October 7th, 2008


Kimya playing benefit show in PORTLAND, OR Oct 18! Yay!

I am posting here because our outreach budget is lo-fi (basically me posting stuff on the internet at 2am...)  Kimya is great live... you prob heard her music in the Juno movie.  if you liked her there, you'll find her awesomeness grows as you listen to her other stuff.  She's really great for doing this benefit show at my son's school, too.  This is my 15 yo son's 4th year at the Village Free School, and it's been amazing for him, and this kind of fundraising helps keep the school affordable so that it's accessible to people of many incomes.  If you know a likely audience, help us spread the word about this show.  Thanks.
Kimya Dawson, a Seattle artist and musical inspiration featured in the hit movie Juno, will play in Portland, Oregon on October 18th to benefit the Village Free School. Opening for Kimya is the critically acclaimed Jonah Matranga of the bands Far, onelinedrawing, and now solo performing across the globe.

The show will begin at 1pm at 8660 SE Foster Road in the "Freedom Theatre" of the dynamic school they are playing to support. Price is $15.00 for people 18 to 100 and $5.00 for people 5 - 17. People under the age of 5 are free. Additional donations to the Village Free School are welcome! Seating is general admission and includes floor (front rows) and folding chair (back of theater) seating- feel free to bring a pillow- we'll provide blankets to sit on to make it more cozy.

Tickets will go on sale online on Monday, September 22nd at www.villagefreeschool.org. Remaining tickets will be sold at the door.

Kimya Dawson is one of those rare birds that make you feel like she needs you as much as you need her. Her songs make you feel needed and important. And her fans/friends have been doing the same for her. Since the release of early Moldy Peaches recordings she has been hearing people say "thanks for making me realize that I am not the only one out there who feels like this" and to this she replies "thanks for making me realize that I am not the only one out there who feels like this". www.kimyadawson.com

Jonah Matranga is a man who needs little in the way of introductions. Matranga's influence looms large over today's post-hardcore scene. Currently residing in San Francisco, for the first time in his illustrious career Matranga is intent on going it alone under his own name. His most recent solo album is titled And. www.jonahmatranga.com

The Village Free Choir, a mixed ages group of people who love the free school, will offer a short opening for the featured artists, and this will also be the opening release of their new CD, Big Enough To Fly.
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wise words from a street person

I ran into this wizened little man on a bicycle pulling a little red wagon and when I asked him how he was doing he said,

I'm just trying to find my
bounce in the universe
and headed for the sun.

Yeah, that's my attitude for the day. People in Portland have mad skills when it comes to poverty, we don't have bike shame, we have car shame. We have pizza places that kindly leave pizza in the box on top of the dumpsters for the kids coming by to dumpster dive at night. We dig through clothes at the bins, then we rip them apart, remake them into something beautiful. We can be a fearless city if we so choose, scoffing at Foxnewsfear and the like. It's a challenge for us all, a call to be the community we have been growing into for a long time.

What's a Maverick?

The Nation
Who You Callin’ a Maverick?

Published: October 4, 2008
There’s that word again: maverick. In Thursday’s vice-presidential debate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, the Republican candidate, used it to describe herself and her running mate, Senator John McCain, no fewer than six times, at one point calling him “the consummate maverick.”

But to those who know the history of the word, applying it to Mr. McCain is a bit of a stretch — and to one Texas family in particular it is even a bit offensive.
“I’m just enraged that McCain calls himself a maverick,” said Terrellita Maverick, 82, a San Antonio native who proudly carries the name of a family that has been known for its progressive politics since the 1600s, when an early ancestor in Boston got into trouble with the law over his agitation for the rights of indentured servants.
In the 1800s, Samuel Augustus Maverick went to Texas and became known for not branding his cattle. He was more interested in keeping track of the land he owned than the livestock on it, Ms. Maverick said; unbranded cattle, then, were called “Maverick’s.” The name came to mean anyone who didn’t bear another’s brand.

