October 11th, 2008


Thoughts on this movie? I loved it.

To me, it was all about the suspense. The story is a little cliche (hurr 28 days later in a penthouse) but it made me jump a couple times. I would recommend it!
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Opportunities for Teaching and Jazz in Portland

I'm a jazz musician who's interested in possibly moving to Portland and teaching. Questions regarding teaching: Is it a pain in the ass to get started as a substitute teacher out there? Are there charter schools with arts / music programs? Is it possible to get hired to teach while getting certified if you are not already?

Questions regarding the jazz scene: What's it like?

I know the rock and roll camp for girls is up there and I've inquired with them about teaching drums. (They have also given me some other resources in terms of other places to teach drums).

Thank you:)
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One more reason to legalize

Since the rich white pseudo-liberals who make policy around here aren't pissed enough about what the drug war has done to our communities, maybe they can get pissed about this: marijuana growers are destroying our national parks.

My plan for Portland is that marijuana will be legal to grow, possess, use, give away, or sell to adults within the metro area. Enforcement of state and Federal drug laws within the city will be prohibited, and state and Federal law enforcement officers who attempt to conduct drug busts in Portland will be subject to arrest and amputation of their trigger fingers. Local law enforcement will cooperate with other agencies only in preventing the exportation of drugs from the metro area, and all activities of those outside agencies must be approved in advance by the mayor.
Push Button For POPSICLES

Dear DP,

If I wanted to admit myself to a psychiatric facility for stress, which one would be the best option? Ideally, it would be one where there are other relatively normal people like myself and less folks from off of the street, so probably not a state institution.

Thank you for your time and suggestions.

Queer Pride.

Happy National Coming Out Day DP!

If you go to PCC Sylvaina, check out the event I'm running in honor of NCOD this Tuesday in the PAC lobby at noons.

Love Sierra
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looking for some help

Hey, my friend posted here a few days ago looking for advice on where to go in town and Portland more than came through, so we hope you can do it again. The 4 of us are on a roadtrip from NYC and we're looking for a 420 connection in town. If anyone can offer any advice or more direct help, we'd absolutely love you. We're pretty chill people, and I think we're fun to hang out with so shoot me a message or something. Thanks Portland!

Where's The KPTV Latina?

I was curious about something.  I'm watching the news on KPTV 12 lately and the last time I watched  it regularly there was a very attractive Latina woman who did reports and even hosted the show at times.  Now she's gone.  Anyone know what happened to her?  There isn't even a profile of her on their website.  It seems weird that they would let her go.  Besides being easy on the eyes,  she could actually talk to people whose first language wasn't English  (aka speaking Spanish) and thus get more of them on the air and tell their story during a news report.  Granted, most of those stories were crime-related ones but still it's better than nothing.

power up

Being the giant klutz that I am, I tripped over the cord to my roommate's laptop tonight, and broke her charger... it's a 45W power adapter for an iBook G4.  Any ideas about how to get my hands on a charger as cheap and fast as possible?  Any ideas would be stellar.