October 12th, 2008


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Hi! Have you seen frozen packages of passion fruit pulp anywhere? Or, barring that, cans of passion fruit pulp?

I found the actual whole fruits, but I can't find just the pulp.

Places I have checked already:

Normal grocery stores

Also to the person who asked about custard apples a week or so ago, Fubonn had them for $1.78 a pound.
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So, um...

...when do we get our damnballots?

I got a booklet some time ago; I'd have thought the ballots wouldn't follow too far behind...

Edit: Thanks for all the responses. For those curious enough to look who don't want to read all the answers, the summary is:

  • The registration deadline for new voters is Tuesday, so of course they haven't been mailed out.

  • The target mailing date is 10/17, so you'll get it shortly after.

  • If you're still registered at an old address, you can update your address registration any time between now and election.

  • If you don't get around to that update, you can show up at a polling place on election day and cast your vote then.

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Anyone want a ride to Fry's from the SE area? I'm leaving in the next area or two, and I feel like driving down there with an empty car is wasteful.

Get at me. I'll leave my email client up.
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Hi all,

I'm starting to realize that I'm never going to re-use all the styrofoam that came with the things that I've bought over the last several years. I've set aside a couple of boxes of packing peanuts in case I need to ship things to various friends and family members around the world, but I've got a whole bunch of chunks of this non-recyclable stuff that I don't want to end up in the landfill.

So my question is, what can I do with it? Are there businesses that take big, oddly shaped (i.e. to go around a TV or a BBQ, etc) chunks of styrofoam and re-use them? Or will they end up in the landfill no matter what I do with them?

There are all sorts of things I want to be my legacy. Hundreds of cubic feet of styrofoam in the landfill for a thousand years isn't one of them... Any suggestions would be welcome.

Items for sale

So I am moving next week and have a few things I don't use/fit into that I'd like to sell. I know some of you are looking for things on the cheap so if you're interested check it out.

Plus if you are from this community let me know and you can have it for 1/2 off.

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Destroying Lawn Signs

I watched the news on Saturday about two guys getting busted for setting a McCain sign on fire in Portland and wondered what kind of trouble one can get into for defacing, stealing, or tearing down political signs.  I've seen evidence of this around the area (mostly Vancouver *sigh*) where there'll be a large group of signs and by sheer coincidence all of the Democratic ones are torn down or ripped up.   Anyone know of the consequences of this type of action?  Has anyone seen examples of signs being defaced around town?  With the major elections getting closer, I can see these things getting worse.
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canning supplies

So, in the interest of spending less money on food, I've taken up canning things. The problem is that I have no idea where to find important canning supplies like, say, jars. Winco has little jars like you would put jam in, but where would a person go to find (relatively cheap) larger-size jars?

I did get one batch of jars at a local thrift store, but all the thrift stores I've checked out since have been totally out of jars. Apparently everyone else in Portland also decided it was a fine time to can things.

Also, why is it called canning when you do it in jars?
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Hey portland,

I have a quest for you!
I'm in the market for a jacket. Maybe leather (preferably used) or some other material, like canvas perhaps. I really like fitted cafe-racer style motorcycle jackets, but I can't seem to find them anywhere within my price range. I'd like to spend under $200, but I don't even know if that's a reasonable expectation for a nice jacket. I've scoured Ebay and places like Nordstrom Rack, as well as some consignment stores, but no dice.

Any help on where to find something like this would be appreciated! Thanks guys :D

p.s. Just a little shameless plug for you: If you need your hair done, you should stop by 77 salon on 11th and Glisan. I work reception there and the stylists are awesome. :)
If you stop by, I'm the one with purple and brown hair.
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For the uninsured

So last year I found out, through this community, about a number of organizations that provide health care to the uninsured in the Portland area. This has time and again proven helpful to me.

But now, for a friend, I'm looking for places that offer psychiatric counseling, or really, any kind of counseling, for the uninsured. Secular would be preferred, but as long as they don't act like "You'll feel better if you believe in Jesus," and don't try any other method, it'll be fine.

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Goddamnit, I have been to every thrift store in Portland looking for a tacky American flag pin for my halloween costume. Why is it that the only time you can't find tacky shit at a thrift store is when you actually want it?

So, where can I find a legit flag pin? Like, a store that you absolutely know has them, because if I have to search in vain through one more store I think it's time for a damnkillingspree.
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I have made a decision on my transportation needs.

I MUST have this. Yes. Yes, I must. Absolutely. Must. Have.

I need a close fit adult bike helmet. I want to take a cheap costume bowler hat and hotglue it on top of the bike helmet and scotchguard the shit out of it. Because you have to have a bowler with a bike like that.

Practical advice needed:

Does anyone have recommendations for helmets? I've never actually worn a bike helmet regularly, much less bought one. I want something that protects my noggin enough to be useful but not so alien/bulletheaded to be disguised with a bowler.

How much should I expect reasonably? Is there a difference between skate helmets (very low profile/fitted) and bike helmets in terms of basic street riding protection? I'm not planning to do any crazy tricks, just ride around town. (Portland, OR)

I have a pretty good idea of how to do the hat but if anyone has experience with that sort of thing and discovered the hard way it's harder than it looks - do tell! I'd rather just do it nice looking the first time.

I also need advice on LOCKS. I figure if I'm going to ride a mini pennyfarthing around I better have a damn good lock. Cost, pros and cons of particular models or bike locking hazards in Portland (SW in particular) a plus.

I expect I'll find out in a day or so when one will be available and the cost including shipping - (can you believe $189 for the bike itself!!!) so any info would be helpful.


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