Sam Maverick’s grandson, Fontaine Maury Maverick, was a two-term congressman and a mayor of San Antonio who lost his mayoral re-election bid when conservatives labeled him a Communist. He served in the Roosevelt administration on the Smaller War Plants Corporation and is best known for another coinage. He came up with the term “gobbledygook” in frustration at the convoluted language of bureaucrats.
This Maverick’s son, Maury Jr., was a firebrand civil libertarian and lawyer who defended draft resisters, atheists and others scorned by society. He served in the Texas Legislature during the McCarthy era and wrote fiery columns for The San Antonio Express-News. His final column, published on Feb. 2, 2003, just after he died at 82, was an attack on the coming war in Iraq.

Terrellita Maverick, sister of Maury Jr., is a member emeritus of the board of the San Antonio chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas.
Considering the family’s long history of association with liberalism and progressive ideals, it should come as no surprise that Ms. Maverick insists that John McCain, who has voted so often with his party, “is in no way a maverick, in uppercase or lowercase.”
“It’s just incredible — the nerve! — to suggest that he’s not part of that Republican herd. Every time we hear it, all my children and I and all my family shrink a little and say, ‘Oh, my God, he said it again.’ ”
“He’s a Republican,” she said. “He’s branded.”

More Articles in Week in Review » A version of this article appeared in print on October 5, 2008, on page WK2 of the New York edition.
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Another apartment post (snark away)

Alright, I'm not going to ask you about neighborhoods to live in or rent prices or anything like that. I've been lurking here long enough to have a good idea about that stuff.

But I do have two specific questions:

1) Has anyone had dealings with Round Hill Pacific? What are your thoughts?

2) With a goal of starting a lease in Portland on or about February 15th, and living in Oklahoma, how soon should I start actively searching? The plan right now is to spend 3 weeks in Portland in January doing job/apartment hunting, but there are rumblings from people that we should find an apartment before we even step foot in the city, say in November.

What say you, noble Portlanders?

Oh, and don't forget to VOTE OBAMA! :-D
drag clown

Become a DANCING ZOMBIE and thrill the world!

It is a Saturday morning in late fall. People from all over the city are smearing on makeup in ghoulish styles, ripping their clothes, and smudging themselves with dirt. Once it’s obvious they’ve recently risen from the grave, they converge on a dance hal- and fall to the floor. At precisely eleven a.m., music ascends from the speakers in the hall, and as one corps, the zombie-dancers and break into a tightly choreographed dance…

This scene will emerge on October 25th, 2008 as Thrill the World, a worldwide project that coordinates local dancers to perform the zombie-dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, performs its dance extravaganza in Portland for the second year in a row. All proceeds from Thrill the World: Portland benefit the Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC), a local organization that provides services and a drop-in center for queer youth.

Location: to be announced!
The dance is at 11 a.m. sharp (plan to be there at 10 a.m.).

You MUST learn the dance ahead of time, so please plan on coming to a practice or two before the actual date. Given the event is so early in the day this year, we will not be teaching the dance day-of (though we'll run through it a couple of times on that day just so everyone's zombie feet are in the groove!).

Ready to attend a practice and learn the thriller dance? Want to help volunteer? (We need mad help with promotions & a bit of event coordination.) Please send us a note at ttwpdx@gmail.com OR send a message to www.myspace.com/ttwpdx

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Hola DamnPortlanders,

So I've decided I need to look my shiniest for tonight's debate. Where can I get my hair chopped up for a good price?

Bonus points if the location is either in the SE or Lloyd Center areas, and if you know they can do short layery cuts very well.

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So pissed. And blind.

Okay. Riding home in the rain last night, I took my glasses off because they were so wet. I put them in the same pocket of my jacket that I always put them in. But when I got home, they weren't there anymore. After a number of hours of biking back and forth with a flash light, squinting in the rain, in the dark, I still didn't find them. So if anybody happens to find them.... I will be so crazy happy. I really can't focus without them which makes working on a computer really painful--I just squint a ton. I don't have money for new glasses right now.

I biked across the Broadway Bridge, up North Williams, onto Rosa Parks, and on Willamette Blvd and a right onto Chautauqua. They are black frames, semi-rectangular, with the arms dyed slightly pinkish from my hair dye.

Thanks a bunch in advance for anyone who takes the time to look while they're biking home.
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It's a longshot, but...

