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Damned Vet Techs! (and other pet lovers)

My fuzzy black kitty just got home from an extended stay at NW Vet Specialists after a perineal urethostomy revision surgery, so he's stuck in an e-collar for a couple weeks. He's having massive issues eating with that thing on - making a huge mess (which I don't care about) while not being able to actually ingest a lot of food. I've taken it off a couple times and let him eat under strict supervision, but he's going to want to eat while we're at work. Any tips on what kind of bowl/plate/setup would let him eat easily? He eats dry food.

Just for fun, here's the boy:

He and I thank you :D
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