October 10th, 2008

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A MURS-related tip for MURS fans

So, you want to see MURS tonight at the Hawthorne Theater but you lost all your money in stock speculation?

Well, if you listen to The Fresh Connection on KPSU today from 1 to 3, you have a chance to win a ticket for tonight's show. MURS will be live in the studio, giving out tickets (and an 8 gig zune!)

How do you listen? You can stream it at kpsu.org, or if you're on the PSU campus and you've got an FM radio with a good antenna, you can try to pick up 98.1 FM. (KPSU is not on 1450 AM at this time of day.)
In Heaven Everything is Fine

i need clothes!!! help

since i am always and forever bound to the beauty of second hand clothing... I need to find some really good THRIFT STORES!!

so d.p. can you work me up some of you all mighty magical knowledge and recommend some great thrift stores so this little girl can go get her shop on!?!?!


Yes, planning ahead is something I do well...sometimes. I failed to get my firewood for the winter delivered and now need to get a couple of cords post haste. Any good recommendations for companies that will deliver?( A good mix heavy on the hard wood without needing much splitting is preferred thanks.)

Yes, I know... wood smoke, environment, killing innocent tree's, etc. but our main source of heat is a wood burning stove and it's cold damn it! snark away

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damn curly hair

I know posts with people asking for recommendations for hair stylists are frequent, so I've already done a recent search to see if anyone has asked this specific question...
I am a white girl with super duper curly hair. I am growing it out but still want it layered up so my curls are cute and crazy. Through past experience, just because someone is a good stylist doesn't mean they are good with curly hair, so does anyone have any personal or semi-personal (ie a friend) recommendations? I also want to get it colored (red) and flat ironed. Also.. I live in Gateway but I WILL travel far for good hair, but if it can at least be ON a bus or MAX route, that would help :)

Also, today is my one month Portland-anniversary! Wee! Does that mean I'm enough of a DPer to come to the next meetup? I was too shy for the last one.
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Portland Fashion Week Oct 8-12th

I don't know if anyone here is planning to attend any of the Portland Fashion Week shows this weekend (Fri-Sun evenings) but, if you are, you can get tickets online here and if you plug in the code AMA you can get a small discount on tickets.

If you wait and get them at the door, you'll get no discount and they will be $5 MORE expensive.....

So far they've been well produced, and the weekend should only get better!
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Twiggy... is that you?

any good clubs that play groovy 60's music around??
i desperately need to get my dance on!!!

something like the zombies, hermans hermits, serge gainsbourg, the animals, nancy sinatra, lee hazelwood... you know, 60's music...

i really need to go have a drink and listen/dance to some sweet 60's music...

doing that at home, well, it just sucks!!!
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youtube and eljay

Peeps, when I look at my friends page and it has more than one YouTube image link on it, sometimes several of them will link to the same video even though that's not what's intended to be in each post.

That make sense? In other words, LJ appears confused when more than one YouTube image link populates, so sometimes chooses one and repeats it wherever there's a different image link. Sometimes for the whole day, even after refreshing multiple times.

Today, for example, almost every YouTube image link in my f-page is the one shilea posted earlier in this com, here. First I thought, "man that's going viral FAST," but then realized it's just cloning itself in other posts.

This happen to any of you? Any ideas how to fix or prevent it?

October birthdays post now brimming. :)

DP Libras & Scorpios of October [clicky] has now been updated with your 1st paragraph of your days! *yay*--*phew*

Reposted as promised... with the real thing, but since there were already so many responses over at The October birthday pics post I went ahead and updated everyone's comments over there with the first paragraph of their day instead of just the meditation to make up for not being able do the actual post at the beginning of the month. Fortunately October has a ton of people who're already in my personal "what day are you?" post so I was able to snag most of them from there!

October I'm making it up to ya...
So October deepeeps, enjoy and have some Super damned Portland birthdays!!

October birthdays post If you you were one of the people that had me promise to post October...but didn't get a chance to add or see your day... go for it! And hey, why not add to all the amazing photos already over there. They've been pretty cool. :)
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(no subject)

So what are some really awesome cover songs? I'm working on a mix CD of delightfully unexpected covers of (at least vaguely familiar) tunes, and I'm running low.

Plus you people have the best taste in music anyway.

What Is A Socialist?

Hey all you damnportlanders.  I have a question for ya.  With the Presidential Campaign coming to a close, Republicans are becoming more desperate and not even trying to hide their prejudices against Obama.  They call his a Muslim, a Terrorist, a killer of children,etc.  They also accuse Barack and Democrats of being Socialists.  Do these people even know what socialism is?  I'll admit I'm a bit fuzzy on the whole concept.  Could someone here clarify what the Republicans are trying to say when they call Obama and liberals Socialists as if it's the worst thing a person could be?  Thanks.  Oh and here's the video that got me wondering about this in the first place.


Drag Queen Bingo - This Sunday!

After the Portland AIDS Walk, the Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence  invite you to come sit down, relax, and have a blast at Drag Queen Bingo. Wear what you like. It can be glamerous drag, trailer park drag, goth drag, uniform drag. If it's "dressing up" for you we want to see you in it. Not ready to dress up? Don't let that stop you! Come as you are and gawk at the rest of us. AND win prizes and money!

Already a drag queen? Feel free to stop by, make a cameo and maybe guest call a game. The Sisters would love to see you and allow you to promote any other events or shows you might be a part of.

When: Sunday, October 12th, 4pm to 8pm
Where: PPAA Hall, 618 SE Alder

Doors open at 4:00pm and we start pulling balls at 4:30pm. $15 per person for your first game pack and $5 for each additional pack. All proceeds go to the Sister's Grant Fund.
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bad hair and love songs

hey dp, if i wanted to listen to a lot of bad 80s power ballads (a la foreigner, journey, whitesnake, etc.) on the internet, is there a place i can do so?

edit: i guess i'm looking more for an internet radio station that will just have stuff like this in rotation. i'm already on pandora, so i want to keep my current configuration there, and as far as any similar sites, i don't really want to have to spend a lot of time inputting things in order to get the desired results.
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Name Change

I'm having a hell of a time trying to find literature that I understand and can comprehend about changing my last name.

I'm not getting married, but I want to change my name to my mother's maiden name and I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing so. I found one site that says they'll do all the paperwork for me and send it to me and all I have to do is file it with the court, but I'm not sure if it's a scam.

Any info in the right direction would be really appreciated. I no longer wish to be associated with my last name and I would like to make this transition as soon as possible. (No... I'm not running from the law or bad credit.. )

Thanks In Advance.
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Any other DP folks going to be harvesting with the Portland Fruit Tree Project? I'll be there - random fat chick in blue jeans, probably in my purple shirt with the sparkly butterfly, probably a green sweatshirt with a wolf face (just eyes and ears) on the front. Come say hi, if you're there. :)
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Bus Pass

So my bus pass has gone missing. Have you seen it? Gwyn Eames is on the back, and yeah... the rest of the aesthetics are pretty much self explanatory.

If you haven't seen it, does anyone know at what point in the month it is when passes are discounted?

this is a poll. but definitely not a toll, a pole or a Pole.

Poll #1276596 Do you work on Saturdays?

Do you work Saturdays?

Yes I work Saturdays.
No, I do not work Saturdays.

I was just curious. Saturday is my play day, and it seems like most my friends have to work Saturdays, so it annoys me. I'm surprised how many people do work Saturdays. Hope you're all doing great, whatever you're doing.