...my iPod went missing recently, and I'm posting on the slim chance that one of you awesome people may have seen it. I almost never lose things, and I won it a couple years ago for having the best Halloween costume at my office, so I'm rather pissed at its mysterious disappearance.

SO, if one of you fine folks should happen upon a blue iPod nano with "Lunar Logic Halloween 2006" engraved on the back, please, please let me know!

Thanks, all!

EDIT: To narrow it down a bit, I imagine it got lost somewhere between my house (SE), my job (Downtown/Waterfront), and my martial arts school (NW Industrial). I also regularly ride Line 17 on Ye Olde Tri-Met.
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I just got back from that place.

Yah. I went and stuff. It was okay. I noticed a hella amount of corporate stuff. Also a severe lack of light rail and street car. Also the food was overpriced and nasty. I couldn't find a damn decent joint to eat anywhere. The neighborhoods look like Portland but *aren't*. They are all colorless big old homes. Unlike our colorful hoods with bicycles, kittens on porches, and stray pabst cans looking for love. They are so prim up there and everyone drives. I cried because I had no Alberta like neighborhood or Mississippi to see at all. GOD. So all in all Portland I am so blessed to be back from that place that claims to be cooler than us. Seattle, though nice for a big city, ain't got shit on Portland. Oh and their gay bar the Eagle was lame and they wouldn't let me piss with my boyfriend in the same fucking stall. They call it a Eagle?!?! We got fucking naked pool at our Eagle with big nasty hairy Daddybears and I couldn't be more glad that we do. This is Portland after all!

Mucho Love-

Not dead ......Not yet alive...........

Just found my LJ and havent touched it for years wanting to reconnect with people and meet new people..Soooooo check out my many posts I just added all stuff written since i've been gone..life,words..what have you..I'd be greatfull for any and all input thnx....
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House Rental Resources?

I know this has been discussed before, but since I wasn't looking to rent a house I ignored it....

I think we all know Craigslist doesn't have much in the way of houses. Does anyone know of a good site with lots of house rentals for the area?

Thanks in advance!
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Reliving the "Grunge" era

So...I was going threw a box of old CD's, and I came across my most prized possessions of my glorious and missed youth....Mother Love Bone "Shine" and Mother Love Bone "Apple". Two cd's that never left my car or my stereo at home. So I popped 'em in, and as the sounds of Stardog Champion filled my ears, it brought back many a happy memory....some of you will think/post snarky comments, that's cool...

but now, i'm on a "Grunge"(HATE that word) kick, so the long lost sounds of Alice in chains, Green River, Mud Honey, Soundgarden and many other off the SubPop catalog will be keeping my ears full of much greatness...

I know the post seems kinda random and pointless but I guess Nostalgia overtook me for a moment..

"So come bite the apple...."
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(no subject)

Hey you legal people - this is not a billable question, I don't think...

What's the difference between a legal file system and a regular file system? How do law offices do their filing? Is there some strange Dewey Decimal System or something?


Hey guys, this is more important that all your other babble.

I turned 21 at midnight! Wooo... the bar was empty as empty can be. Turning 21 in little old Oly ain't all that fun, but I guess that's why I can not only drink, I can buy alcohol for my own parties! 

I'm sure someone else just had a b-day, so happy birthday to all you peeps! 
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Spring Awakening

I really really REALLY would love the chance to see Spring Awakening when it comes through town, but I have a bizzare anxiety about "going out" on my own. I'd like to have a friend (or possibly a random internet stranger) go to the show with me, otherwise the likelihood is that I will simply pass up the opportunity to see it, and hate myself forever.

Is anyone else interested in spending a night watching Broadway theater? It's playing at the Keller Auditorium from October 21st-26th. I have no firm date in mind as of yet, and would be open to any showing/seating.

I promise that I bathe quite often, have no terrible habits that would keep me from enjoying polite society, and was told recently (just today, in fact) that I was "gracious".

So... is anyone in DP up for meeting for a night of theater-going... watching a musical where they sing about masturbation? ;P
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Dentists Who'll Knock You Out

I remember a while back someone was looking for a dentist that would put them under for whatever dental work it was they needed?

