October 9th, 2008


Mt. Hood?

Hi folks,

I'm wanting to do some hiking around Mt. Hood in the next few days, and was wondering if any of y'all had any experience and could recommend some trails.

Ideal would be a 4-5 mile loop, or a couple of smaller trails that are fairly close to each other. I'm looking to be hiking for no more than 4-5 hours or so (I'm fairly slow). My skill level is intermediate, I suppose. I'd rather not be crossing any streams that would require total submersion of my feet. Something interesting to see (views/waterfalls/whathaveyou) appreciated.

I do plan on checking out a visitor's center, and have been googling, just wanted some personal suggestions.


(no subject)

Help me, DPers.

I celebrated my new job a little too much last night and am now enjoying a good old-fashioned irresponsible early 20s hangover, and there's no place quite like your office to experience that. I'm about to run out on an errand for my boss and am looking for something - anything - to help me make it to 5:00.

What are your tried and true hangover cures?
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Lucienne Noir

MAC is hosting a fundraiser for the Portland Aids Walk!

Please join us tonight at the Fez Ballroom to help raise some last minute money before Team Viva Glam walks in the upcoming Aids Walk!

Drag, drinks, dancing and a really cool raffle featuring prizes from local business and MAC Cosmetics.

Doors are at 7, so you can't even use the "I have to work in the morning" excuse, with a $5 donation to CAP. The Fez is 21 and over. See you there!


Ok. Its official. Nobody is going to find the glasses I lost on Monday.

SO--I have exactly $100 fronted to me by my boss to get new glasses so I can stop squinting at the screen of my computer at work.

Looking for suggestions for good and affordable (!!!) places to go. Also, how does it work with the prescription--I have one with my insurance provider, can they fax it to the place I choose to get glasses at? Or do I get a new prescription instead? I'm fairly new to the whole glasses-wearing thing.

I'm on 17th and Sandy (working at Delivered Dish) so somewhere in this area or in downtown or anywhere NE would be terrific.

Thanks in advance.
me as harley

wibble. :(

Well, I guess fall is officially here for me, because I am one sick little girl. Sore throat, sniffles, headache, lethargy, ya'know. Everything else is annoying/uncomfortable, but my throat is really bothering me. It's super swollen and tender, hurts to swallow. I've been drinking emergen-c and peppermint tea (even if the tea doesn't actually do anything, it makes my throat feel momentarily better), and I'm trying to convince myself to go to the store for throat losenges. I have big plans to remain curled up under my electric blanket, watch tv on Hulu, read comic books, and convince my cat to cuddle with me.

Beyond that, what easy home methods have yall found to help ease the discomfort of a sore throat?

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Friendly people and good conversations on the Springerville Local (the 72 bus) and at the bus stop. I am beginning to view the riding of the Springerville Local as a cultural experience instead of an inconvenience.

2. Attending the Bicycle Transport Alliance's Bike Commuter Challenge pizza party last night, and meeting a cool fellow damnportlander. Yay!

3. Noticing that the Apple Tasting Festival at the Portland Nursery begins tomorrow, and realizing that over the last few years I had attended the tasting with various cool folks from damnportlanders.

4. Observing various cool and stylish bags and backpacks that are worn by bike commuters every day (yes, I have a fascination for bags!).

5. Portland Open Studios event this weekend and the next. I am curious about these open houses.

6. Being gainfully employed at a work place where I have successfully transformed from a dissident and negative pariah of a worker (many moons ago) into a functional and productive lead worker.
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Thankful Thursday

Okay, so it's not a list. But I am blown away by the people in this community (on LJ and in PDX in general). It's not everywhere that you find people willing to help out random strangers for no apparent reason than that they're good people. (nods to plasticrapping and nabeyaki_udon

Oh, and plasticrapping, we need to meet and try the hat on you soon. You free this weekend? :)
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Hi All,

Three friends and I are on a road trip from nyc and have landed in portland for the next two weeks. We are all newly graduated from college and looking for some of the local hip, fun, things-to-do. Can you give us suggestions? If it matters, we're staying in Irvington and have a car and bikes.


Mary Kay?

Does anyone here sell Mary Kay products? Or know someone who does? My vanity depends on you.

I just need to buy one thing. Don't need a consultation or a makeover, etc. I got hooked on one of their items and the girl I knew that sold it moved to La Grande and I can't find her email address. :/


(no subject)

So, since my lovely wife won't try dstroy's cold cure, and I am feeling sorry for her, I wish to bring home good mexican food. I am downtown; she is in north Portland. What can I pick up between here and there that is nicely spicy and doesn't cost a fortune? Bonus points if I can order a dish with no cilantro. Taco Bell does not count.

Chicken Head

Anyone with 0g earlobes?

I lost a ring today and I have no spares anymore. I don't want to lose my beautiful amber plugs! I've been wearing them for almost 6 years. Where can I get some rings, preferably SW/Downtown, or lacking that, preferably not a Hot Topic?
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Cat Adoption Team

Since it gets mentioned here every couple of weeks when someone needs to find a home for their(or their roommate/ex bf/gf)'s kitty, it would be really great to see them win the $10,000 prize and continue to help out the communities homeless kitties =)

Vote C.A.T

You know they aren't going to get any government bailouts.

Costume Help

I want to go as Toadette (from the Mario games) this year. I already have a dress, vest and shoes that will work. However, I am having a difficult time figuring out how to make her head/pony tails. I have a couple of ideas but since I'm not very crafty I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


Lecture on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Oct. 12th

Jeff Halper, anthropology professor and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize candidate, is the executive director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, a grassroots activist NGO in Jerusalem resisting the Israeli occupation on the ground and one of the first Israeli peace groups to work inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories. As he explains, “we are against the Israeli policy of occupation and displacement. If you create an apartheid situation, if you lock another people into prison, in the end, you cannot develop a healthy, normal, and prosperous society. The Occupation, conflict, terrorism, and settlements all affect the Israeli society and economy. As long as the Occupation continues, Israel itself cannot be free.”

Come for his lecture and then participate in the question and answer discussion afterwards. It'll be at Reed College (3203 SE Woodstock Blvd), in Vollum Lecture Hall at 7 PM (Sunday, October 12th). This event is open to the entire community and we would love to have a diverse crowd.


Hello fellow Portlanders!
I am new to Portland as I am a freshman at Lewis and Clark College! I was wondering if anyone knew of a place downtown where I could get stationary?
--Also, anyone recommend any cheap shows (music) to go tomorrow or saturday?

Thanks for the help!

Voter's Pamphlets!

So this morning, my apartment building had a big stack of voter's pamphlets in the main hallway. They were all Volume 1, which is just the ballot measures. I had a quick read through, and some of the issues are becoming clear to me.

The only one I can say I am unconditionally for so far is moving the rules of voting for school boards in line with voting for everything else.

Anyone had a chance to read the thrilling prose so far?