I just saw an ad on TV for Sleep Dentistry of Portland, who specialize in performing dental work on patients who are put under.

...and I couldn't find the original post to see if it was mentioned, so I thought I'd throw it here in case anyone was interested.
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(no subject)

ok friends. i'm out of games to play. ffxii has lost its luster and my WoW account expired. what games are there online to play (mmorpg style or rpg) that totally kick ass? and are preferably free (at least to start)?


I'm gonna try to go to Roots for the debates tonight. Anyone else going out somewhere for them?

Edit: Yeah, there was a thread about 'em, but it asked about NE. However, feel free to mock.
Running Fox

How do you say it?

Poll #1274484 Street Name Pronunciation

The other day I was on the #4 bus and we crossed Weidler and the bus announced it as Wide-ler. I've always heard everyone pronounce it as Weed-ler. So which is it?


Fact check!

In regard to the Middle East...

Crude Oil Imports (Top 15 Countries)
(Thousand Barrels per Day)
Country Jul-08 Jun-08 YTD 2008 Jul-07 YTD 2007

CANADA 1,960 1,883 1,899 1,818 1,872
SAUDI ARABIA 1,661 1,479 1,543 1,434 1,411
MEXICO 1,200 1,124 1,194 1,469 1,457
VENEZUELA 1,187 1,085 1,038 1,167 1,117
NIGERIA 741 946 993 890 1,003
IRAQ 696 693 677 460 473
ANGOLA 640 636 517 392 542
BRAZIL 241 280 224 147 156
ALGERIA 232 269 306 537 500
ECUADOR 226 178 197 159 189
RUSSIA 202 228 123 99 130
COLOMBIA 178 177 182 207 122
AZERBAIJAN 134 53 57 68 49
KUWAIT 122 179 205 197 194
CHAD 108 107 102 61 68


Both Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain continue to talk about how much OIL the Americans import from the Middle East.

AS THIS CHART CLEARLY SHOWS...from the US DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, America imports more oil from The Americas than it does from the Middle East.



I recently bought a nintendo 64 but it didn't have the expansion pack included. Do any of you guys have one? Other things I'm looking for : Legend of Zelda Majora's mask, Goldene 007, Perfect Dark. I'm in the Beaverton area. If you have any of these and want to make a deal let me know! Gametrader is overpricing their stuff like tards as always.
flowers in palm


thanks, DPers, for the recommendations to Portland Cat Hospital. took my little girlcat there this evening and was very, very pleased with the service.

DP comes to the rescue one more time, thank you!!
Dunadunadunaduna BAT- MANNNN

Where can I watch the debate online?

Google has failed me for the last time.

Please, does anybody know where I can find tonight's debate online? I had to miss it for a class. All the live-streaming and news sites only put up little clips afterwards. I want the whole enchilada here.

Thank you.


mmmmm... enchiladas..


Yay! Here! In case you're looking for it too:

where are my bones?!

damn pagans!

anyone know of any samhain rituals coming up that are open to the public? i don't really consider myself a pagan anymore, but i miss going through the motions, if that makes a difference.

Excuse me, I believe I have THE PLAGUE....

I am not one who normally gets sick very often. My usual MO is to get a moderate cold every few months or whatever. Nothing to write home about. I don't know WHAT has been my deal this year, but in the last month I've had strep throat TWICE and now even though I'm on penicillin (again) I feel all achey and exhausted and have a fever of 101.5.

I felt ok *enough* today to go to work but I'm going to have to play it by ear in the morning as to how I feel and if the fever is still there. But I've called in sick SO much in the last month, I really really hope I don't have to.

So my actual questions are these:

[1] Has anyone else had similar experiences with repeated strep throats and/or fever/achey/exhausted symptoms?
[2] Can you take penicillin (to kill my strep throat) and Tylenol (to reduce my fever) at the same time without interactions?
[3] And does anyone have any advice for a really good immune system boost?

I'm thinking I haven't been getting enough vitamins lately, so I've started taking a multi-vitamin and eating more fruits/veggies and am drinking green tea. Anything else? I really really really am sick and tired of being sick and tired. :(
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